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Lengow is a SaaS solution which allows online retailers to index their product catalogues on more than 650 distribution supports. Available in more than 12 countries in native language, Lengow is the perfect solution for all e-merchants who wish to optimize the distribution and cost of promotion of their product catalog on online leverages like affiliation, Facebook, Mobile, retargeting, price comparison sites etc.

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Lengow - International presentation

  1. 1. Index your product catalogues quickly and easily thanks to Lengow!
  2. 2. Lengow in a few numbers Created on July 1, 2009 by Jérémie Peiro and Mickael Froger Lengow is a SaaS solution which allows online retailers to index their product catalogues on more than 650 distribution supports. International presence: Key facts: 57 Millions of products A team of 700 indexed on customers 35 people trust us 7,000 feeds each day
  3. 3. Your issues: Facing a large choice of distribution channels, how do you choose those best suited for your products ? Do you have indexing and tracking issues due to a large number of networks ? Do you lack performance indicators to optimize your sales and the content of your feeds ? Our solutions: Centralize Optimize Increase profitability Your feeds your indexing of your products Centralize management Adapt and optimize each Save money by tracking of your product catalogue of your feeds to increase your product profitability with more than 650 your visibility! and optimize your feed ! distributors!
  4. 4. Are you an agency or a platform ? We have a solution for you Centralize the management of multiple websites Lengow offers a platform adapted to the needs of agencies and platforms :  One platform for the independent management of each of your e-commerce clients or your differents countries activities  The dashboard allows for an overall view of all the feeds of each online retailer.  Visualization of the most important information concerning the campaigns of each client.
  5. 5. Choosing your distribution channels En
  6. 6. Comparison Shopping Sites Easily adapt the editorial content of your product listings to the specifications of each individual channel: Program the listing of your products and your content on each channel in just a few clicks!
  7. 7. Comparison Shopping Sites • Benefit from the quality of traffic • Take advantage of the shopping sites notoriety • Diversify your distribution network and increase visibility • Quickly and easily index your products Source : Blog CPC Strategy • Campaign costs are lower than that of other distribution channels (sponsored links, emailing, etc.)
  8. 8. Affiliations Platforms Advantages of affiliation Génère du chiffre daffaires Generateen ligne online turnover 54.89% Permet de recruter des Recruitprospects new prospects 50.38% Génère du trafic Generate traffic 45.86% Permet de gérer ses coûts Manage costs 45.11% Génère du chiffre daffaires Generate turnover in 6.27% en point de vente physique retail outlets Autre Other 3.01% 0% 20% 40% 60% Source: Journal du Net (March 2009) – Several responses possible
  9. 9. Marketplaces • Benefit from the quality of traffic • Take advantage of the notoriety and indexing of well-known marketplaces • Diversify your distribution network and increase visibility • Control your acquisition costs • Pay per sale, not per click
  10. 10. Sponsored Links Generate your AdWords campaigns and ads automatically thanks to your product catalogue  From the information contained in your catalogue, set up an editorial template or personalize each ad 1. Your catalogue automatically generates  Lengow automates the keyword integration for each campaigns, keywords and ads one of your AdWords ads 1 category = 1 campaign  Two tools are at your disposal to import your ads in your Google AdWords account:  The API which links Lengow and AdWords  The CSV export for Google AdWords Editor 2. Each product becomes an adgroup and keywords are generated automatically 1 product = 1 adgroup + 1 keyword
  11. 11. Social Networks With 500 million potential buyers, how can you take Install the Lengow ShoppingBox and advantage of Facebook to promote your product catalogues? sell your products on Facebook! Integrate a payment method like PayPal
  12. 12. Go to mobile shopping in some clicks only Lengow adapt et transform your products catalog in a « ready-to-go » m-commerce e-shop. A mobile site which fully respect tablet PC and mobile phones standards and create a mobile extension of your eshop. Optimized for most popular devices on the market: Apple, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, etc. Available directly via an unique URL with the syntax: http://your-site-name.lengow.mobi Directly interfaced with a paypal payment system to deliver a fully operational shop An instantienous and easy-to-go solution for all kinds of merchants who want to try the mobile channel…
  13. 13. Retargeting Merchant site Publisher site Advantages of retargeting: - Conversion rates of retargeting campaigns are much higher than other types of advertisement -Very good quality of traffic - Lengow optimized feed for an optimized retargeting
  14. 14. Easy setup with our universal tracker: TagCapsule How does it work? 1- Install TagCapsule on your website 2- Activate/deactivate partner trackers of your choice 3- Selected trackers are displayed on your website 4- Partner sites can automatically  TagCapsule allows you to encapsulate several tags import tracking information within one universal tracker. Once your tags are set up, you  This enables you to manage just one single tag in have nothing else to do! The tool your back office! works 24/7 non-stop
  15. 15. Why use TagCapsule?  Centralize the management of your trackers: From a centralized interface, you can easily choose the trackers you would like to install.  Loading time: By installing just one single tag, you will save a considerable amount of time when loading your web pages, making browsing more pleasant for internet users and lighter for your servers.  User-friendly: Thanks to our intuitive solution, management is made easier as no technical skills are required!  Time-saver: The interface enables you to activate/deactivate the tags you have selected in just one click!
  16. 16. We’ll solve all your feed problems TXT CSV  Source feed compatibility: XML Lengow supports most formats, encoding and types of source feeds, and is compatible with the main Open Source e-commerce solutions on the market thanks to our free ZIP plug-ins.  Our team can also scan your e-commerce store and generate a product catalogue for you, thanks to an internally-developed crawler.  Effectively choose on which channels to list your products: taking into account your products, average basket value and your objectives, we can help guide you toward the best channels on which to sell your products.  Create a product feed adapted to each channel in order to optimize your listings.  Native support with plugins of all major open e-commerce plateform
  17. 17. Some International references
  18. 18. A vast majority of big retail actors which uses our services in France: