Week 2 day 2- europe physical features- graphic organizer


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Week 2 day 2- europe physical features- graphic organizer

  1. 1. Good Morning/Afternoon!Good Morning/Afternoon! 8/20/138/20/13 EQ:EQ: What’s important about the physical features ofWhat’s important about the physical features of Europe?Europe? HW:HW: Map quiz- Wed Aug 21Map quiz- Wed Aug 21 – tomorrow! Sponge Which do you think impactsWhich do you think impacts Europe more-Europe more- RiversRivers oror MountainsMountains?? Explain your answer.Explain your answer.
  2. 2. Physical Features of Europe
  3. 3. ∗Longest river in Germany ∗An important waterway for trade ∗Begins in Switzerland, winds through Germany, France, Luxembourg, & The Netherlands Rhine River
  4. 4. ∗ 2nd largest river in Europe (Volga is first) ∗ Flows through 9 countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, & Ukraine ∗ 1,770 miles long ∗ Played a vital role in the development of central Europe (trade & cultural diffusion) Danube River
  5. 5. ∗Located in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, & Liechtenstein ∗Major tourist destination ∗Extend for almost 700 miles! ∗http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIHO The Alps
  6. 6. ∗ Form the natural border between France & Spain ∗ Extend for about 270 miles Pyrenees Mountains
  7. 7. ∗ Considered the natural boundary between Europe & Asia ∗ Divide Russia: 1/4 is in Europe, 3/4 is in Asia ∗ 1,500 miles long! ∗ Among the world’s OLDEST mountain ranges ∗ Huge deposits of gold, nickel, silver, platinum, coal, iron, & other minerals ∗ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKkwCkGmgJQ Ural Mountains
  8. 8. ∗Small body of water that separates England from France ∗350 miles long ∗In the past, it was used as a good system of defense for England ∗An important waterway for trade ∗ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8-3IFEitW4 The English Channel
  9. 9. ∗The Pyrenees form the northern border ∗2nd largest peninsula in Europe ∗Includes the countries of Spain & Portugal Iberian Peninsula
  10. 10. ∗Largest peninsula in Europe (1,150 miles long) ∗Consists of Norway, Sweden, and the northern region of Finland ∗Region is rich in timber, iron, & copper Scandinavian Peninsula
  11. 11. ∗ Important route for trade & cultural exchange ∗ Located between 3 continents (Europe, Africa, & Asia) ∗ Covers an area of 965,000 square miles ∗ Name means “in the middle of the earth” (surrounded by land) ∗ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_XPdzoljZw Mediterranean Sea
  12. 12. ∗Largest mountain-free landform in Europe ∗Stretches from the Pyrenees in the west to the Ural Mountains in the east ∗Extends 2,000 miles ∗Successful agricultural area The European Plain
  13. 13. Eur opean Pl ai n
  14. 14. Cartoon Interpretation
  15. 15. Memory Card Match Up