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Oranjezicht City Farm Overview June 2012


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The Oranjezicht City Farm is a community of adults and younger folk working together to engage in small-scale food production in the City Bowl of Cape Town.

Oranjezicht City Farm Overview June 2012

  1. oranjezicht city farmcelebrating local food, culture and community
  2. oranjezicht city farmA non-profit project celebrating local food, culture and community Our Mission:• The Oranjezicht City Farm is a community of adults and younger folk working together to engage in small-scale food production in the City Bowl of Cape Town. Our Vision:• To improve under-utilised public green spaces by creating demonstration gardens for hands-on community-wide food gardening education, thereby increasing access to fresh vegetables for all members of our community, regardless of income. Our Goals:• Serve as an educational resource on small scale organic food production for City Bowl area residents• Increase access to nutritious fresh vegetables for the community• Increase the number of organic gardeners in the City Bowl, leading to more outdoor activities and healthier lifestyles• Build capacity and skills of youth and adults seeking work in urban food production• Promote connections and foster relationships between and among individuals, garden communities, and NGO’s• Improve unused or under-utilised public green space in the City Bowl, preserving and protecting undeveloped land.
  3. oranjezicht city farmFarming as a catalyst for change in our community:• Changing awareness (i.e. education) - Parents (food choices, resource use, empowerment) - Children (food origins, nature/agriculture, food)• Changing behaviour - Consumption patterns (food, resources) - Production patterns (grow your own)• Changing relationships - Participation within the community - Links to other communities (e.g. Abalimi Bezekhaya)
  4. oranjezicht city farmA superb location, currently an unused bowling green, next to thecorner of Sidmouth avenue and Upper Orange road, Oranjezicht.
  5. oranjezicht city farmOriginally the site was the Oranjezicht Manor, which wasdemolished in the fifties to make space for a bowling green.
  6. oranjezicht city farmThe original farm layouts are missing, but the Nieuwland Farmlayout is still available as reference of the typical style and layout.
  7. oranjezicht city farmVisual reference to other historical and contemporary gardens.
  8. oranjezicht city farmThe farm’s layout is based on its historic function (food production)and a modern interpretation for consumers (food presentation).
  9. oranjezicht city farm
  10. oranjezicht city farm
  11. oranjezicht city farmAll paths for the general public are 2m wideand covered in compacted chipped stone.This is wideenough for twocouples to passeach other (or awheelchair anda wheelbarrow)going in oppositedirections.The paths areaccessible fromall directions.
  12. oranjezicht city farmFor the garden to grow organically, indigenouswildlife needs to be attracted to the garden.Four ponds(various depths,fauna and flora)will be central toeach section ofthe garden.
  13. oranjezicht city farmAll the beds are one metre wide and separated by a60cm wide path to allow wheelbarrow access.This amountsto 705m2 ofarable farmland.Next step:what will beplanted where?
  14. oranjezicht city farmThe story of the garden and the history ofOranjezicht will be shown in designated areas.These areas areinside the garden,rewarding theviewer with notjust an interactionwith the plants,but with factsand informationrelating to thegarden itself.
  15. oranjezicht city farmWho is involved?• Small Steering Committee - Sheryl, Kurt, Martin, Mario (the farmer) - Get off the ground - Liaise with City• Design (garden layout and graphics) - Derrick• The City of Cape Town - Saul Roux• S21 NFP - Run by a board made up of representatives of community
  16. oranjezicht city farmIncome opportunities (phase 2):• Wholesale (to restaurant) ‘pays the bills’• Retail provides predictable, affordable and quality farm produce - farm stall and subscription• Partnership with suppliers for retail• Small ‘tea room’ and ‘shop’• Gardening and garden advisory services• Membership model encourages local buy-in• Online store has more comprehensive offering
  17. oranjezicht city farmPartnerships• City of Cape Town• CIBRA (confirmed)• OH Watch (confirmed)• Reclaim Camissa• Oranjezicht Heritage Society (confirmed)• Soil for Life• Abalimi Bezekhaya• Wessa• Institute for Zero Waste in Africa• Madame Zingara Group
  18. oranjezicht city farmWhy is the urban farm good for Cape Town?• Will be able to pioneer an innovative sustainability project and demonstrate its commitment to urban agriculture.• Job creation and skills development.• This project can assist in realizing and contributing to the vision of a sustainable future.• The project will constitute an opportunity to showcase best practice environmental solutions and activities. The project will pioneer the first SA inner-city farm. T he intention is to develop good practice, which can be replicated in other neighbourhoods in Cape Town and in other cities throughout SA and beyond.
  19. oranjezicht city farmWhat we have from the City:• Letter of support: Cllr. Dave Bryant• MOU with City Parks – Pauline McConney and Dave Curran• Access to springs for irrigation• Property Services: Johan de Goede on board• Heritage: Clive James/David Hart (sent proposal)
  20. oranjezicht city farmThank you.