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Construction of music video


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Construction Of Music Video.By Salaffina Dore.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Construction of music video

  1. 1. Music VideoConstruction
  2. 2. The programme we used to create and construct our music video was Final cut express onthe Apple Mac. On this we edited footage that we took for our music video over the past fewweeks.
  3. 3. In order to begin editing the music video , we had to make sure that the footage we took wasconverted to a MP4 file, otherwise known as Quick time. To bring the footage on to Final Cut they hadto be imported similar, to other programmes through pressing file, import then choosing the folder orfiles.
  4. 4. After listening to the intro of the song and the length of it, we decided to use fireworksat the start, this way we would engage the audience from the beginning. After lookingthrough the fireworks we found one video which contained a section that didn t look likeconventional fireworks due to it being filmed as a extreme close up. Also while listeningto the song, and how there are distinct beats in the intro we wanted to edit the footageto complement this and therefore emphasising the that it is the start of the song. Thefirst thing that needed to be done was cutting the image using the blade tool to fit thelength of the intro.
  5. 5. Stages of editing the introBefore the cutting the image, it had to be rendered this wassignalled through the two red lines, the first line We repeatedly had to use the blade tool in thisrepresented the video and the second was for the audio. process to get the section that we needed. After doing so , to get the effect we needed we had to copy the edited footage by selecting the video, pressing edit then copy and paste. After putting the videos side by side, we thought we should an a transition, to the make the videos flow together seamlessly. While trialling different video transitions we came across a cross dissolve which effectively executed what we envisioned.
  6. 6. Also throughout the video we used cross dissolving with videos of fireworks to the sceneinvolving the actors, this allowed us to evoke feelings and emotion and emphasis in eachscene. As fireworks can represent different feelings, such as passion, love, anger we usedthis as a way to captivate the audience. We done this at the start of the music video,because we show images that reflect different aspects of there relationship.
  7. 7. Tools on Final Cut Express This is used in general to select and move clipsOne of first thing we did on final cut was adding the song Edit selection toolKaty B Broken record on the time line. As you can see This tool is the select trackthat the audio and videos were separated on different forward tool.time lines, the video on top and audio underneath, this Roll toolwas helpful as this allowed us by using the lock buttons Slip toolon the side to lock either the audio or footage so it Blade tool, cutwouldnt be affective it were to cut the footage if needed videoswhether the duration was too long etc. Zoom in and zoom out tool. This tool cropped videos Pen tool
  8. 8. We used the cutting tool a lot, in the process of editing our music video as it helped us to usespecific parts of the clips/footage needed and to discard parts of the clips we didn t feel wasneeded to be included to our video, this also allowed us to piece different clips together whichwhere either a retake or of the same shot.
  9. 9. When we added video s to final cuts we had to render them we had to do this at 2 main places.1) when we added them to the timeline . 2) when we added an effect to them to make themwork when playing them. To render the clips you had to go on the tab Sequence then click onRender only Needs render if it was the video that specially need to be edited or Render all ifthe music and video clip that need to be rendered.
  10. 10. To the intro we had to add text to resemble a professional music video thisincluded, the name of the artist Katy B and the song titled on a mission , wewere able to place the text on top of the footage of the fireworks. As you can seefrom the image on the left that this was made possible because the timelineenables us to put different videos on separate layers. This wasn t the only pieceof text we added to the music video; because of the frequent scenes of fireworksthat could be considered as flashing lights it was necessary for us to issue awarning at the start. By looking at other music videos that involve a warning atthe start, we discovered that the warning usually happens before the musicstarts. To make our media product as realistic as possible we would have to thesame, so we added the text at the beginning a moved the song forward so itwould begin at the same time as the visual intro
  11. 11. The bridge of the song, is apart of the song where it slows down compared to the usuallyup tempo beat, to reflect the tone in this area we used less, edits and footage. Afterfinding the place where the video fitted we realised that the length of the bridge and thevideo would be too long to keep the audience engaged, therefore we split the video upby adding a clip that reflected the lyrics. To accomplish this was simple, as like previouslywe imported the video, then used the blade tool to cut the part of the clip we needed.While using final cut we noticed by putting a overlapping the footage on a time line thevideo will automatically cut, in this instance we could use technique as it allowed us tocut the video exactly in the place we needed.
  12. 12. When placing video s of the artist singer onto our video we had to this very carefully to make sure thatthe lip syncing fitted into the song correctly. For us to do it successfully we had to play the trackrepeatedly and carefully edge the song along the timeline to make sure the artist singing fitted in withthe audio playing at the time to make sure they were sync together perfectly. As our video has quite abite of lip syncing we had to repeat this process a few times.
  13. 13. After placing the video where it required to be, and watching it by pressing the play, webecame aware that we needed to add a transition in order for the edited footage to beconnected, and flow seamlessly. The transition that achieved the desired effect was crossdissolve. As you can see from the screen shot on the right, this finished outcome, the crossdissolve aided a smooth transition.
  14. 14. Cross dissolves also helped to connect the narrative sense with the performance and abstract sense of our video, keeping our video s flowing throughout. Cross dissolves were frequently used throughout our Music Video, this is because it created asense of connection between each scene of our music video. This was essential especially in our music video as it contains two different tenses, Past and present. And cross dissolves help s to create a connection , between them giving our video a more professional outlook.
  15. 15. To create a sense of connection, we flashed between clips, this was effective as it captured the audiences attention and also, it filled in blank space in our video. We used this technique when showing the narrative when the boy and girl character whereplaying around or talking flicked between the girl aka the artist singing to the lyrics of the song.
  16. 16. To establish pass and present events in our music video we frequently used video filters to gain ablack and white, as we learned from researching that this is used to represent flashbacks. To addvideo filters onto the footage, the video had to be selected then by clicking on effects we found videofilters. However, when looking at the video filters the options were not clearly stated as greyscale,therefore this lead us to experiment with different filters to find the correct one. After doing so, wediscovered the filter in image control, which was called tint.
  17. 17. When actually filming our music video we made sure we had a range of camera angles andcostume changes, so that we could flick between different angles throughout our video to keep the stimulus of our video flowing. Therefore capturing the audience attention. And also givingour music video a more professional flare, we did this clearly at the first chorus where the actor lip syncing in the studio on a side view of her face, whereas for the second part of the chorus amid shot is use, the different camera angles helps to express different emotions to the audience
  18. 18. For this video we used it to connect the second chorus and bridge to the song, to this weadded a glow and tint which were both in video filters and in image control. Having the tint onthe fireworks, allowed it link with the effect of the chorus as well as transitioning to thefootage which was in full colour.
  19. 19. On this footage we used a different video filter in comparison to the other videos weedited. This filter was called echo, this gave the video of the person a ghost like effect,this was used to demonstrate that now shes lost her partner, shes losing her self. Not tomention, we did further editing on this clip, this involved cutting small sections of thefootage out then putting them together which in turn changes the effect and speeds thewalking scene up to relate to the songs.
  20. 20. On the last part of our music video we played a large amount of attention on the speed of ourfootage, as we wanted each main aspect, Narrative features, Fireworks and heart animation to fitin with the tempo. As at the end of the video, the music speed up at first, and then slowed down wewanted to resemble the audio. We had to adjust the speeding of our footages, so they would fit inwith the beat of the track. We did this mainly with the fireworks as we wanted them to go disperseat beat of the song, in which was a form of syncing. This technique therefore giving our video amore professional finish to the audience. During this we also added colouring effects to intensifythe firework, in either black and white, or in colour to fit into the theme s to represent theintenseness of the break up. A
  21. 21. Getting the footage of the heart on the final cut was done through windows moviemaker. Firstly , we drew the heart then took pictures of it at each stage ofcompleting it. Then we imported the images onto the programme, and put eachindividual heart on the storyboard, shown to the right. However, playing the footagewe realised that the length of heart was too long so we didn t get the desired each.To shorten the duration of each heart we had to change the storyboard to timeline,on here we could shorten or widen the clip by moving the arrows.
  22. 22. At this stage we wanted to test differenttransitions and effects and see which achievedthe best suited look for our music video. Thetransition that we ended up using was thefade as it connected which image togetherand made it seem as though the footage wasoriginally that way, to add the fade we had toput it on the arrow. After doing this we addeda effect, because in our music video he hadfireworks, as well as black and white footage,we trialled greyscale, however the filter didnot feel suited to the video, this lead us tofinding an effect that emulated the fireworks In order to put the video on final cut it hadbecause of the bright explosion of colours. to be published by clicking this option above.
  23. 23. After publishing the movie, we had to covert it to an mp4 file in order for us to import iton Final Cut express. When the video was placed on final cut, we cut the footage intodifferent sections to position them in between different clips which included flash backsetc.
  24. 24. In the last part of our music video we interlink abstract themes to the narrative feature s to create amore upbeat approach to our video. By this we used different effects to give our video a more uptempo appearance. By this I mean we added, a contrast in colours this was shown through severalaspects, 1) the fireworks (representing the girls heart break), Whilst editing this we used the gloweffect to intensify the colour of the fireworks, we also slowed down/Speeded up the timing of thefireworks to make them react to the beat of the song giving a connection between the audio and theimagery and also creating a contrast between the past Black and white footage . 2) We used stopanimation to create a heart breaking, on this we edited the image to flash various colours which againcontrast on the black and white footage and also with the fireworks as the heart was given the effecton which it continuously changed colour, this also connecting to the tempo of the music.
  25. 25. The text message saying it s over plays a large role in our music video as it symbols the themes of the break up. As shots of the phone are cleverly plotted amongst several clips of our music video. At the end of the music video, we though we should express the theme head on to the audience, by this we put the phone showing the text message right at the end of our video.Although the shot may have been similar to this featured before in our video we changed the edit so that the zoom was reversed to create a sense of a backwards storyline.