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Eprd easy-community garden


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Eprd easy-community garden

  1. 1. Community GardenPartnership Proposal Growing Community by Growing Together
  2. 2. The current site…..
  3. 3. A sketch done by Denver Urban Gardensof a proposed garden plan
  4. 4. There’s Public Support in Evergreen for Community Gardens…• 80% consider a community garden an asset to the community• 83% consider them an appropriate use of public lands• 73% support gardens as an activity of EPRD• 75% indicate interest in involvement in community garden activities. Evergreen Community Garden Survey Results, Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability, 2011
  5. 5. It’s a growing trend in our mountain area…• Idaho Springs• Kittredge• Genesee• Mount Vernon Country Club• Circle K – King Murphy garden• Conifer (pending)
  6. 6. …and in Parks & Recreation in general…• Denver Parks &Recreation (11 gardens)• Lakewood Parks &Recreation• Westminster Parks &Recreation• Aurora Parks & Open Space
  7. 7. Here’s our proposal:• EPRD and EAS+Y form a cooperative agreement for a tiny plot of land to EAS+Y to build the garden: 1/3rd acre on 66 acres (less than 1/3rd of a baseball diamond) –• 5 year Memorandum of Understanding• We’ll collaborate on shed renovation on this historic garden/farm site• Evergreen Metro District will agree to extend a 50% discount to EPRD on water tap fees for the garden EAS+Y to build, fund and manage a Pilot Garden in Buchanan Park
  8. 8. Why Buchanan? The Pilot Garden will be the most successful in an area where people already play, socialize and associate with physical activity (and has great garden characteristics) Buchanan: Historic Fahnenstiel farm site Close to : •Schools •Retirement •HOAs •Buchanan Rec Center as a Mecca for physical activity and connection
  9. 9. Together let’s go from here ………………….to……….. HERE
  10. 10. It’s good for EPRD too:• The garden expands EPRD non-sports programming with a minimum investment• The garden beautifies and protects historic EPRD property• We have a tight NON-PUBLIC funding plan and professional design that are direct results of having listened to the community’s voice• We’re asking for the lease of a small piece of EPRD land to create a program with long term benefits to the community and EPRD
  11. 11. EmailQuestions?