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What does a Production Company do

what does a production company do slideshow media

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What does a Production Company do

  1. 1. What does aProductionCompany do?
  2. 2. What does a ProductionCompany do ?A production company essentially helps tocreate the film- its assists in thebudgeting, scheduling, scripting, castingand more. The company usually looks overthe film from when its just an idea tocompletion.They are responsible for finding a directorand the majority of acting talent required.However they are also responsible ifanything were to go wrong on the film, forexample and actor being injured orproperty being damaged.
  3. 3. Production Company LogoThe logo we chose for our production company was onealready in use. It is called Cinemanx and this below is theirlogo. We chose to use this logo because Cinemanx arethe producers of low budget, but nonetheless successfulfilms. We felt it would fit our film perfectly.We chose this production company because in the pastthey have produced and distributed several low budgetfilms and they have a lot of experience in doing so.
  4. 4. What does a distributor do?A distributor basically sends your film out into the world forthe waiting audiences to watch. They decide where andwhen the film will show and they also promote the film.There are a number of steps that are followed in theprocess of distribution. Firstly they have to determine howmany copies of the film to make. The film is thenpreviewed to prospective buyers- e.g. cinema owners. Thefilm is then sent to the cinemas shortly before it opens. Thecinema then shows the movie and after people have seenit, it will get sent back to the distributors and payment isagreed. However in smaller budge films, more steps maybe necessary.
  5. 5. Why have you chosen thedistributor to release your film ?We chose the distribution company we didbecause we thought it would fit our filmrequirements more than any other we saw.It has handled a lot of low budget films andknows the way in which it is best todistribute them and the scale of thedistributing- how many cinemas it will showat. We think that our chosen company willhelp represent our film the best.In the past, this company has producedfilms such as ‘Chico and Rita’ which had abudget of roughly $9 million but only madearound £81,000 in gross earnings. In the filmworld this is quite a small budget, so lookingat this we thought it would be quite wellsuited to our film.