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Engage! V6


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My innovative human capital model!

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Engage! V6

  1. 1. Engage! How to engage employees to drive business results… 0
  2. 2. Human Resources evolves into Human Capital Companies need to shift the focus from traditional human resources practices to real human capital practices that drive results through people! From To Recruiting processes Engaging employees On boarding Creating a compelling employment brand Human resources processes Building a high performance culture Employee relations People strategies that drive results Compensation Measuring the results of deploying people Performance management Real-time performance optimization Compliance Rewarding employees for business results 1
  3. 3. Elements of Human Capital An effective human capital philosophy guides how to engage your workforce to drive results. It also creates a compelling employment and cultural brand! Rewarding Attracting Employee Engagement Performing Selecting Learning 2
  4. 4. Global Human Capital Strategies that Work Human capital strategies that work: – Focus on employee engagement and business results – Infuse the key drivers of business operations – Make human capital practices and principles transparent by making them part of what everyone does everyday – Translate business strategy into action and connect employees at all levels Outcomes of human capital strategies: – Profitable revenue – Innovation – Strategic alignment Human Human Business Business Capital Capital Strategy Results Strategy Practices 3
  5. 5. Attracting and Selecting An effective recruiting strategy delivers the right talent at the right time and acts as the starting place for effective employee engagement. Plan Hire Source Background Checks Screen References Interview 4
  6. 6. Learning A dynamic learning strategy and system is essential to developing the values and technical, core, and leadership competencies that accelerate performance. 5
  7. 7. Performing and Rewarding Integrating performance and reward practices is the key to inspiring and motivating employees to deliver results. Ultimate  Inspire and motivate employees to achieve client’s strategic goals Rewards  Performance management becomes a continuous, real-time process  Creates an effective platform for coaching and recognizing employees  A systematic process to set metrics, communicate essential skills, Performance knowledge, and behaviors, provide feedback and coaching, and Optimization deliver rewards, which offers employees what they need to excel in their work  Variable pay rewards employees based on their achievement Variable Pay level of defined performance metrics each month  Focuses agents on achieving a higher level of performance each month  Base pay is linked to each employee’s consistent achievement of defined performance metrics Base Pay  Accelerates base pay increases based on true performance that drives business results  Acknowledges and celebrates achievements of teams and Recognition individuals and creates an environment where everyone has an opportunity to win 6
  8. 8. 7