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  • Good Evening….. Thank you so much for joining us and your interest in EAS+Y’s proposal for a Community Garden in Buchanan Park. We decided to host this webinar to make it easy for folks to get the current status of the planning process. The proposal that you’re about to see has been an evolution over at least four years. Each iteration has grown from the previous plan laid before it – just as each of us is a product of the previous generations and their worldviews, so to this garden plan benefited greatly from the previous conversations.I am Rachel Emmer, representing Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability, EAS+Y; an incorporated 501©3I am excited and delighted to be here tonight to share with you a partnership proposal with EPRD for a community garden!
  • Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability is bringing you an opportunity – An opportunity at this site that will give EPRD a higher level of service to our communityAn opportunity on this site that requires minimal funding and staff from EPRD
  • An opportunity at this site to bring a new amenity to our community
  • An opportunity to restore and preserve a historic garden/farm site on EPRD property
  • An opportunity on this site to leverage alternative sources of funding for a new amenity
  • An opportunity to reclaim and beautify a current eyesore
  • EAS+Y, leveraging the deep design talents and experience of one of the nation’s premier community garden organizations, Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) is proposing to grow and manage a 28 plot garden at the historic Adele Fahnenstiel garden/farm site in Buchanan Park.
  • How do we know if we build it they will come?This summer EAS+Y commissioned a study to determine the support for community gardens in our mountain area. Here’s what we found:
  • Idaho Springs – property owned by the City, funded by Clear Creek County Parks & RecKittredge – Kittredge Civic CenterGenesee – Homeowners Association; located on Water District soil; funded by HOAMount Vernon CC - located in high visibility common property adjacent to the clubhouseCircle K – private neighborhood garden up Whitter GulchConifer Community Garden – Beaver Ranch at Conifer Community Park (Jeffco Open Space) funded by the Park
  • Schools – Bergen Meadows, Bergen Valley, Evergreen Jr. HighRetirement Communities – Rocky Mountain Village, Silver Spruce Village CondosHOAs w/ Fencing (shed) restrictions – Hiwan Country Club, The Trails at Hiwan, The Ridge at Hiwan
  • At this point with the Board’s permission, I’d like to introduce EAS+Y’s Core Garden Committee (although there has been a village responsible for bringing this plan to this point) and invite them to join me in addressing the questions I’m sure you have. Ted and Connie Ning; Margaret Rode; Mike and Ann Moore; Tina Kellogg.
  • Eprd easy-community garden

    1. 1. Community GardenPartnership Proposal Growing Community by Growing Together
    2. 2. The current site…..
    3. 3. A sketch done by Denver Urban Gardensof a proposed garden plan
    4. 4. There’s Public Support in Evergreen for Community Gardens…• 80% consider a community garden an asset to the community• 83% consider them an appropriate use of public lands• 73% support gardens as an activity of EPRD• 75% indicate interest in involvement in community garden activities. Evergreen Community Garden Survey Results, Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability, 2011
    5. 5. It’s a growing trend in our mountain area…• Idaho Springs• Kittredge• Genesee• Mount Vernon Country Club• Circle K – King Murphy garden• Conifer (pending)
    6. 6. …and in Parks & Recreation in general…• Denver Parks &Recreation (11 gardens)• Lakewood Parks &Recreation• Westminster Parks &Recreation• Aurora Parks & Open Space
    7. 7. Here’s our proposal:• EPRD and EAS+Y form a cooperative agreement for a tiny plot of land to EAS+Y to build the garden: 1/3rd acre on 66 acres (less than 1/3rd of a baseball diamond) –• 5 year Memorandum of Understanding• We’ll collaborate on shed renovation on this historic garden/farm site• Evergreen Metro District will agree to extend a 50% discount to EPRD on water tap fees for the garden EAS+Y to build, fund and manage a Pilot Garden in Buchanan Park
    8. 8. Why Buchanan? The Pilot Garden will be the most successful in an area where people already play, socialize and associate with physical activity (and has great garden characteristics) Buchanan: Historic Fahnenstiel farm site Close to : •Schools •Retirement •HOAs •Buchanan Rec Center as a Mecca for physical activity and connection
    9. 9. Together let’s go from here ………………….to……….. HERE
    10. 10. It’s good for EPRD too:• The garden expands EPRD non-sports programming with a minimum investment• The garden beautifies and protects historic EPRD property• We have a tight NON-PUBLIC funding plan and professional design that are direct results of having listened to the community’s voice• We’re asking for the lease of a small piece of EPRD land to create a program with long term benefits to the community and EPRD
    11. 11. EmailQuestions? info@EvergreenCommunityGarden.org