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Production film companies


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Production film companies

  1. 1. Production Film companies Jan 18/12 L/O: -to know difference between mainstream and independent cinema -to understand key terms -to be able to research films and know their production and distribution companies
  2. 2. Key Terms• Production• Ownership• Mainstream cinema• Independent cinema• Distribution• Conglomerates• Major companies• Subsidiary companies
  3. 3. Quiz• What are the stages of the film process you need to know?
  4. 4. Quiz• What are the stages of the film process you need to know?• FUNDING• MARKETING• PRODUCTION (pre, production, post)• CONSUMPTION – EXHIBITION – EXCHANGE
  5. 5. StarterReview mainstream cinema vs independent cinemaWhat are they?1. Mainstream cinema is……….Some examples ofmainstream cinema are….2. Independent cinema is……….Some examples ofindependent cinema are….Compare similarities and differencesThe similarities between the 2 types of cinema are…..The differences between the 2 types of cinema are….
  6. 6. Mainstream vs Independent• Read revision book 68-69 & 70-71
  7. 7. Major film companies (Conglomerates)• 6 major film conglomerates dominate the UK film industry: – Buena Vista/Disney (largest) – Time Warner (Warner Brothers) – Twentieth Century Fox (News Corp) – United International Pictures (Paramount = Viacom) – Sony• *They constantly change as companies buy companies all the time!!!• These companies are called CONGLOMERATES because they have complete ownership (and therefore control) over all stages of creating a film (funding, production, marketing, distribution, exhibition)• Roughly nine out of ten films seen in the UK are distributed by the above companies.• As an extension read a little bit more about each on WIKI
  8. 8. Conglomerates and their films Conglomerate company Buena Vista or Disney (Own ABC network) Time Warner (Own Warner Brothers) United International Pictures (Owners = Paramount, who are owned by = Viacom) Twentieth Century Fox (Owner = News Corp) Vivendi & Universal = vivendi = univeral (Owner = NBC Universal) Sony Pictures Entertainment (Owner = Sony)
  9. 9. Complete the printed chart…..
  10. 10. Production companies• A production company may specialize in producing their in-house films or own subsidiary development companies• Production Companies are either run by themselves or as a subsidiary• Major Production companies often distribute films from Independent Production Companies• (defunct) = no longer activeSubsidiary = side, secondary, lesser/smaller,•
  11. 11. Distribution• Once a film has been made, distribution company (which may be same as production (conglomerate) starts to promote it (marketing)• They are also responsible to distribute the film to cinemas/DVD etc
  12. 12. Large Production companiesLARGE• Pathe Pictures• Working Title 2 (Universal)• Lucas film• Dreamworks SKG & Animation• Paramount Pictures• 20th century fox (owed by newscorp)• Fox searchlight Pictures• Universal Studios• Focus Features (universal)• TriStar Pictures (subsidary)• Warner Bros Pictures (Time Warner)• Castlerock Entertainment (Time Warner)• New Line Cinema (Warner Bros)• Walt Disney Pictures (Disney)• Pixar Animation Studios (Disney)• Touchstone Pictures (Disney)• Marvel Studios (Disney)• Miramax Films (……)• Lionsgate Entertainment• Artisan (Lionsgate)• Dimension films (Miramax)
  13. 13. Small production companiesINDEPENDENT• Working Title (before owned by Universal)• Big Arty Productions• EM Media• Film 4• UK Film council• Warp films• Mother vision• Scott Free Productions• YouTube• Blumhouse Productions
  14. 14. Production Company Research Task• You will research some films to find out: – production companies – distributing companies – Owners – budget and• Use WIKI, IMDB or film website for research• You can choose different levels in different colours – RED – YELLOW – GREEN
  15. 15. The films to choose fromLarger Films Smaller films Large and smallMust do 1 from here Must do 1 from here Must do 1 from hereMust do 2-3 from here Must do 2-3 from here Must do 2 from hereThe Dark Knight My Beautiful Laundrette Slumdog MillionaireThe Boat that Rocked Four Weddings and a Shaun of the DeadBilly Elliott Funeral Life in a dayStar Wars films This is England Paranormal Activity Somers Town Four LionsThe more you look at, the better you will understand the role of film production and distribution companies!
  16. 16. Complete the chart sheet
  17. 17. HomeworkSet: Fri Jan 18Due: Thur Jan 24Section B class blog• Review section B class blog• Revise this PowerPoint (on class blog) 1) read once 2) read twice(remember the exam is tough because you have so much to remember!• To complete both sides of the sheet (charts)• Revise previous PowerPoint’s/topics (key terms charts)