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Access project Ungheni 2014.pptx


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Access project Ungheni 2014.pptx

  1. 1. Save the planet with a planted flower! Community project Access Ungheni, 2014
  2. 2. Background “Grigore Vieru” square is a great place. People come here to rest and to relax. A disadvantage of this square is its emptiness because it is recently projected. So we wanted to improve this situation by planting flowers, bushes and arranging other decorations.
  3. 3. Project goals • To improve the landscape of the square • To make a better place for resting • To promote ecological values
  4. 4. Steps • To plan the budget • To buy flowers, bushes • To buy consumables • To buy equipment • To plant flowers, bushes • To decorate the area • To make the financial report
  5. 5. Planning the budget
  6. 6. Buying flowers and consumables
  7. 7. Preparing the area
  8. 8. Planting 30 flowers and 20 bushes
  9. 9. And Decorating!
  10. 10. The job is done and now…
  11. 11. …cleaning the area
  12. 12. A good day and a good job!
  13. 13. Feedback • The local authorities welcomed our willing and supported us by regular irrigation of the flowers and the bushes. • People welcomed our initiative as well and liked it because we, as youngsters, did something useful and certainly beautiful for our community.
  14. 14. Conclusion We understood that we may change something small in our community, but our activity will have a wide influence on people, and this is more important. Changing people`s vision on world, that is the goal of all community projects. Even with less money, but with good human resources, you can think global and act local!