Media eval yr 2


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Media eval yr 2

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in the research and planning, construction and evaluation stages? Ellen Brooking
  2. 2. Research & Planning Throughout the production of my main task and my ancillary tasks I have tried to incorporate a variety of different technologies to ensure there is a variety of different styles to my work as well as expanding my knowledge of different programs and different equipment. By using these new technologies I was able to increase the standard of my work as well as making my idea’s into real tangible sources. During my research section the equipment I used was extremely internet based as it allowed me to look at different sources and theories that people have created that I could apply to my own work. The internet also allowed me to collect a variety of secondary research as well as pieces that I could use for my primary research such as the pictures to use in questionnaire and other research parts. My wordpress blog became a vital part of my project as it allowed me to keep up to date and reference back to my work throughout the project. The use of the blog has also allowed me to assess myself to see what I can improve whilst keeping up to date with my targets. PowerPoint and other word documents were extremely helpful in creating documents that had a clear and easy to read format which I could easily refer back to.
  3. 3. Pre Production In my pre production stages the internet was vital again as it allowed me to researchmy locations as well as how to contact the locations to get consent. As my location was far away the use of the internet and google maps allowed me to look at my locationsand assess them. This was extremely helpful in my location scouts and my site plans asit allowed me to look in depth at the area without the cost of travel. Through the use of emails and phone calls I was able to contact the peopled I needed to plan and discuss when it would be okay to film. The use of emails allowed me to contact my artist who lives in another country so I was able to lower my cost and have a visual record of the artist giving his consent. I used PowerPoint and work documents a lot which allowed me again to create concise plan of what I had done as well as what I needed to do allowing my creative points to flow better. During this part of the project I also used a Bamboo drawing tool to help me create my storyboard. I wanted to try a new technology and increase the standard of my creative work however I found it extremely hard to use so once I had completed a single page I decided to revert back to hand drawing the images as it was to difficult and to time consuming. However, it did teach me a new skill that I will be able to use in future projects as well as how to draw directly to the computer. I also used Photoshop through this part of the project to create my mock ups and skeletons which really helped me to envisage what I wanted to create in a visual way whilst also allowing me to try out different styles and themes within my work.
  4. 4. Construction & Post Production I used the most technologies in this area of my project as this is where I created the final pieces for my work. I learnt the how to use new software’s which allowed the overall standard of my work to increase which reallyhelped to bring my idea’s to life. The main programs that I used in this part of the project were creative softwares such as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro aswell as equipment such as HD Video Camera’s and Photographic Camera’s. By using these programs I was able to create what I envisaged which was extremely important to the creative process. One of the main process that I had focus on was the use of the camera’s to capture what I needed for my main project as well as what I needed for my ancillary tasks. I began by going to my location and setting up the camera’s and learning what shot types and angles would work best then beginningfilming to capture what I wanted from the piece. I really enjoyed working with the camera as it allowed me to bring all my planning and idea’s to life in to a format that I could later adapt into a final piece. I was able to gain a good understanding of how the camera works which then allowed my shots to increase in standard throughout the day. I also did the photo shoot for my ancillary tasks at the same time as it allowed me to create a connection between all the pieces. By having portable camera’s I was really able to capture the style and the idea’s that I wanted.
  5. 5. Construction & Post Production Once filming was completed I began editing my footage on Final Cut Pro which allowed me to cut and create the music video I wanted. I had used Final Cut Pro before on other projects however on this project I was able to extend my knowledge and learn new skills which allowed me to create a more professional looking music video. I really enjoyed creating a project on this format as well as learning how to create effects and different looks to the footage. It also allowed me to edit shots and shot lengths really helping to enhance the style and the pace of the music video. Final Cut Pro really allowed me to create a smooth and well thought out video which I think I would have been able to of created without the software. I then began creating my ancillary tasks on Photoshop which allowed me to manipulate and recreate images which really helped to draw my project into each other. By using Photoshop I was able to create connections through colour, font and spacing to help create a pieces that related to each other. Photoshop also allowed me to create practical and realistic ancillary tasks which I think has helped to really increase the overall standard of the project By using these formats I am able to adapt and change my work whilst creating a project which I think has really helped to make my project more professional overall which is something I have really enjoyed within the project.
  6. 6. Evaluation In my evaluation I have used PowerPoint and Wordpressto create my evaluation as these formats allow me to focuson specific area’s for instance in this evaluation whilst also discussing topics in depth which I think has really contributed to creating a good evaluations. These formatsalso allow me to look back at my work and create parallels from different sections allowing me to reference back to my work.