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VDI Performance Assessment


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Watch "VDI Performance Assessment - Moving Desktop Virtualization from Test to Best" and learn how a VDI performance assessment can help you baseline your current VDI performance, understand critical bottlenecks, and identify how to optimize your virtual desktop infrastructure for scalability, cost efficiency and peak performance.

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VDI Performance Assessment

  1. 1. VDI PerformanceAssessmentMovingDesktop Virtualizationfrom Test to BestContact eG: webinar@eginnovations.comPresentersBala Vaidhinathan (eG Innovations)Rick Ruskin (eG Innovations)
  2. 2. About eG Innovations  eG Innovations helps you to dramatically simplify, accelerate, and optimize performance management across mission-critical virtual, cloud and physical IT environments Performance Assurance  Only eG Innovations award-winning root-cause diagnosis Made Easy technology can automatically pinpoint performance issues by auto-correlating the user’s service experience with the underlying infrastructure and application components  Deliver exceptional performance, user productivity, and ROI Worldwide New York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Locations Singapore, London, Chennai Customers Over 1,000 customers worldwide Certifications & Sample Awards© eG Innovations, Inc |
  3. 3. Customer Success© eG Innovations, Inc |
  4. 4. Why Do VDI Rollouts Fail? (and what you can do about it) Rick Ruskin Vice President Sales eG Innovations© eG Innovations, Inc |
  5. 5. Agenda  VDI Performance Challenges  VDI Performance Assessment vs. Desktop Assessment  Assessment Deliverables  Assessment Benefits  Q&A© eG Innovations, Inc |
  6. 6. The VDI Adoption Stages VDI VDI VDI VDI Test Pilot Production Acceleration - Deploy on - A few hundred - Thousands a few dozen desktops of desktops - 100,000 desktops - Test - Decide desktops - Typically technology between VDI, - Reap the use free feasibility XenApp, others benefits of VDI licenses - Small - Expect to see - VDI is mission (VMware, workgroup benefits of VDI critical Citrix, …) rollout including ROI© eG Innovations, Inc |
  7. 7. The Broken VDI Deployment Cycle Assess Why VDI Desktops Rollouts Fail- Much focus on early stages Maintain Plan and on desktop layer- Over-confidence in VDI performance- Performance issues are re-mediated after the fact Re-- No visibility into infrastructure Design Mediate- Fixing performance issues downstream is costly & it doesn’t scale Deploy© eG Innovations, Inc |
  8. 8. VDI Performance Challenges User Frustration IT Talent “Traditional management Shortage tools and desktop assessments fail to VDI High address today’s VDI Performance performance challenges: Challenges downtime too complex, too slow, too costly, too fragmented, too manual.” Complexity & Fragmentation Cost overrun© eG Innovations, Inc |
  9. 9. VDI Performance Pain 50% of all desktop virtualization projects stall or fail for 2 reasons: 1) Unacceptable End User Performance 2) Cost Overruns “Traditional management tools and desktop assessments are failing to deliver VDI performance, user acceptance and scalability.”© eG Innovations, Inc |
  10. 10. Audience Poll  What is your biggest VDI pain? – User acceptance / user experience – Cost control / ROI – Performance issues – Deployment complexity – Lack of VDI management tools – VDI expertise – other© eG Innovations, Inc |
  11. 11. Virtual Desktops 20% Endpoints | User Workspace Management | Desktop Mgmt  Complexity  Investment  Performance impact  Technology choices  Opportunities for Problems Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 80%© eG Innovations, Inc | Connection Brokers | Provisioning Servers Profile Servers | Storage | Network | Apps
  12. 12. VDI Assessments by StageVirtual Desktop VDI Performance Assessment Assessment (end-to-end) VDI VDI VDI VDI Test Pilot Production Acceleration© eG Innovations, Inc |
  13. 13. Virtual Desktop Assessment vs. VDI Performance AssessmentVirtual Desktop Assessment VDI Performance AssessmentTypically, when you are about to start Throughout the life span of your virtualdesktop virtualization (focus: pre- desktop deployment (focus: performancedeployment planning) – often free assurance and remediation, right-sizing)Benchmark usage of physical desktops in Benchmark your virtual desktopthe enterprise infrastructure – every layer, every tierIdentify popular desktop applications, usage Baseline current usage patterns and trendspatterns , power on times of your infrastructure (focus beyond the desktop)Identify which desktops can be virtualized, Identify where your performancewhich cannot bottlenecks lie in the VDI infrastructure and how you can scale your rollouts, ensuring ROI VDI Performance Assessments and Desktop Assessments solve different problems. They are complementary – not competing.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  14. 14. VDI Performance Assessment with eG Perform Bala Vaidhinathan CTO eG Innovations© eG Innovations, Inc |
  15. 15. WHAT: eG VDI Performance Assessment Take your VDI from test to best Designed to help companies overcome existing VDI performance and cost challenges and mitigate the risk of future problems Overcome adoption issues and seamlessly scale up Provides deep visibility – every VDI tier, every layer Alerts, analytics, reports, baselines, insights, recommendations, optimization for VDI Integrated with eG-on-Tap cloud-based performance management service Offered by eG Innovations and its partners© eG Innovations, Inc |
  16. 16. WHO are Ideal Candidates for a VDI Performance Assessment You are moving from pilot to deployment and want to mitigate risk of VDI failure downstream (from test to best) You are already in production and need to remediate existing VDI performance and/or scalability issues (users are complaining) You are stuck in the gap between pilot an production and cant scale due to bottlenecks You want to optimize user experience and maximize infrastructure utilization while keeping ROI high© eG Innovations, Inc |
  17. 17. HOW: 4-Step VDI Performance Assessment• Goals Deploy • Metrics Review• Scope • Performance • Patterns • Audit Report• Systems Assurance • Benchmarks • Analysis Platform • Bottlenecks Plan Analyze VDI Assessments delivered by eG partners & eG Professional Services© eG Innovations, Inc |
  18. 18. VDI Performance Assessment w/ eG Enterprise End User Service Infrastructure Experience Performance Performance Trading Connection Brokers Storage Accounting Online Banking Network Applications Patient records ... Virtualization Profile Servers User Experience Total eG Enterprise Right-Sizing & Capacity Management Automated Planning Performance Pre-emptive Diagnosis Visibility Alerting© eG Innovations, Inc |
  19. 19. Assessment Deliverables VDI Performance Assessment Reports: – Enhance User Experience – Total visibility into infrastructure and services – Baseline VDI density, demand, usage and the infrastructure – Identify performance stress points and user experience issues – Identify capacity bottlenecks to VDI use and expansion – In-depth visibility into user sessions and applications© eG Innovations, Inc |
  20. 20. VDI Infrastructure & Service Health Know which tiers are working and which are not. Root-cause The effect of the problem Deep visibility into every layer, every tier, & service-based auto- correlation enable rapid/accurate diagnosis of performance issues.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  21. 21. Isolate Performance Issues Other affected Layers Root-cause Layer The actual problem within the layer Layer Model enables you to rapidly isolate and demarcate performance issues at different layers.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  22. 22. Understand User Experience Know how user experience is impacted Know when and where it is impacted© eG Innovations, Inc |
  23. 23. Understand User LatencyTop 10 Desktopsbased on latency When you have user experience issues, is it due to Latency? And who is Impacted? © eG Innovations, Inc |
  24. 24. Understand User Behavior Top Users based on activity and impact on resources Know usage patterns and trends for effective capacity planning.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  25. 25. Get More Out of Your VDI Investment A few of the servers are handling most of the sessions Track user sessions on each server to identify performance bottlenecks© eG Innovations, Inc |
  26. 26. Understand Applications Usage Understand application usage patterns and trends to effectively size the environment and maximize resources© eG Innovations, Inc |
  27. 27. Automatic Baselining Baseline Actual Metric Multi-level auto-baselining of the environment helps you automatically identify trends and pro-actively isolate performance issues.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  28. 28. Event Analysis Event analysis gives you a perspective of the type and frequency of Performance Issues in the VDI environment© eG Innovations, Inc |
  29. 29. Understand VM Sprawl A few of the systems have not been powered on for over a month Avoid wasted resources due to VM Sprawl and achieve a more efficient environment© eG Innovations, Inc |
  30. 30. Real-Time VDI Overview CPU bottleneck identified Isolate bottlenecks to growth in real-time© eG Innovations, Inc |
  31. 31. Understand Peak UtilizationIdentify Peak demand and the time of demand© eG Innovations, Inc |
  32. 32. VDI Demand vs Consumption Understanding Desktop Demand vs VDI infrastructure resource consumption during peak Demand© eG Innovations, Inc |
  33. 33. Know How to Invest Wisely Memory bottleneck preventing addition of more Desktops Identify and resolve VDI bottlenecks and excess capacity and right-size your environment.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  34. 34. Assess Users, Not Just VMs See performance issues at the user level so you can fix and right-size your VDI environment for user satisfaction.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  35. 35. Deep Visibility Into Sessions CPU usage inside a virtual desktop is high© eG Innovations, Inc |
  36. 36. Deep Visibility Into Sessions The top CPU process is Windows Media Player. The user is watching a movie  Accelerate problem resolution by understanding why a VM is consuming resources.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  37. 37. VDI Performance Assessment Benefits User Satisfaction IT Productivity “Dramatically simplify and accelerate VDI performance Higher VDI management. Performance service Deliver peak performance, Assurance uptime user satisfaction and ROI.” Simplicity Cost control & ROI© eG Innovations, Inc |
  38. 38. Better ROI & Better Performance 20% more users per physical server© eG Innovations, Inc |
  39. 39. What VDI Environments are Supported?  ESX Platform, VMware View, XenServer platform, XenDesktop  9+ virtualization platforms incl. Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix, RHEV  150+ application components incl. application servers, databases, connection brokers, web servers, terminals, messaging, email, profile servers (incl. Citrix, RES, AppSense), enterprise applications and more  10+ operating systems  Network, storage & computing hardware  … and more (ask us)© eG Innovations, Inc |
  40. 40. Ask the Experts … &© eG Innovations, Inc |
  41. 41. Let’s Talk Next Steps More details Send an Email Call Us +1 732-794-1259© eG Innovations, Inc |