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Development diary

  1. 1. -Development Diary: Music Video-Firstly I opened up my project up on Final CutPro which all the film clips I had shotpreviously. I decided to place my music audioin first so I was ale to design the pace of theshots to work with the song. I did this by goingto file and pressing import then file, whichallowed me to select the audio file and place itin to the audio section of the editing timeline. Ithen clicked the padlock sign on the audiosequence line to make sure that the music doesnot move within the timeline so I am able toedit the music successfully to the beat of thesong.I then began to create the opening visual shot for my music video, which shows aquote upon a black background so I went to the A Text button and clicked on thetext button from the drop down then selected the typewriter style as the quote Iplan to use is by Oscar Wilde so this style helped to exaggerate the quotes literary style. Once I added in this shot I placed the next shot type next to it, which began showing my footage. I added this by double clicking my select shot, which then came up in my editing viewer. I then edited the length of the segment that I wanted by pressing the mark in arrow and then pressing the mark out arrow to finish the segment I want. I then dragged the selected segment into my sequence bar, which I then place next to the already existent scene. I then continue this action with a variety of different shots to create the sequence that I envisaged. I continued with this process until I had developed a music video that fits in with the tempo of the song. Once I had competed the editing of shots and the arrangement of the shots I am now able to see how much total useablefootage that I have which allows me if I need to edit the audio to fit with theshots. The audio for my music video needed to be shortened down to fit with thesong and the composition of the music video, which I was able to do byunlocking the audio sequence and shortening the audio by clicking the endof the audio and dragging it to suitable point where I would be able to fadeit out. Once I had done this I was able to fade the music out by using the pentool which allows me to drag the audio towards thebottom line which will fade the music out which is youare able to see I have done within my audio section Ithen clicked the padlock button again which allowedme to secure the movement of the audio.
  2. 2. After I had completed the audio and the shot organisation I began to edit themusic video through the use of video transition. I placed the video transitions inselected places, which helped the video to flow by going to Effect>Video Transitions>Dissolve>C ross Dissolve, this allowed me to fade the shots in and out of each other in a neat way that helps to create a more professional element to the music video. I then added the transitions in at point that I thoughtwere suitable for instance the changing of locations within the video as it helpedto create a smooth transition between different settings and styles.After completing my music video I went back over each shot and it’s transition,which allowed me to look at them in more detail to make sure the changes were in time with the music whilst also looking at the transitions and how well they work in context within the shots. When going through it like this I found at the end of the video that using the cross dissolve tool wasn’t working the way I wanted it so I decided to do manually. I did this by placing the second shot in the sequence on the line above the other so it was slightly crossing over. After placing the shot in the right way I used the pencil tool, which allows me to drag in and out, the shot to create a cross dissolve.Whilst going through my music video I decided toadd in a transition after the break up scene whichallowed the shots to fade from colour to black andwhite which I chose to highlight the change of moodin the video. I did this by using the same tool as Iwhen creating a cross dissolve but howeverbetween the two shots proceeding I placed a crossdissolve that used the desaturationtool to fade the colors into blackand white. I then video filtered therest of the shots through thedesaturation tool reflecting themood of the scenes.