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A list an explanation of our use of costume and props, so that all the items in our

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  1. 1. PropsGeneral Books – Books are classically used to symbolise intelligence, knowledge and stereotypical geeks, therefore would be the perfect prop to accompany our character on her first journey to school. They are also extremely relevant within the school theme as they have been used for many years as educational material. Knife – Knives conform to the horror/terror genres and are often used to portray a sense of foreboding doom. It is good for our opening sequence as it can have both innocent and sinister connotations. We will first portray it in a way that influences the audience to believe it signals danger however, will late be revealed that it is being used for an innocent act. It shows the characters anxiety. Pins– Similarly to the knife, drawing pins can be ambiguous. They can be used innocently for securing materials or can be used with the intention of causing pain. This is just one of the few dangerous items that may be found in a classroom, helping to suggest a teacher with bad intentions. Compass– Another item with two opposing uses. Also classically found within a school and particularly mathematics. Staple Remover– These are good props as they look particularly sinister with large metal teeth. The idea is to find as much stationary that could have negative and harmful suggestions. Scissors – The final item that will be used as an enigma to the danger that follows. Lawnmower– We used the lawnmower in our opening in order to portray the innocence of everyday life and the perfect suburban life. However, it foreshadows the danger that could potentially ruin this „perfect‟ setting. Cardboard– This is a cheap material thus, portraying the deterioration of the atmosphere around are character. It also illustrates the progression of our opening as it turns from good to bad. Watering can– The watering can is used at the beginning of the opening, so to depict the stereotypical idea of suburbia of housewives and gardeners Pencil case- Used to reinforce the school MES and establish place Car- to be used effectively as a dolly, to take drive by shots of the girl and other things DesksUsed to reinforce the school MES and establish place Chairs- these will be what the pupils will be sitting onDress Hoodies-This piece of clothing has become a metaphor for the thug culture in the UK. For this reason when we made our transition into the dystopian second half of the opening. Glasses- These are the symbol of intellect and knowledge and so were an essential in portraying the sort of character that we wanted Lujja to be Cardigan- Something not usually seen as the height of fashion and often associated with “nerd culture” and so also necessary in displaying the sort of character we wanted to depict Sensible shoes- Again these are not something seen as fashionable and often associated with “nerd culture” and so also necessary in displaying the sort of character we wanted to depict
  2. 2. Ripped t-shirt-To be used for our tramp to depict the poverty and therefore the shift from thehappy to sinisterRipped trousers- same as aboveSocks with Holes-same as aboveWatch-to show that Lujja is watching the time and is anxious about being late again buildingup the character and the audiences understanding of herRetainerto tell us more about Lujja and how nerdy she is