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Sound Project Analysis


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Sound Project Analysis

  1. 1. Emily Barrett Media – 12.5 Sound Project Analysis – Caught in the Web Within this project, with the use of a website called „freesound‟, my group and I hadto add sound to a video with now sound track in order to create particular moodsand atmospheres to ensure that the audience felt a certain way. At the beginning of the opening, the video showed some credits of which eachletter of the word flashed on and off. Me and my group decided that a cracklingradio sound would ideal for this part of the video. The reason for this is because ofthe idea that the noise fitted in perfectly with the letters flashing on and off and alsobecause the noise created a tense, atmosphere to set the scene for the rest of thevideo. In addition, with the crackling radio sound viewers tend to associate a noisesuch as this with someone trying to make contact with someone so, can beinterpreted as a sense of isolation which gives the perfect setting to a thriller filmopening. Me and my group also decided that if we added to folley‟s to the video it wouldcreate a much more realistic atmosphere as opposed to something fiction, thusmaking it more enticing to the viewer. Some examples of the folley‟s we used aretyping sounds, clicking noises for the computer mouse, the noise of a knife beingsharpened, chains being rattled etc. All of these sound effects placed in the correctposition also meant that tension could be built up or knocked down making thevideo become much more interesting for the audience. We also added in soundeffects such as the man swallowing his drink to enhance the reality of the video. Furthermore, we also added in non-diagetic sound to build suspense and tension.The two sounds we used were a heart monitoring machine that flat lined and atense sound track. We thought that the heart monitoring machine that flat lined wasa very effective sound effect because we added it in when the girl stopped replyingwhich meant that tension was created as well as causing people to panic andquestion the welfare of the girl. We added in the tense sound track as the girl asksthe man “would you, come over?” We used this sound in order to implement theeffect of foreshadowing so that the audience can begin to realise that somethingbad is going to happen to the girl as a result of asking this. To conclude, as we began to start adding sound to the video with no sound effectsor a sound track, we found that there was a low humming noise throughout thevideo, even though we could have made this noise less obvious, we decided not toand included it as one of our sound effects. The reason for this is because we feltthat it gave off the effect of making the audience feel uneasy and on edge whichmeant that it linked in perfectly to the thriller genre.