Workday Human Capital Management Datasheet


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Workday Human Capital Management is the leading unified HR and Talent Management solution on the market today. By offering both of these within the same solution, Workday can provide you with unique insights and capabilities unavailable in standalone solutions.

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Workday Human Capital Management Datasheet

  1. 1. Workday Human Capital ManagementWorkday Human Capital Management (HCM) is a configurable Software- Key Features and Benefitsas-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to help you organize, staff, pay, and • Leverage a unified Global Human develop your global workforce. Workday offers a unified Human Resources Resources and Talent Managementand Talent Management Solution that can give you unprecedented insight solution in a single systeminto the capabilities, capacity, cost, and quality of your workforce. • Manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle for employeesGlobal Human Resource Management • Account for and organize every worker Workday HCM provides the core system-of-record you need to manage around the worldthe full onboard-to-retire process for both employees and contingent • Reflect your organizational structures workers in an increasingly global environment. With Workday, you can accurately and reorganize easilyeasily adapt your business entities, workers, and HR processes to support • Compensate your workers consistently your strategic objectives. and fairly • Provide self-service tools that utilize a Workforce Lifecycle Management: Manage Your Entire Global Workforce modern and simple user interfaceWorkforce Lifecycle Management handles the worker lifecycle from hireto termination, providing a centralized and cohesive solution to managing • Manage employee benefits enrollment and benefit change eventsyour global workforce. With Workday, you can: • Align the workforce to your organization’s goals • Set headcount and staffing budgets for organizations and track hiring to budgets. • Assess and optimize your workforce • Define the appropriate staffing model (position, headcount, or job capabilities and allocation management) for the entire company or individual business units. • Create and develop leadership pipelines • Establish security and business processes by region, division, or • Enable employees to proactively inform organization. their own career path • Manage the movement of individuals or groups within an organization. • Report on and drill into global positions, headcount, turnover, and other workforce demographics.Organization Management: Keep Pace With ChangeOrganization Management enables you to accurately modelorganizational structures as well as provide analytics basedon organizational dimensions. With Workday, you can: • Assign workers to multiple organizational types, including departments, cost centers, business entities, regions, teams, matrix and custom organizations. • Restructure organizations and reporting relationships as business needs change.
  2. 2. • View up-to-date graphical organizational charts for • Establish eligibility criteria for different groups any organization. and organizations for different time-off or leave benefits.Compensation Management: Motivate, Reward, and Retain • Configure business processes and rules forCompensation Management allows you to design, manage, approving and routing time-off requests.and adjust compensation programs to meet your complex • Provide an intuitive user experience for employees global rewards requirements, ensure fair and consistent to request time off or check time-off balances.compensation practices, and reward performance • Maintain consistency of accrual calculations betweenfairly and consistently. With Workday Compensation Workday Absence and Workday Payroll Management.Management, you can: Employee Benefits Administration: Benefits That Fit • Define and manage global compensation plans, Your Unique Organization including base pay, variable pay, equity, and Workday Employee Benefits gives you the tools to define, allowances. manage, and adjust benefits plans to meet your unique • Roll out multi-plan, multi-target, and multi- business requirements. With Workday Employee Benefits, currency compensation processes to global teams. you can: • Set compensation budgets based on bottom-up targets, performance goals, or top-down funding. • Offer employees a full spectrum of benefits • Motivate and reward individual, team, and business coverage, including health, retirement, insurance, performance. and flex options. • Drill into performance-based pay results to ensure • Define benefit eligibility rules for specific benefit top performers are appropriately compensated. options. • Manage benefit elections through open enrollment and benefit change events. • Analyze benefit plans, costs, and enrollment. • Leverage the Workday Benefits Network, which offers pre-built integrations to popular benefit providers. Workday also offers the Workday Benefits Network, which provides a catalog of pre-built integrations that connect to benefits providers, giving Human Resource organizations the ability to evaluate, select, and offer the most appropriate plans for your workforce. With Workday Benefits Network, you can: • Simplify the integration process to popular benefits providers. • Select from a wide catalog of providers across allAbsence Management: Manage Time Off benefit types.Workday Absence Management enables you to create and • Rely on Workday to maintain working connectionsmanage both accrued time-off and leave-of-absence plans to included providers.that fit with the organization goals and compensation • Redeploy IT to focus on more strategic activitiesphilosophies. With Workday Absence Management, you can: rather than benefits integrations.
  3. 3. Global Talent Management Performance Management: Evaluate, Develop, OptimizeWorkday Talent Management delivers the tools you need Workday Performance Management offers accurate, real-to anticipate and respond to the developmental needs of time insight into the performance, skills, and developmentyour organization, provide decision-makers with timely and needs of your workforce. With Workday Performance accurate workforce information, align work with strategic Management, you can:business goals, and optimize deployment of talent. • Configure the performance process by role or talent pool. • Identify and develop top talent across teams, organizations, and borders. • Include multiple reviewers in the review process. • Assess and take action on development needs. • Solicit or give feedback—any time.Goal Management: Align, Engage, FocusWorkday Goal Management helps you define meaningful goals that align work with business objectives. It alsohelps engage the workforce by providing insight into howperformance and rewards are linked. With Workday Goal Management, you can: • Establish goals for teams and individuals. Succession Planning: Prepare Your Future Leaders • Cascade company goals to maximize alignment Workday Succession Planning helps you develop and with business objectives. maintain succession pipelines for critical positions, • Create a clear line of sight between business engage and develop high potentials, avoid critical objectives and team or individual performance. leadership gaps, and prepare the organization for future. • Assess and track goal completion and performance With Workday Succession Planning, you can: for a holistic picture of worker performance. • Identify the best candidates for future leadership roles based on potential, performance, and talent profile.
  4. 4. • Monitor successor readiness, flight risk, and the Workday HCM Network overall health of the succession pipeline. The Workday HCM Network provides packaged • Prepare and develop succession candidates for integration to partners who provide aligned services their future roles. that work with Workday Human Capital Management. • Build a strong leadership pipeline. With Workday HCM Network, you can provide all of the supplementary services your organization needs to recruit talent and synchronize other directory systems. Partners and integrations continue to be added regularly. Please check with your salesperson to find out the latest list of partners.Career and Development Planning: Plan, Assess, GrowWorkday Career and Development Planning equips your employees with engaging tools to grow their careers. WithWorkday Career and Development Planning, you can: • Contribute to your Talent Profile by indicating key competencies, past experience, completed training, and more. • Collaboratively create competency-based development plans with your manager to help you reach your career goals. • Ensure that high-potential employees, including those on succession plans, are progressing through their development plan. • Create Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) or initiate corrective actions for employees who have performance gaps and need to improve. • Request feedback on your development, or your employee’s development, at any time from anyone in the organization. Workday, Inc. | 6230 Stoneridge Mall Road | Pleasanton, CA 94588 | United States 1.925.951.9000 | 1.877.WORKDAY (1.877.967.5329) | Fax: 1.925.951.9001 |© 2011. Workday, Inc. All rights reserved. Workday and the Workday logo are registered trademarks of Workday, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarksor registered trademarks of their respective holders.