Independent Film Company - Warp Films


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Independent Film Company - Warp Films

  1. 1.  Warp Films was created with financial support fromNESTA and secure extra funding from the BBC and Film4 to help distribution. It is very difficult for independent film companies suchas Warp Films to get budgets over £1-2 million becauseof the way their films are created, thus making it hard tobecome successful films. Independent companies reply on bigger American filmcompanies so that they can help their films getdistributed. ‘This is England’ (2006) was produced by warp filmsalong with 6 others companies and turned out to beone of their most successful films, making around£204000 in the UK and £5 million worldwide.
  2. 2.  The film Submarine created by Warp Films has a range ofsynergy and convergence in order to promote their film. Examples of this include: Posters, online trailers on theirwebsite and newsletter’s on the film on their website. ‘This is England’ (2006) is another independent film. It wasproduced by Warp Films and was then distributed byOptimum Releasing Warp Films in which the only successfulfilm they made was ‘Law Abiding Citizen’.Synergy: Different companies comingtogether in order to achieve the same aim(advertising)Convergence: When two companies fromthe same industry work together to give theaudience the product.
  3. 3.  Due to the fact that Warp Films has limited funding, it meansthat technologies such as 3D aren’t available to them. However, High Definition Digital Video is a new form oftechnology that has become available to independent filmcompanies as it is within their price range. ‘Attack of the Clones’ produced by Warp Films only costthem £15,000 using HDDV as opposed to ‘The PhantomMenace’ which cost a huge £5.7 million using 35mm film. The internet is another helpful piece of technology forindependent films as it is a cheap way to advertise new filmsand the fact that almost everybody has access to theinternet means that it has a greater chance of becomingsuccessful.
  4. 4.  In our modern time, media is about finding the newest andbest piece of technology money can buy. There is a countless amount of technology that is available tothe audiences of films, these include the iphone, androidphones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, ipods etc. The adaptation of technology means that items such asphones and tablets have the ability to download films, trailersand soundtracks to particular films wh8ich ultimately createsa bigger audience for film producers. The advance in technology has served as a great help toindependent film companies as the internet is a cheap wayof advertising. People have access to the internet on their phones which areused on a day to day basis.
  5. 5.  The main pieces of technology that I use are the Iphone 5and the television. I am constantly using my phone for twitter, the internet,Instagram, Youtube etc. Social networking sites I believe are a great place toadvertise and get recognised so independent filmscompanies could make great use of this media as an extraform of promotion. I am always watching the television of an evening or if I haveany spare time. There are always advertisements within thebreaks which are constantly bringing to light the latest form oftechnology which prompt people to go and buy it.