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Governing from the Cloud


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You’ve heard that many industries are moving to the cloud, but can government be one of them? Leading organizations are in fact moving certain technologies into the cloud to save money and improve service effectiveness.

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Governing from the Cloud

  1. 1. GOVERNING FROM THE CLOUD:Pierce County, WA, and the City of Orlando John Miri Rebecca Sutton Editor-in-Chief Chief Financial Officer Center for Digital Government City of Orlando Gary Robinson Mike Duffield Director, Pierce County Budget General Manager and Finance Department Workday Government and Education Linda Gerull Director of Information Technology Pierce County In collaboration with:
  2. 2. Finding and Sharing Best Practices GOVERNING connects Americas leaders by providing intelligence and analysis on management, policy and politics to help guide and inspire innovative leaders across state and local government
  3. 3. Topics for Today• Challenges Pierce County and the City of Orlando faced with their original technology• Reasons that led them to select a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution• Benefits that they hope to achieve by moving to the cloud• Lessons learned in procurement and planning that could help your own team
  4. 4. Human Resources – Payroll System – Time Entry Replacement Project Governing Webinar Gary Robinson, Director of Budget & Finance Linda Gerull, Director of Information Technology January 2013 4
  5. 5. About Pierce County Pierce County is the second largest county in Washington State There are 22 incorporated cities and Tacoma is largest city Population over 814,600 Land area 1,794 square miles Unique topography that ranges from sea level at Puget Sound to 14,411 feet at the peak of Mt. Rainier Seattle is 35 mi north and Olympia is 30 mi south 5
  6. 6. Business Case Reduce yearly O&M of $1.7 million Eliminate complex, old technology workarounds and modernize mainframe systems Reduce the number of system integration points and points of failure Reduce the number of spreadsheets used for data processing (2,000) and unique time entry collection systems Allow staff to easily maintain/access HR/Payroll data without IT staff involvement 6
  7. 7. Business Opportunity In 2009, studies were completed for time entry, fixed asset, position control and IBM mainframe options. The studies identified these benefits: Enhanced, centralized functionality for HR/Payroll, Recruiting, and Time & Attendance processes, including employee self service and manager self service platforms Automate workflows for personnel actions, time reporting/approval and benefits Provide robust reporting and on-line inquiry (standard and ad hoc) Improve integration, reduce system interfaces Create a position based budgeting and management system Build capacity for future business needs and growth Implementation Timeline 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Warrants HR & Payroll Time Entry Time Management Fixed Assets General Ledger Budgeting 7
  8. 8. Alignment with County Goals Financial Stewardship – SAAS implementation may reduce cost of upgrades, backup, and recovery support – Operational costs for legacy HRMS system on IBM mainframe will be eliminated – Redundant tracking systems will be reduced or eliminated Talent Management – Improve user productivity through Employee and Manager Self-Service Service Delivery – Deliver high quality and efficient services to County employees through improved reporting, online inquiry, employee and manager self-service. – Improve interfaces between County applications relying on HR/Payroll information – Improve internal controls and audit tools – Eliminate redundant data entry and duplicative tracking systems Livable Community – Improve carbon footprint through reductions in power and paper consumption 8
  9. 9. Selection Process Requirements Department Document Users August 2011 Business Objectives Request for County Proposal AnalysesManagers Interviews September 2011 & Requirements Vendor EvaluationsFeasibility Studies January 2012 Contract IT Architecture Sept 2012 9
  10. 10. Impact on Many Systems 10
  11. 11.  Selected vendor is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS), modern architecture Robust functionality for HCM, Payroll, Benefits and Time Entry capabilities Update and upgrade software on schedule Secure with SAML and integration with Cornerstone and Neogov Active user community Ability to use other Workday modules 11
  12. 12. HR/Payroll Benefits Improve staff productivity  Ability to provide management reporting Improve system functionality & integration  Improve data quality Streamline processes  Immediate response for data changes Automate audit controls  Improve data security Improve visibility of employee  Ability to implement “Position Control” information Configure & Post- Phase 1 Plan Architect Test Deploy Prototype Production Duration 10 Weeks 14 Weeks 14 Weeks 14 Weeks 4 Weeks 4 Weeks May 31, Completion Nov 16, 2012 Feb 22, 2013 Sept 6, 2013 Oct 1, 2013 Nov 1, 2013 2013 12
  13. 13. Come Visit !You are welcome to visit and discuss how the system is implemented for county government Pierce County Chambers Bay Golf Course is the site of the 2015 US Open 13
  14. 14. City of Orlando, FL Our Workday Adventure Rebecca W Sutton Chief Financial Officer City of Orlando, FL January 24, 2013
  15. 15. Who We Are Happiest Place on Earth City of 250,000 Not just the capital of theme parks  Medical City  Computer Simulation City Organization has a culture of innovation
  16. 16. Our Current Challenges Shrinking resources – Increasing expenses  Tax Reform  No recovery for us  Must find efficiencies which open resources to address cost increases  Top Priorities  Police and Fire Service  Road Maintenance  Park Programs and Maintenance
  17. 17. ERP in Orlando Our ERP Status before Workday  27 year old HR system  Green Screen  Current “Release” but just updated for tax compliance  13 year old V8.x JDE Enterprise One  Several unimplemented modules  Heavily modified  No longer supported after 2013
  18. 18. SaaS and Orlando Technology Strategy Cloud First when Applicable  For non-mission critical systems, we will look to cloud solutions to lever our scarce resources Look for True SaaS, not faux SaaS  Provided by Software Company  Multi-tenant, single code line  Highly Configurable, Easily Implemented  Frequent updates/upgrades implemented by provider
  19. 19. SaaS Considerations Security Experience True SaaS
  20. 20. Orlando SaaS Experience Google – eMail and Calendaring – 2009 Novus – City Council Agenda Publication – 2012 Workday – 2013
  21. 21. Selection Criteria Both HCM and Financial True SaaS  Need SaaS Structure to maintain investment in ERP  Need SaaS to reduce recurring costs Bifurcated TCO method  One-time costs – must be covered by excess funds for FY2012  Recurring costs – must be no more than current expenditures
  22. 22. Introduced to Workday Workday Partner introduced Workday to the City Researched the product and evaluated all available information Invited Workday in for demonstrations Concluded that Workday DNA was such that we were willing to accept the product without specific requirements definition
  23. 23. Procurement Method City has procurement method called “negotiated procurement” Requires that City establish that it is not in its best interest to have a competitive process  Recent competitive process with virtually identical requirements  3rd party evaluation and report on selection process  Not cost-effective to repeat process with results virtually certain to be repeated Went to City Council on November 5 for approval
  24. 24. Expectations We will equal or exceed the capability of our current systems We will stay current with the application and technological advances from now on We will have end user analytics, not a report writer that requires some level of technical expertise We will have more user ownership of the system due to configuration activities, not code modification
  25. 25. Workday: Cloud Solutions for Public SectorWORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL
  26. 26. Topics  Revolutionizing Enterprise Software  A Shift to the Cloud  Value Drivers for the Public Sector
  27. 27. Revolutionizing Enterprise Software The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the“ same level of thinking we were at when we created them. -Albert Einstein ” Time Tracking Integration Cloud 350+ customers Unified Talent & HCM Workday for iPad® Payroll FinancialsDave Duffield and 200,000 employees Aneel Bhusri found Workday 225 mobile countries Top HR 25 languages Product2005 - 07 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012WORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL
  28. 28. What has changed? Technology TimeWORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL
  29. 29. Impact of modern technology
  30. 30. Impact of modern technology Salesforce, Workday, Google SAP, Oracle, Cloud/SaaS PeopleSoft, Lawson Client Software 2000, SSA Server IA, MSA, Integral, Tesseract Mini Mainframe
  31. 31. A Shift to the Cloud And goingNow Started be Financial Management, Analytics, and forward it will with CRM with HCM with Workday. it is happening grow to $149B by 2014. Cloud computing will and Industry Specific applications More than 1/3 of software purchases will be in the cloud (IDC) In 2011, just over ½ of all new CRM software sales deployed in the cloud. More than ½ of all transactions will be executed in the cloud (IDC). HCMOn Premise Cloud
  32. 32. 2011 Application Software Value Chain $78.5 Billion $7.8 B Apps Support Infrastructure $9.4 B Operations $6.3 B Infrastructure $39.3 B Consulting $15.7 B Software * * Source: Gartner Group’s 2011 annual market estimate for Administrative ERP. 2011 Administrative ERP Market
  33. 33. Applications Support Disruption $78.5 Billion $7.8 B Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure $1.9 Billion Consulting $5.9 Billion Apps Support -75% Software 2011 SaaS- Customers’ Administrative Disrupted SaaS Savings ERP Market Market
  34. 34. Infrastructure Operations Disruption $78.5 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure $9.4 B Operations Infrastructure $3.3 Billion Consulting $13.9 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure Operations -85% Software 2011 Customers’ SaaS- Administrative SaaS Savings Disrupted ERP Market Market
  35. 35. Infrastructure Disruption $78.5 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure Operations $6.3 B Infrastructure $4.9 Billion Consulting $18.6 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure -75% Software 2011 SaaS- Customers’ Disrupted Administrative SaaS Savings ERP Market Market
  36. 36. Consulting Disruption $78.5 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure $44.8 Billion $18.0 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure $39.3 B Consulting Operations Consulting Infrastructure Consulting -67% Software 2011 Customers’ SaaS- Administrative SaaS Savings Disrupted ERP Market Market
  37. 37. Application Software Disruption $78.5 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure $44.8 Billion $33.7 Billion Apps Support Consulting Infrastructure Operations Consulting Infrastructure Consulting -0% Software $15.7 B Software 2011 Customers’ SaaS- Administrative SaaS Savings Disrupted ERP Market Market Size
  38. 38. Application Software Disruption $78.5 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure $44.7 Billion $33.7 Consulting $33.8 Billion Consulting Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure Software $15.7 B Software Consulting 2011 SaaS- Administrative Software Disrupted ERP Market Market Size Customers’ SaaS Savings
  39. 39. The Biggest Winners $78.5 Billion Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure $44.7 Billion Consulting $33.8 Billion Consulting Apps Support Infrastructure Operations Infrastructure Software Software Consulting 2011 Customers’ SaaS- Administrative SaaS Savings Disrupted ERP Market Market Size
  40. 40. Impact of Cloud/SaaS delivery model ERP IT System Administration On-Premise Upgrades included Patches/Fixes included Availability included Integrations included Network included Storage included Operating System included Database included Provisioning included Security / Data Privacy included Data Center included Disaster Recovery included Backup included Performance Tuning included
  41. 41. Value: Strategic alignment of resources More than 75% of the IT budget today is spent on maintaining and running existing systems and software infrastructure - Gartner Group 25% Strategic Initiatives 75% Administration, 75% Operations & Maintenance 25% Traditional ERP Workday
  42. 42. Value: Improved efficiency Workday helps you become “We expect Workday to free up our best-in-class HR Staff to focus on research, analysis and value-add projects” – Mary Anne Mahin, Vice President of Sample Worst in Average Best in Human Resources metrics class class Cost of HR $2951 $1561 $748 function per employee “Here at Cornell, Workday’s capacity to deploy right to the desktop of our # employees 43 67 99 managers… through a very user served per HR FTE friendly application, is a big part of our effort to create efficient administration practices on campus”Source: APQC – Mary George Opperman, Vice President Moving from average to best-in-class across of Human Resources all administrative functions generates significant savings WORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL
  43. 43. Value: Significantly lower operating costs Workday Annual Cost“Workday requires 1/3 the resources and 1/3 the cost of traditionalon-premise solutions” – Dave Smoley, Chief Information Officer“We have spent zero dollars on updates. Zero. And we spend three to five daystesting the product three times a year. Three weeks versus nine months, zero dollarsversus hundreds of thousands of dollars—that speaks for itself.There’s your ROI.” – Mark Newsome, Senior Corporate HR Manager
  44. 44. Value: Pace of Innovation & Adoption 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 5.0 6.0 12 12.1 8.9 9.0 9.1 1.0WORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL (Source – Knowledge Infusion)
  45. 45. Value: The Pace of Innovation 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 WD16 Onboarding, & WD13 • 127 new features Integration Cloud, & • 20 languages WD10 • 113 new features • 219 countries Talent Mgmt, & • 16 languages WD7 • 92 new features • 214 countries WD17 Global HR, & • 10 languages WD4 Time Tracking, & • 76 new features • 200 countries WD14 • 105 new features Resource Mgmt, & • 7 languages Talent Planning, & • 21 languages • 99 new features • 91 countries WD11 • 148 new features • 222 countries WD2 • 3 languages Dashboards, & • 18 languages HR Benefits, & • 88 countries WD8 • 111 new features • 215 countries • 18 new features WD18Release One! Inter-Co Acctg, & • 11 languages WD5 Grants Mgmt, &… • 87 new features • 209 countries WD15New Generation US Payroll, & • 7 languages of Enterprise- Faculty Info, & Nov 2012 • 106 new features • 91 countries WD12 Class SaaS • 174 new features WD3 • 3 languagesApplications is Work Mgmt, & • 20 languages Cash Mgmt, & • 88 countries WD9 Launched! • 103 new features • 216 countries • 53 new features WD Mobile, & • 13 languages WD6 • 97 new features • 209 countries Spend Mgmt, & • 10 languages • 89 new features • 197 countries • 5 languages • 88 countries WORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL
  46. 46. Forrester Wave HRMS Q1 ‘12 “Workday’s configuration flexibility, integration platform, and usability make it a good choice for both medium-size companies seeking simplicity in cost of ownership and large multinationals interested in HR process transformation.”Source: The Forrester Wave™: Human Resource Management Systems, Q1 2012, January 25, 2012.The Forrester Wave is copyrighted by Forrester Research, Inc. Forrester and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc. The Forrester Wave is agraphical representation of Forresters call on a market and is plotted using a detailed spreadsheet with exposed scores, weightings, and comments. Forrester doesnot endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in the Forrester Wave. Information is based on best available resources. Opinions reflect judgment at the timeand are subject to change.
  47. 47. UserExperience
  48. 48. User Experience Consumer internet user experience – Easy to use – Reduces overhead, redundancies, paper Built-in business intelligence – Real-time decision support – Actionable Ability to align, reward, and retain strategic resources Unified administrative and academic operationsWORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL
  49. 49. Mobile solutionsWORKDAY CONFIDENTIAL
  50. 50. Value: Community collaboration  Power of ‘one’  All Workday customers are on the exact same release  All development efforts focused on current & future releases  Workday Community  Platform to connect Workday ecosystem  Collaboration  Customers post and share integration templates, reports and more  Customers are able to leverage cross-industry best practices
  51. 51. Workday Community: By industry Services Technology Financial Services
  52. 52. Workday Community: By industry Manufacturing Healthcare Related Other Industries Education & Government
  53. 53. Education & Government Customers Higher Education Government Non-Profit
  55. 55. Where you can see more…Workday Live  Monthly webcast/demonstration focused on Education & Government –Register on –Next session scheduled on Tuesday February 26th at 2pm  Information/Content specific to Higher Education   White Papers, Product Datasheets, Product Previews  Customer Testimonials  Building a Business Case for Change
  56. 56. Thank You
  57. 57. Questions? John Miri Rebecca Sutton Center for Digital Government City of Orlando Gary Robinson Mike Duffield Pierce County Budget & Finance Workday Government and Education Linda Gerull Pierce County Information Technology In collaboration with: