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RingCube vDesk is a high-performance enterprise desktop virtualization solution that simplifies the creation, access and management of Windows desktops through Workspace Virtualization.

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  • Benchmark Advantage3-6X graphics (2D & 3D)2X faster disk I/O3-6X faster boot timesFull 3D graphics support“Everyday Tasks” AdvantageStarting Up = 6.6X fasterOffice Apps = 1.5X fasterPhotoshop = 2.0X fasterCopying Files = 2.2X fasterShutting Down = 3.2X faster“Everyday Tasks” Comparison (measured in seconds) vDesk VM-based desktop Percent Faster Starting Up (boot time) 7 46 657% Microsoft Office 2003 Apps 17 26 153% Adobe Photoshop CS3 20 40 200% Copying Folders & Files 59 130 220% Shutting Down (logout time) 14 45 321% Total Time 117 287 245% 3rd Party Benchmark results provided by Passmark Performance Test 6.1 (Win32 version)Common Hardware ConfigurationWindows XP with Service Pack 21 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB of HD space3Dmark does not successfully run inside VMware & Microsoft offerings but vDesk provides complete DirectX 9 & 10 support and delivers 99% of the host 3Dmark score
  • vDesk simplifies the creation, deployment & management of your Windows 7 environment through the use of a Fast, Mobile and Secure virtual workspace.
  • “We achieved a 7-to-1 cost savings using vDesk over thin-terminals.”Marc Robinson, Vice President of IT at Cloud 10 CorporationCloud 10, a leading virtual call center company, lowers capital and operational costs with RingCube vDesk. “It is absolutely our mission to keep jobs in the US. vDesk is helping Cloud 10 keep overhead costs down and as a result, we are able to pass the savings onto our customers,” says Marc Robinson of IT Operations. Case study: http://www.ringcube.com/portal/content/files/casestudies/cs_cloud10.pdf
  • Southcoast Bank provides a wide range of financial services including commercial banking, consumer banking, mortgage loan origination, credit cards, tax deposits, and many others. “We were able to create a seamless full performance end user experience avoiding difficult customer installations and the need for additional support services.” says Paul Hollen, Executive Vice President and COO. “vDesk’s isolation security features limit data leakage by locking down a workspace so check images can’t be copied and pasted into a host machine. This was a key selling point and satisfied our security requirements
  • VDI Deployment5 Concurrent Users per Core120 Users per Dual-Socket Dual-Core Server (4 Cores)2,500 Users / 20 Concurrent Users = 125 Servers125 Servers x $6,0002 = $750,000vDesk Deployment2,500 Concurrent Users per vDesk Server with File Server32 Servers x $6,0002 = $12,00098% Cost SavingsBased on Gartner Report: Total Cost of Ownership Comparison of PCs With Hosted Virtual Desktops Publication Date: 4 August 2008/ID Number: G00155498Costs based on Gartner Report: Total Cost of Ownership Comparison of PCs With Hosted Virtual Desktops Publication Date: 4 August 2008/ID Number: G00155498Scalable up to 5,000 Concurrent Users
  • Reduce Licensing CostsWindows, SA, VECD, etc.Reduce Storage CostsUp to 70% cost savingsReduce Fixing CostsUp to 75% cost savingsIncrease Performance99% of host performanceIncrease MobilityMobileSync and OfflineIncrease Availability“Anytime, Anywhere Access”
  • vDesk Overview

    1. 1. vDesk Overview<br />High Performance Desktop Virtualization for the Enterprise<br />1<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    2. 2. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Agenda<br />Company Information<br />Business Drivers & Barriers<br />RingCube Solution: vDesk<br />Customer Use Cases<br />Summary<br />Additional Slides<br />
    3. 3. Company Overview<br />RingCube Technologies Inc.<br />Leading provider of workspace virtualization<br />HQ located in Mountain View, CA<br />Founded in 2005 backed by Tier 1 Venture Partners: NEA & MDV<br />>250,000 registered users, >1,000,000 downloads (65% professionals)<br />Ranked #1 by IDC for client virtualization based on technology & features<br />24 Virtualization technology patent submissions<br />Awards<br />3<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    4. 4. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Awards & Accolades<br />vDesk Product Review 5 out of 5 rating<br />vDesk v1.0 receives top rating from Network World<br />Ranked #1 Client Virtualization<br />Best features & technology ranked above VMware<br />“Product of the Year” Desktop Virtualization<br />Gold Award Winner “Product of the Year” above Citrix<br />Numerous Accolades for Contact Center Deployments<br />vDesk Secures “Work At Home” Call Centers, PCI DSS compliant<br />
    5. 5. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Business Drivers for Desktop Virtualization<br />Desktop Management Costs<br />Business Continuity<br />Productivity & Business Agility<br />Control & Security Compliance<br />IDC predicts the market for desktop virtualization software will be nearly $2 billion by 2011<br />Gartner predicts the number of virtualized PCs will increase sharply, reaching 660 million in 2011<br />
    6. 6. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Barriers for Desktop Virtualization<br />Operating System<br />VM<br />Operating System<br />User Environment<br />User Environment<br />2GB to 10GB<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Virtual Machine<br />Virtual Machine<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Server-Based Computing<br />Local Virtual Machine<br />Virtual Machines<br />VDI<br />Connection Broker<br />Desktops<br />
    7. 7. Need for Convergence in Desktop Virtualization<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />7<br />Virtual Workspace<br />Usability, Mobility and Performance<br />Complete Convergence<br />VDI<br />Desktop OS<br />Server-based<br />Central Mgmt and Storage<br />Local Virtual Machine<br />Isolation<br />
    8. 8. Solution: RingCube vDesk<br />vDesk is a high-performance enterprise desktop virtualization solution that simplifies the creation, access and management of Windows desktops through Workspace Virtualization.*<br />*see Desktop Virtualization Architecture whitepaper or Gartner research for more details on Workspace Virtualization<br />
    9. 9. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Solution: RingCube vDesk<br />Lower Management Costs & Increased Control<br />Self-Provisioned Desktop<br />Centrally Managed & Updated<br />Access Control, Isolation & Host Security<br />Four Flexible Deployment Modes<br />1. PC 2. Drive 3. Network 4. VDI<br />MobileSync - Offline & Synchronization<br />High-Performance Virtual Desktop<br />High Performance (99.7% of Host)<br />Lightweight Delivery & Storage (40-80MB)<br />No 2nd Operating System License<br />VM<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />40MB<br />User Environment<br />User Environment<br />vDesk<br />vDesk<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Hardware<br />Hardware<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    10. 10. Flexible Deployment Modes<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />10<br />MobileSync<br />PC<br />Drive<br />vDesk Server<br />Network<br />VDI<br />VDI<br />Masters<br />Virtual Machines<br />
    11. 11. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />vDesk Components<br />Administration Server<br />Client Portal<br />Virtual Workspaces<br />
    12. 12. Lower Management Costs & Increase Control<br />Workspace Creation<br />Self-Provisioning<br />Host Security Scan<br />Isolation<br />Workspace Update<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />12<br />Workspace 2.0<br />Workspace 1.0<br />Operating System<br />vDesk<br />Operating System<br />user<br />Corporate Apps<br />******<br />Operating System<br />Data<br />User Apps<br />User Environment<br />User Settings<br />vDesk<br />vDesk<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Hardware<br />Hardware<br />
    13. 13. vDesk’s High-Performance Advantage<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />13<br />Virtualization Without the Performance Penalty<br />Benchmark Results<br /><ul><li>3-6X graphics (2D & 3D)
    14. 14. 2X faster disk I/O
    15. 15. 3-6X faster boot times
    16. 16. Full 3D graphics support</li></ul>“Everyday Tasks”<br /><ul><li>Starting Up = 6.6X faster
    17. 17. Office Apps = 1.5X faster
    18. 18. Photoshop = 2.0X faster
    19. 19. Copying Files = 2.2X faster
    20. 20. Shutting Down = 3.2X faster</li></li></ul><li>Operating System<br />VM<br />Operating System<br />User Environment<br />User Environment<br />2GB to 10GB<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Virtual Machine<br />Virtual Machine<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Review: Desktop Virtualization Architectures<br />Virtual Machines<br />Server-based Computing(VDI)<br />Client Virtual Machines<br />VM<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />40MB<br />User Environment<br />User Environment<br />vDesk<br />vDesk<br />VDI<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Hardware<br />Connection Broker<br />Hardware<br />Desktops<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    21. 21. Summary<br />VM<br />Operating System<br />vDesk simplifies the management of Windows desktops.<br />Fast<br />Mobile<br />Secure<br />Operating System<br />40MB<br />User Environment<br />User Environment<br />vDesk<br />vDesk<br />Operating System<br />Operating System<br />Hardware<br />Hardware<br />
    22. 22. Additional Information<br />Backup Slides<br />16<br />
    23. 23. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Market Response to vDesk<br />Enterprise Customers<br />#1 ranked Fortune 500 Global Bank (European HQ)<br />#1 ranked Gartner MQ Call Center (North America)<br />#1 largest independent desktop outsourcing provider (Global)<br />Dozens of new global 2000 Enterprises and SME customers<br />Strategic Partnerships<br />Intel with vPro integration (co-development, co-marketing)<br />McAfee with STP (sales teaming partners)<br />Microsoft with SCCM (platform & mgmt interoperability)<br />Leading Analysts and Thought Leaders<br />Validation from virtualization thought leaders that “workspace virtualization” is quickly maturing and has distinct advantages around personalization, mobility, and performance.<br />
    24. 24. Customers’ Comparison of Desktop Virtualization<br />= Meets Requirements<br />= Exceeds Requirements<br />= Does Not Meet Requirements<br />
    25. 25. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Customer Case Studies<br />Employee mobility and remote access<br />Business Continuity for end-user desktops: pandemic & disaster recovery<br />Lowering the cost to deliver and support secure banking services<br />Rapid provisioning & revocation for temporary workers/users<br />High-performance desktop delivery to locked-down PCs without admin rights<br />More Online: http://www.ringcube.com/portal/content/news/customers.jsp<br />
    26. 26. Case Study #1: Remote Mobile Workers<br />Business Challenge<br />Estimates of 40% of employees unable to come into the office at the peak of this year’s winter flu season due to H1N1 pandemic<br />Significant productivity losses will occur for those companies unable to support at-home workers during this flu season<br />Purchasing new laptops and/or netbooks for all employees who currently use a desktop was both cost prohibitive and operationally inefficient.<br />Desktop Virtualization Solution<br />Transform home PCs into enterprise desktop computers by deploying vDesk virtual workspaces on portable encrypted USB drives<br />Leveraging best practices for remote access and security including endpoint security enforcement (VPN, Antivirus, Firewall, Anti-spyware) and policy controls (Domain join, GPOs, OS patch level checks) enabled both inside and out the vDesk workspace<br />20<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    27. 27. Case Study #1: Remote Mobile Workers<br />Business Results<br /><ul><li>Up to 5x cost savings compared to purchasing new laptops for desktop users or VDI build-out
    28. 28. Cost-effective deployment of a virtual desktop solution without reliance on high-speed network connections or capital intensive data center build-out</li></ul>#1 ranked Fortune Global 500 Bank<br />Office<br />Home<br />Office<br />(Quarantine)<br />SecureProxy<br />Laptop<br />DMZ<br />Internet<br />Office<br />DEPLOYMENT<br />vDesk on Drive<br />PC<br />Home<br />MacBookwith XP VM<br />21<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    29. 29. Case Study #2: Office Failover (Business Continuity)<br />Business Challenge<br />Significant productivity losses will occur for those companies who are forced to quarantine offices<br />Complete office failover and recovery will be needed for all business computers that are not laptops<br />Desktop Virtualization Solution<br />Stream vDesk workspace from any NAS or CIFS-based fileserver to any Windows PC.<br />All user data, applications, and personalized settings are kept stored and instantly accessible from LAN accessible datacenter<br />Business Results<br /><ul><li>Rapid recovery and access from office-to-office to any shared Windows PC device on the LAN
    30. 30. Cost-effective deployment of a virtual desktop solution that runs all applications with all personalized setting at full performance</li></ul>22<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    31. 31. Case Study #2: Office Failover (Business Continuity)<br />DEPLOYMENT MODE<br />vDesk over the Network& vDesk over VDI<br />Top 10 Government (G10) Central Bank<br />Secondary Site<br />(Backup)<br />Data Center<br />Legend<br />vDesk over the Network<br />(CIFS-based Streaming)<br />Primary Site<br />(Quarantine)<br />Site to Site Fail Over<br />23<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    32. 32. Case Study #3: Call Centers (Task Workers)<br />Business Challenge<br />Previous solutions required high capital costs with lower performance for business-critical applications (e.g. VoIP, Video, Flash, VPN, etc.)<br />Needed to centrally manage, provision, update, and secure desktops and applications for at-home call-center agents<br />Needed a solution that met PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) requirements<br />Desktop Virtualization Solution<br />Deploy vDesk virtual workspace solution that is centrally managed.<br />Enable granular isolation, encryption and host security enforcement policies to pass all PCI security requirements<br />Deliver a vDesk workspace that runs VoIP, Streaming Video, Flash, VPN, and other applications at full performance<br />24<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    33. 33. Case Study #3: Call Centers (Task Workers)<br />Business Results<br /><ul><li>7-to-1 cost savings compared to their thin-terminal based solution
    34. 34. Simplified management and security control of remote desktop environments for call-center agents
    35. 35. Lowered operational costs with better centralized management which led to the creation of additional jobs in the US and freeing up more IT resources</li></ul>DEPLOYMENT MODE<br />vDesk on PC<br />“We achieved a 7-to-1 cost savings using vDesk over thin-terminals.”<br />At-Home Agent<br />At-Home Agent<br />Marc Robinson<br />Vice President of IT<br />Cloud 10 Corporation<br />At-Home Agent<br />HQ<br />At-Home Agent<br />Intel published customer case study: http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-4039<br />25<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    36. 36. Case Study #4: Desktop Provisioning & Recovery<br />Business Challenge<br />Needed to centrally manage, provision, update, and secure desktops for Fiserv employees<br />Needed a cost-effective disaster recovery solution for employee desktops<br />Desktop Virtualization Solution<br />Deploy vDesk over the network with MobileSync to an employee PC. <br />Deploy vDesk for disaster recovery and centralized backup of employee desktops working offline<br />Business Results<br />Simplified the provisioning and management of desktops<br />Increased the control and security of data residing on employee PCs<br />Reduced the cost of disaster recovery and overall desktop management<br />“Recovering from PC hardware failure is so simple with vDesk. We can have an employee back to their exact desktop environment in less than an hour.”<br />Jeff BrewerIT Delivery Systems, AVP Fiserv<br />DEPLOYMENT MODE<br />vDesk over the Network<br />Customer interview: http://blogs.zdnet.com/virtualization/?p=1120<br />26<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    37. 37. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />Case Study #5: Mobility & Software Delivery<br />DEPLOYMENT MODES<br />vDesk on a Drive & vDesk over VDI<br />Thin Clients<br />MobileSync<br />Data Center (VDI servers)<br />WAN<br />Offline Mobility<br />Secondary Data Center (Fail Over)<br />Business Results<br /><ul><li>Reduce Downtime Costs
    38. 38. Reduce Microsoft Licensing Costs
    39. 39. Reduce Management Costs
    40. 40. Increase Mobility
    41. 41. Executive Offline Travel
    42. 42. Increase Availability
    43. 43. Business Continuity (natural disaster)</li></ul>Customer case study: http://www.ringcube.com/portal/content/files/casestudies/cs_southcoast.pdf<br />27<br />
    44. 44. Deployment Options for VDI Customers<br />1. Technology preview (non-GA) feature described as “VDI offline” at VMworld Europe Mar 2008. Unknown release date.<br />2. Without Microsoft Software Assurance, you are not entitled to run or connect to a virtual machine as part of that Windows license. SA must be purchased not only for Windows running on the guest VM but for the host OS as well, even for such items as an Apple PC. SA is available for all Microsoft Volume Licensed Product and can be purchase within the first 90 days of purchase of any retail/OEM version of Windows. SA is 29% of your Windows license price. <br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />
    45. 45. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />TCO: vDesk as a VDI alternative<br />Server Capital Costs for 2,500 Users<br />vDesk Deployment<br />VDI Deployment<br />2 Servers x $6,000* = $12,000<br />98% Cost Savings<br />125 Servers x $6,000* = $750,000<br />*Costs based on Gartner Report: Total Cost of Ownership Comparison of PCs With Hosted Virtual Desktops Publication Date: 4 August 2008/ID Number: G00155498<br />TCO report available on-line: http://www.ringcube.com/portal/content/products/vdesk/tco_report.jsp<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />29<br />
    46. 46. Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />VDI Server<br />TCO: vDesk as VDI enhancement<br />Thin Client<br />Reduce Licensing Costs<br />Windows, SA, VECD, etc.<br />Reduce Storage Costs<br />Up to 70% cost savings<br />Reduce Fixing Costs<br />Up to 75% cost savings<br /><ul><li>Increase Performance
    47. 47. 99% of host performance
    48. 48. Increase Mobility
    49. 49. MobileSync and Offline
    50. 50. Increase Availability
    51. 51. “Anytime, Anywhere Access”</li></ul>30<br />
    52. 52. Enterprise User Segmentation - Deployment Modes<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />31<br />Campus Worker<br />Mobile Worker<br />Task Worker<br />Remote Worker<br />Unmanaged, Contractors, and Consultants<br />10% - 20%<br />10% - 20%<br />30% - 40%<br />30% - 40%<br />Network / VDI<br />PC / Network / VDI<br />PC / Drive<br />PC / Drive<br />
    53. 53. User Segments to Solution Types<br />Confidential - Do Not Distribute<br />