Question 4 part 1


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Question 4 part 1

  1. 1. The OEssex nly Way Is Using YouTube I was able to research similar products to the one we were planning to make, we compared each of Mad the shows with our audience profiles and eChels In ea released how similar our show would be to these. We also looked at Soap Operas but they didn’t fit our audience profiles. Watching the reality shows on YouTube helped us understand the conventions of the genre we were hoping to create. Desp eScous rate ewive s
  2. 2. I created an account on YouTube andthen uploaded our final trailer foreveryone to view and to easily embedinto my blog. I uploaded it straight out ofiMovie on the macs which was easy as Iused iMovie to edit my trailer. YouTubewas a really good way for me to show mytrailer to other people for feedback, Italso made it easier for me to embed intomy blog.
  3. 3. First I created a new Project. I named my project. Then I had a selection of themes I could choose to use but I chose a blank format because I didn’t a busy one. I then imported all my video footage from my camera, ready to start editing.
  4. 4. The software on the macs was readilyavailable to me and made working on myproduct much easier. The softwareenabled me to edit my trailer with suchfeatures as; cutting and cropping scenes,theatrical cuts, cutting, sound effects,sound levelling, ordering, adding titlecards and changing the speed the clipruns at etc.
  5. 5. After importing my footage I began to cutcertain scenes down to the size andlength I needed. I could then split the scenes if I needed to add title cards or transitions. After getting the scenes to the size I was happy with I dropped them into my timeline so they could all be played together.
  6. 6. This button Control Panelallowed me toview the product This buttonfull screen. allowed me to add text over any scene. This button This button This button allowed me to do allowed me to allowed me to add a voice over on crop the scenes music and sound any scene. down to the frame effects to my size I needed. product.
  7. 7. These are the different sorts oftransitions I was able to use to split myscenes up and add a bit of effect.This is the window I used to speed up orslow down the speed of each clip.I then used the sound bar to change thevolume of the clips.