Intuit Transforms HR - HR Technology Conference 2011


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"Intuit Transforms HR," introduced by Dave Duffield and presented by Jennifer Hall, VP of HR with Intuit, provider of Quicken, TurboTax, QuickBooks, and online banking services. In this session, Jennifer Hall will share details of Intuit's HR transformation.

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Intuit Transforms HR - HR Technology Conference 2011

  1. 1. Intuit Transforms HRIntroduction: Dave Duffield, co-CEO and Chief Customer Advocate, WorkdaySpeaker: Jennifer Hall, VP of HR, Intuit
  3. 3. Workday Mobile Solutions14 Updates Enhanced User Experience
  4. 4. "We believe that Workday offers a level of innovation and flexibility that will successfully support our• 96% Customer Satisfaction Rating individual and collective needs well into the future."• 99.87% System Availability in 2011 -Karen Magee, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Time Warner Inc.
  5. 5. 915 Workdayemployees
  6. 6. Rated “Best Place To Work”4th Consecutive Year in A Row
  7. 7. 230+ Customers (1.9+M Workers ) Services Technology Retail ManufacturingFinancial Services Higher Education Healthcare Related Other
  8. 8. 230+ Customers (1.9+M Workers ) Services Technology Retail ManufacturingFinancial Services Higher Education Healthcare Related Other
  9. 9. A Leading Provider of Business and Financial Management Solutions • Founded in 1983 • FY 2011 revenue: $3.9 billion • Nasdaq: INTU • Employees: 8,000+ (globally)
  10. 10. Most Admired: Software Industry 8 Years in a row2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  11. 11. Fortune Top 100 Places to Work 6 Years in a row
  12. 12. Jennifer Hall• VP of Human Resources at Intuit• Prior 18 years experience at Intuit: • Chief Information Officer (CIO) • General manager of online services • Business development • Engineering• Mission: To Continually Develop People and Organizations• Workday Customer #96
  13. 13. What I will cover…• Intuit’s Journey• The HR Challenge• Our HR Transformation• Our Learnings, “Watch outs” and Benefits
  14. 14. Intuit’s Journey Our Mission:  To be a premier innovative growth company that improves our customers’ financial lives so profoundly… they can’t imagine going back to the old way Our recent evolution:  From desktop software to connected services, social & mobile  From U. S. domestic to global offerings and talent What remains strong: Our values Customer focus Innovation
  15. 15. Innovative Solutions for Consumers & Business ~ ImprovingPut up to $1,000 back infamilies’ pockets… $550M inconsumer savings identified to 50M Lives Help small businesses be 20% more profitable… Customers’ revenues ~20% of U.S. GDP,date pay 1 in 12 American workers Help people get the maximum tax refund … Improve FI profit per Help accountants be 20% $40B in tax refunds, customer by 20%… more productive today… 1 out of every 3 IB customers equal to the Serve half of all tax returns e-filed 5th largest U.S. bank accounting firms
  16. 16. The HR Challenge: Accelerate Growth From… To…~8,000 employees 15,000+ employees 6 countries 15 countries 28 locations 50 locations ...7% virtual ...15+% virtualWould our current mindset, processes, systems anddelivery channels be effective? Efficient? Scalable?
  17. 17. HR Transformation:From… To Accelerate Intuit’s Growth …To  High HR effectiveness with high  Effective outcomes with efficient touch investment  High touch delivery model for all  Increased self sufficiency for managers & employees managers & employees  Fragmentation and duplication  Put the work in the right place… of efforts what is best delivered in shared services  Many offerings/programs with a mindset of customization  Common where possible, custom where necessary… modular design  Variation in capability in org design, talent management, and  Experts being leveraged across L&D the company  US centric mindset  Worldwide and virtual mindset
  18. 18. HR Transformation: To Accelerate Intuit’s GrowthSignificant Work Required to: Define future state processes and roles Redesign the organization around the work Change mindset, skill set and toolset Make HR systems effective and efficient With TONS of Communication & Change Leadership
  19. 19. The HR Systems View: May 2009FY 09 The Challenges 10 On Premise HR apps & 2  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SaaS apps HR applications higher than peers Inconsistent service delivery for  Significant resource just to run the each process operations Complex development & support  Technology falling behind industry requirements with costly and time consuming upgrades  Very different user experiences using the different applications No Master Data Management solution and inefficient reporting  IT partners required specific resources & skills for technologies Limited Worldwide capabilities  Intuit offering SaaS solutions, but Inconsistent partner HR not realizing the benefit of relationships SaaS 19
  20. 20. 20 HR Managemt System Sales Comp Time & Attendance Case Managemt Merit & Bonus tool LMS / LCMS On Premise Employee Change Request Workplace Managemt Reporting & Analytics Spend by application and type ESPP Talent Managemt SaaS The View Then…. May 2009 Applicant Tracking 10 On Premise applications and 2 SaaS applications
  21. 21. HR Systems Transformation: VisionFY 09 FY12 10 On Premise & 2 SaaS HR apps  0-2 On Premise HR Apps Inconsistent service delivery for each  Process owners with consistent process service delivery across applications Complex development & support  Development focused on vendor requirements interfaces & standard testing No Master Data Management solution  Master Data Management with real and inefficient reporting time data insights & reports Limited worldwide capabilities  All systems & processes worldwide Inconsistent partner relationships  Strong SaaS vendor/partner relationshipFY10: Self funded HR Core FY11: Further reductions of In FY12: Fully deployedconversion providing most of the House Apps and more self efficient, effective, scalableFY12 functionality sufficiency worldwide HR system
  22. 22. Changing the MindsetFROM TO Get it right from the start  Launch, learn, and adjust  “Out of the box” Build and customize it functionality …configure it and integrate it Do it yourself  Leverage vendors to do it for us High touch  Self Service
  23. 23. Changing the Skillset (and Work)FROM TO Annual releases only when features  Frequent new releases – need to were requested plan for new features Testing with major releases  Need testing to be repeatable Production support within the Intuit  Production support is in partnership team with SaaS providers IT with primarily software  IT focuses on proprietary development skills integrations HR Technology skills customizing  HR skills for process engineering, applications web services, data & security HR skills are experts in delivering  Expertise in partner management HR services & business intelligence
  24. 24. Changing the Toolset….FROM TO• Build custom solutions • Leverage best practices and technology that serves millions• IT & HR teams managing application & infrastructure • Vendors managing application and infrastructure• Systems implementation planning • Vendor/partners selection and relationship management• Add features as requested by the business • Get features with each upgrade• Do quick fixes and work arounds • Managing security and uptime
  25. 25. The View Now…. August 2012 Spend by application and type Talent Managemt LMS / LCMS Workday (HR MS) Applicant Tracking Sales Comp Time & Attendance Career Exploration On Premise SaaS 1 On Premise application and 6 SaaS applications25
  26. 26. HR Application Landscape Transformation & Costs We revised our investment strategy… Resulting in 35% reduction in overall application costs …and we are reinvesting to accelerate business growth TotalApplication On Premise Spend SaaS FY09 FY12
  27. 27. Closing Thoughts• The Learning • Mindset, skill set, tool set…in that order • Tradeoffs of fast implementation – get core functionality • Didn’t emphasize importance of first use experience• The “Watch outs” • Too many SaaS providers – complexity of integration; you have to own • Self sufficiency requires investing in manager capability • Can’t over-communicate the “why” of the change• The Benefits • TCO reduced which has allowed us to invest in other areas • Complexity reduced • Positioned to scale globally – for growing “workforce”
  28. 28. We are not done yet…. It’s a journeyBut it doesn’t look like this!
  29. 29. We are focusing on the user experience…
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Visit us @ Booth #609Enterprise HR, Payroll, andFinancials in the Cloud