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  1. 2. Kuwait City Kuwait City مدينة الكويت Madinat Al Kuwayt Coat of Arms of Kuwait
  2. 3. The 372 m tall Kuwait Telecommunications Tower is the main communication tower of Kuwait.
  3. 4. Most of Kuwait is low-lying plains and rolling desert.
  4. 5. All Kuwaitis attend free compulsory public schools.
  5. 6. Al Zumerida reception centre at Salmiya.
  6. 7. National Liberation Days Kuwait city skyline lit up in month leading up to National Liberation Days in February.
  7. 8. Water towers These traditionally-designed water towers are a common feature throughout Kuwait's urban skyline.
  8. 9. This small, independent Arab Emirate holds 10 percent of the world's proven oil reserves. Petroleum
  9. 10. Burgan field "It was an incredible revelation last week that the second largest oil field in the world is exhausted and past its peak output. Yet that is what the Kuwait Oil Company revealed about its Burgan field." - 2005
  10. 11. An oil refinery in Mina-Al-Ahmadi, Kuwait.
  11. 12. Operation Desert Storm 1991 USAF aircraft fly over Kuwaiti oil fires, set by the retreating Iraqi army.
  12. 13. Flamingos in Kuwait Bay where ships destroyed in 1990-91 Gulf War lie rusting .
  13. 14. Oil Peak? Kuwait admits biggest oil field's output is dropping. This may be an example of Hubbert’s Peak. Some charge that a cause of the Gulf War was that they slant drilled into Iraqi oil fields to mask the decline.
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