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The Black Plague


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The Black Plague

  1. 1. The Black Plague <br />A Presentation and Video Montage <br />by Eni, Andrew G., Andrew P., and Audrey <br />
  2. 2. Where did The Plague begin?<br />Some accounts say the Black Plague originated from Eastern Asia, specifically China <br />Other accounts say that the Black Plague actually first started in the Gobi Desert which is north of China and spread outward from there<br />The official first recorded instances of people contracting the Black Plague were in Constantinople around 570 C.E.<br />by<br />EniAsebiomo<br />
  3. 3. What type of sickness was the Plague?<br />The Black Plague was a pandemic which is a disease that is prevalent over a large area<br />The Black Plague was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis<br />If a flea bit an animal or person who had the Black Plague, then bit someone who didn’t have it, the person contracted the disease<br />Black Rat<br />Rattusrattus<br />Oriental Rat flea<br />Xenopsyllacheopis<br />Yersinia pestis<br />By EniAsebiomo<br />
  4. 4. What were some of the symptoms of the Plague?<br />Symptoms of Black Plague<br />Painful swellings (buboes) of the lymph nodes<br />These swellings, or buboes, would appear in the armpits, legs, neck, or groin<br />A bubo was at first a red color. The bubo then turned a dark purple color, or black<br />Other symptoms of the Black Death included:<br />a very high fever<br />delirium<br />the victim begins to vomit<br />muscular pains<br />bleeding in the lungs<br />mental disorientation<br />The plague also produced in the victim an intense desire to sleep, which, if yielded to, quickly proved fatal<br />A victim would die quickly - victims only lived between 2-4 days after contracting the dea­­­­­­dly disease<br />By Samantha Blair<br />
  5. 5. When/Where did the Plague reach Europe?<br />The Plague traveled steadily with caravans along the Silk Road and ships on the Mediterranean Sea<br />In 1347, the Plague reached Constantinople<br />By 1348, over 1,000 people had died in Alexandria<br />The first European country to be hit by the Plague was Italy in the southern Island region of Sicily<br />This occurred in 1347<br />by<br />AndrewGreneker<br />
  6. 6. How was the Plague spread?<br />Thought to have started in China, the diseased flea-bitten rats traveled along the Silk Road. The plague lasted from 1349-1351, however it killed 30,000 people and hundreds more that could have gone unrecorded. The rats would get into the food or spread the plague by way of biting. Also the pathogens were spread through the air and once one member of a household had the plague the rest were doomed. <br />by<br />Samantha Blair<br />
  7. 7. How many Europeans died of the Plague from 1347-1351?<br />More than 1,000 villages were destroyed<br />Over 1/3 of the European population died from or was affected by the Black Plague<br />That is every one in three Europeans<br />Reduced the world’s population from approximately 450 Million to 350 Million<br />Killed between 30-60% of Europe’s population<br />by<br />AndrewGreneker<br />
  8. 8. What types of extreme behavior developed from European’s attempt to explain the causes of the Black Death?<br />With the lack of medical knowledge people tried anything to help them escape the disease. One of the more extreme was the flagellants. Flagellants believed that the Plague was caused by the sins of the people, so these people wanted to show their love of God by whipping themselves, hoping that God would forgive them their sins and that they would be spared the Black Death.<br />by<br />AndrewPetersen<br />
  9. 9. How was Anti-Semitism affected by the Black Death?<br /> In an attempt to explain the cause of the plague, ignorant Europeans in search of a scapegoat suspected and accused many different groups. Witches, lepers, and Jews were targeted. Throughout central Europe the population, convincingly charged the Jews. In Strasbourg alone over 8,000 Jews were killed. 200 Jews were killed in one day.<br />by<br />AndrewPetersen<br />
  10. 10. What happened to trade and commerce world-wide as a result of the Plague?<br />The plague arrived in a time where economy thrived, during the middle ages it foreshadowed an inevitable and deep depression in the economy. The Great Famine, which lasted from 1315-1322 C.E., and was a result of poor weather. With the plague eliminating between 1/3 and ¼ of the population of Europe, a severe shortage of labor occurred. Landlords had to pay wages demanded by workers. Manorialism came to an end. Many migrated into cities where recovery was quicker. Many remained unemployed, trade deteriorated. <br />by<br />AudreyHilton<br />