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college presenttion topic

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  3. 3. introduction  It was a major means of transport in the ancient period.  It has large potential in India.  So efforts are made through planning for its development.  Waterways in India are quite developed.  During the past times, India was one of the seagoing countries.  Seamen used to sail far and wide , transporting Indian commerce and culture.  India was a primary shipbuilding country during the time of Napoleonic wars.  It was only during the British dominion that it lost its reputation.  India since independence, has been trying to retrieve their doomed position.
  4. 4. DEFINIATION a river, canal, or other body of water serving as a route or way of travel or transport is known as waterways.
  5. 5. CLASSIFICATION  Water transport is classified into two groups and they are INLAND WATER TRANSPORT SHIPPING.
  6. 6. divisions The shipping is divided into costal shipping and overseas shipping.
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES 1. It is the cheapest means of transportation. 2. It facilitates transport of bulky goods like(machinery, minerals and etc.) 3. It is useful to develop foreign trade. 4. It is eco-friendly mode of transport. ADVANTAGE
  9. 9. PROBLEMS 1. It is neglected because people prefer quick transportation through roads and railways. 2. Delay in loading and unloading of cargo, inefficient handing of goods, inadequate ports etc. results into losses. 3. The tonnage capacity of Indian ships is low so here is tough competition from foreign shipping companies. 4. An increase in wage rate and maintenance cost, raised its operational cost. 5. It is adversely affected by natural calamities like cyclone, flood, tsunami etc.
  10. 10. water transport From waterways we can import and export the goods.
  11. 11. Thank you