Land transport


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Land transport

  1. 1. Rank Railroad Global Revenues Profits Rank ($ millions) ($ millions) 1 Deutsche Bahn 166 37,706.00 2,089.00 2 SNCF (Société Nationale des 242 27,444.20 818.00 Chemins de fer Français) 3 East Japan Railway 305 22,719.20 1,503.60 4 Union Pacific 485 15,578.00 1,606.00 5 Burlington Northern Santa Fe 498 14,985.00 1,887.00
  2. 2.  Existing since 1959, Eurail Passes offers several types of Eurail Passes which you can use for travel. The most popular Eurail Pass is the Eurail Global Pass, which enables you to rail travel in 20 European countries with one Pass (Eurail, 2007). The following countries are covered by the Eurail pass with their corresponding Railway
  3. 3.  Austria  Luxembourg Belgium  Montenegro Bulgaria  The Netherlands Croatia  Norway Czech Republic  Poland Denmark  Portugal Finland  Romania France  Serbia Germany  Slovenia Greece  Spain Hungary  Sweden Ireland  Switzerland Italy
  4. 4.  On June 25, 1875, a general plan for the establishment of a railroad line in the island of Luzon was decreed by King Alfonso XII of Spain. On November 24, 1892, the first 195 kilometer railway line from Manila to Dagupan in Northern Luzon was opened for operation, the line was extended in 1940 up to Legaspi in the south and La Union in the north. On June 20, 1946, Republic Act No. 4156, the new Charter was passed, renaming the railway system Philippine National Railways (PNR). Under the Arroyo government, the Strong Republic Transit System (SRTS) was born. The aims is to provide an integrated mass transit system.
  5. 5. Old Name New NameLRT Line 1 / Metrorail Yellow LineMRT Line 2 / Megatren Purple LineMRT Line 3 / Metrostar Blue Line PNR Northrail Green Line PNR Southrail Orange Line
  6. 6.  The Chunnel tunnel or Chunnel or Euro tunnel connects the two countries that cost around $21 billion, which is 700 times more expensive than the construction of the Golden Gate bridge. The Channel Tunnel consists of three tunnels. The two tubes serves as rail traffic and the third tunnel serves as a service tunnel or an emergency escape route. The whole stretch of the tunnel is 163,680 feet or roughly around 31 miles. In its first five years of operation, trains carried 28 million passengers that promoted tourism in both countries. The Seikan Tunnel in Japan is the longest sea bed tunnel in the world, although the Euro tunnel has a longer tunnel in the undersea portion. The tunnel traverses the Tsugaru Strait to Honshu and Hokkaido islands
  7. 7.  Plan Scout for ticket prices at different bus lines and buy your ticket ahead of time. In the Philippines however, very few bus lines offer advance ticketing service. Inquire about your travel details. It would be prudent to ask these bus terminals on the route. Come to the bus station early so that you can choose your preferred seats. Bring a small bag containing all your important documents, water toiletries, snacks, sweaters, blanket that can be within your reach. Stretch and take advantage of bus stops
  8. 8.  Trailways operates over 2,000 luxury-styled motorcoaches, serving more than 1,000+ destinations throughout North America and parts of Europe; and safely carrying more than 16 million passengers annually (Trailways Website, 2008).
  9. 9.  The Greyhound fleet consists of about 1,250 buses, with an average age of 7.2 years. One Greyhound bus takes an average of 34 cars off the road, and achieves 184 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. Greyhound uses approximately 90 company-operated bus terminals and 850 agency-operated terminals or sales agencies. Including all stops, Greyhound serves more than 1,700 destinations in the United States. Greyhound employs more than 8,400 nationwide, including more than 940 at its Dallas corporate headquarters, and more than 3,000 drivers based in 80 locations across the country.
  10. 10.  Victory Liner was incorporated in 1953, it has grown to be one of the biggest players in Philippine passenger transport system. The company was founded by Mr. Jose Hernandez Sr., and its name was derived from the world war 2 word Victory Joe. Since his name when translated to English is equivalent to Joe, he opted to name the company Victory Liner. The Philippine Rabbit was founded in 1946 and services mostly provinces in the North.