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Overview of bangladesh

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  • He is also the writer of the national anthems of Bangladesh and India.
  • Bangladesh

    1. 1. Population density
    2. 2. Dhaka Lo c ate d o n the banks o f the Burig ang a Rive r, Dhaka , alo ng with its me tro po litan are a , has a po pulatio n o f o ve r 12,000,000 making it the c apital and larg e s t c ity in Bang lade s h .
    3. 3. Rickshaws Rickshaws in Old Dhaka
    4. 4. Rice paddies emerge from the early morning m near ist theagriculture in southern Bangladesh. tow of Chuknagar n
    5. 5. agriculture
    6. 6. Densely populated
    7. 7. P p tio o ula n Recent estim ates of Bangladesh's population range from 142 to 159  illion, m m aking it the 7th m ost populous nation in the w orld. Bangladesh has the highest population density in the w orld-1045/km 2- excluding a handful of city- states and sm countries all such as Bahrain.
    8. 8. Mo o n ns o A w that blow ind s northw from the ard Indian Ocean tow ards the Asian continent, carrying m oist air w it. ith
    9. 9. Monsoon cloud Heavy thunderstorm s near Jam alpur, northern Bangladesh. Evident in m uch of the photo is the silt-laden Brahm aputra River and its branches in floodstage, flow ing tow ards the Bay of Bengal.
    10. 10. Storm Warnings Storm warning: At the government weather station in the port town of Mongla, murals give local residents instructions on how to protect their homes and families in the event of a cyclone.
    11. 11. Flo d o ing Tro pic al mo ns o o ns and fre que nt flo o ds and c yc lo ne s inflic t he avy damag e in the de lta re g io n
    12. 12. Mo o n ha rd ns o za s
    13. 13. The de vas tating mo ns o o n s e as o n o f 1998 le ft ne arly 70% o f Bang lade s h unde rwate r fo r 2 mo nths .
    14. 14. It may be o bs e rve d that the c e ntral re g io ns o f Bang lade s h are hig hly c o ntaminate d . The le ve ls o f ars e nic in tube we ll wate r as s ho wn in BGS and DPHE s tudy are als o hig h in the c e ntral re g io n The are a o f hig h ars e nic c o nc e ntratio n ve ry we ll fit with the are as
    15. 15. The Partition Pakistan The bo rde rs o f Bang lade s h we re s e t by the partitio n o f India in 1947, whe n it be c ame the e as te rn wing o f Pakis tan , s e parate d fro m the we s te rn wing by 1,000  mile s .
    16. 16. C Wr ivil a The Bang lade s h Libe ratio n War w an as arm conflict pitting W ed est Pakistan against East Pakistan (tw halves of o one country) and India, that resulted in the secession of East Pakistan to becom the e independent nation of Bangladesh. This stamp commemorates the largest surrender of POWs since WWII
    17. 17. Ind -P kis ni W r o 19 o a ta a f 71 Lt. Ge n A. A. K. Niazi o f Pakis tan s ig ns the ins trume nt o f s urre nde r o n De c e mbe r 16, s urre nde ring his fo rc e s to Lt. Ge n Jag jit S ing h Auro ra o f Indian army .
    18. 18. Ba la e h ng d s S urro unde d by India , this c o untry o n the no rthe rn c o as t o f the Bay o f Be ng al s hare s a s mall c o mmo n bo rde r with Myanmar.
    19. 19. The country is low -lying riverine land traversed by the m any branches and tributaries of the Ganges and Brahm aputra Rivers.
    20. 20. Delta fo rme d as the Gang e s and Brahmaputr a Rive rs e mpty into the Bay o f Be ng al afte r dividing up into many dis tributarie s
    21. 21. Rabindranath Tagore The Be ng ali po e t, dramatis t, and write r fro m S antinike tan , be c ame in 1913 the firs t As ian No be l laure ate . He wo n his No be l Prize in Lite rature fo r no table impac t his pro s e wo rks and po e tic tho ug ht had o n Eng lis h , Fre nc h , and o the r natio nal lite rature s o f Euro pe and the Ame ric as .
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