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Guinness world records. metro


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Guinness world records. metro

  1. 1. Guinness World RecordsMetroАвтор: Никитин ДанилКласс: 11Руководитель:Галактионова Л.В.
  2. 2. Definition of the UndergroundDefinition of the UndergroundA rapid transit, underground, subway, elevatedrailway, metro or metropolitan railway system isa passenger transport system in an urban area witha high capacity and frequency, and gradeseparation from other traffic. Rapid transit systems are typically located either inunderground tunnels or on elevated viaducts abovestreet level. Outside urban centers, rapid transitlines may run on grade separated ground leveltracks.
  3. 3. Underground in the pastUnderground in the past1863Europe – Great Britain – London1868North America – the USA - New York1913South America – Argentina – Buenos Aires1927Asia – Japan – Tokyo1987Africa – Egypt - Cairo
  4. 4. Underground in the modern worldUnderground in the modern world More than 178 cities have rapid transit systems, totalingmore than 8,000 km of track and 7,000 stations. China is the first by total length of metro (1879.6 km))and number of stations (1209)). Russia with its 490 km and 303 stations is the 8th in theworld.
  6. 6. The London Undergroundis the oldestrapid transit systemThe London Underground in GreatBritain was opened on 10 January1863. The system is known as theTube.Map of the LondonUndergroundThe Undergroundserves 270 stations andhas 402 kilometers oftrack. The tube is aninternational icon forLondon.A Central line trainat Lancaster Gate
  7. 7. Hangzhou Metro (China)is the newestmetro systemMap of HangzhouMetroThe construction was started inMarch 2006, and the first line wasopened on November 24, 2012.Line 1 made Hangzhou the 17th cityin China to have a rapid transitsystem. The first line, Line 1 is 48kilometers in length, with 30stations. It is the longest first sectionof metro ever opened in China.
  8. 8. The Seoul Metropolitan SubwayThe Seoul Metropolitan Subway(South Korea) is the largest metro by(South Korea) is the largest metro bylength of passenger lineslength of passenger linesPangyo Station onSinbundang LineJeongja StationWith its 563 km the system is considered theworld’s best subway noted for its cleanliness,ease of use and innovations such as theworld’s longest circular line.Seoul Subway is the world’s onlysubway to have allstations installed with automatic platformgates for safety.
  9. 9. The Catania Metro (Italy)is the shortest metroby length of passenger linesIt has been in operationsince June 27, 1999 andconsists of a single lineapproximately 4 km long.There are only 6 Stationsthere.System map of Catania Metro
  10. 10. The New York City Subwayis the biggest rapid transit systemby number of stationsWith 468 stations in operationit is the most extensive publictransportation system in the world.The New York City Subwayservices 24 hours per day and365 (or 366) days per year.System map of the New York Subway
  11. 11. The Tokyo Metro (Japan)is the most used subway systemThe Iidabashi stationThe entire network of TokyoMetro and Toei  (the TokyoMetropolitan Bureau ofTransportation) has 274stations and 13 lines. Theytogether carry a combinedaverage of over 8 millionpassengers daily, 3.102billion passengers per year. 
  12. 12. Lausanne (Switzerland)Lausanne (Switzerland)is a smallest cityis a smallest citywith a full metro systemwith a full metro systemAerial view of LausanneLausanne has thearea 41.38 squarekilometers . The cityhas a 28-stationmetro system whichincludes two lines.
  13. 13. The Shanghai Metro (China)The Shanghai Metro (China)has the most beautiful channelshas the most beautiful channelsThe Bund Sightseeing Tunnelis one of Shanghai’s top five tourist attractions.With 646.7 meters it is almost a virtual facilityunder the ground and provides a memorableexperience of special  multimedia effects. Ittakes 3-5 minutes to travel through the tunneland enjoy the sites to the fullest.It is open from 8am-10pm daily. 
  14. 14. The Stockholm MetroThe Stockholm Metro(Sweden) is the longest(Sweden) is the longestart galleryart galleryThe Stockholm metro is well known forits decoration of the stations. Several ofthe stations are left with the bedrockexposed, crude and unfinished, as partof the decorations.At Rissne fresco about the history ofEarth’s civilizations runs along bothsides of the platform.
  15. 15. The Moscow Metro (Russia)The Moscow Metro (Russia)has the picture gallery on wheelshas the picture gallery on wheelsTrain «Water color» is a picture gallery on wheels. Inthis train passengers can see pictures of the NationalRussian artist Sergey Andrijaki and his pupils.Outside the train is decorated by images of peonies,camomiles,sunflowers.
  16. 16. The Saint Petersburg MetroThe Saint Petersburg Metro(Russia) is the deepest by(Russia) is the deepest bythe average depththe average depthof all stationsof all stationsThe Saint Petersburg Metro wasopened November 15, 1955. Thesystem exhibits many typical Sovietdesigns and features exquisitedecorations.Due to the city’s unique geology,the Saint Petersburg Metro is oneof the deepest metro systems inthe world. The deepest station,Admiralteyskaya, is 105 metersbelow ground.
  17. 17. The Paris Metro (France)The Paris Metro (France)is the metro system with the largestis the metro system with the largestnumber of linesnumber of linesThe network’s sixteen lines are mostlyunderground and run to 214 km in length.Lines are numbered 1 to 14, with twominor lines 3bis and 7bis.
  18. 18. The Dubai Metro (The United ArabEmirates) is the longest fullyautomated metro networkTheThe Dubai Metrois 75 km.The trains have threeclasses ofaccommodation:Gold Class (firstclass), Women andChildren class, SilverClass (economy).The lines runundergroundand onelevated viaducts.The DubaiMetro has thelargest stationin the worldUnion Square(20000 м²)
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