Music video techniques


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Music video techniques

  1. 1. Music video techniques Type Definition Music ExampleStyles Popular music genres Songs that are often Link played on the radio and music channels that a lot of people will listen too. In-concert and ‘as Footage used in a Link live’ footage music video has been filmed when the band have been playing live somewhere. Animation This is where the video Link is made using software and programs to animate completely or change footage filmed. Interpretative This is how you yourself Link interoperate the song, lyrics or video. This can be something totally random but different people see what it is trying to put across differently. Narrative; This is a music video Link that has a story behind it. Impressionist This gives you an Link atmosphere or a feeling of being somewhere that other music can’t do. Music that makes you feels like you’re on an adventure, or in a fantasy world. Surrealist This is something Link surreal happening, in a video or described in the lyrics. Such as in my example Dave Grohls hands grow abnormally large.
  2. 2. Pastiche This is a video that is Link very similar to the original. It is different from a parody because it is more out of respect to the artists then a joke Parody This is a video that has Link been changed to make a joke out of the song or artist Referencing; This is commonly where Link another artists is referenced either in the lyrics or the video by mentioning their names or having talent that looks like them Homage This is paying respect Link to an artist by covering their songs or mentioning them etc.Conventions Lyric interpretation This is how you take Link the lyrics; lots of people can understand lyrics in a different way by having meaning to them. Extending or This is a song which Link consolidating song’s has more than one meaning meaning behind its lyrics. Allusion Where the song or Link video is very strange and what you think may be happening in fact isn’t. Links to other artists In their song or video Link they have other artists either performing or involvedTechniques Cutting to beat Where the video is Link Link edited in time with the music
  3. 3. Miming and lip sync Where artists will lip Link sync in their music video and/or live to make it easier for themselves.Multi-mage Where there are Link multiple videos or images on the screen doing different things.