Workday Payroll Datasheet


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Workday Payroll is designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise payroll needs and includes the control, accuracy, and flexibility to support the unique aspects of your organization.

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Workday Payroll Datasheet

  1. 1. Workday PayrollWorkday Payroll is designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise Key Features and Benefitspayroll needs and includes the control, accuracy, and flexibility to support • Manage the entire payroll for all U.S. the unique aspects of your organization. Through intuitive self-service and workersconfiguration capabilities, Workday Payroll ensures day-to-day and period- • Configure pay elements, business to-period payroll activities run smoothly and consistently. processes, and pay groups • Leverage a modern calculation engine to Leverage Your Investment in Workday HCM handle complex requirementsWorkday Payroll is built as part of Workday Human Capital Management(HCM). With Workday Payroll and HCM, you can maximize your overall • Define processing criteria for pay runs investment and leverage built-in efficiencies. • Run multiple pay groups together • Provide self-service online pay slips, • Use the same business process framework and core worker data W-2s, W-4s, and payment elections stored within Workday HCM, including worker information, benefits, compensation, and time off. • Perform comprehensive audits before final payroll run • Provide a unified self-service solution. Employees can request time • Utilize pre-built reports for quick insights off, check online pay slips, and make payment elections all from the into payroll results same system. • Get automatic tax updates through SaaS delivery modelAddress Your Unique RequirementsTraditional payroll solutions provide hard-coded,out-of-the-box packages that are often unable toaccommodate specific business needs. Workdayprovides flexible and intuitive configurationcapabilities that can support your organization’sadvanced requirements. • Define earnings and deductions using compensation elements and benefit plan costs captured by Workday HCM. • Create identifying eligibility criteria and scheduling logic, such as taking medical deductions only on the first pay period of each month. • Configure accumulations, balance periods, and balances according to your current calculation and reporting needs.
  2. 2. • Easily modify or add to the list of accumulations, Efficient to Implement and Use balance periods, or balances at any time and Workday Payroll streamlines your initial implementation continue to retrieve these values for previously and makes the day-to-day activities in your payroll cycle processed periods. more efficient than ever. Eliminate pain points found in traditional systems with intuitive payroll setup and • Group your workers into logical pay groups management tools. according to your organizational needs, with no restrictions related to FEIN or type of worker. • Control how gross-to-net is calculated for different types of payroll runs • Secure worker data according to your business needs. • Define criteria for specific earnings and deductions, including gross-up calculations and garnishments.Actionable Payroll AnalyticsWorkday Payroll includes built-in analytics, allowing you • Quickly access pay results for any period and viewto run reports and audits on all payroll data. Workday period-of-time values on the fly. View and edit allPayroll also includes the ability to retrieve and act on worker-related data via a single click.payroll data immediately to make adjustments. • Run multiple pay groups together. • Use pre-defined reports for the most common and critical information, such as pay balance summary • Assign one or more cost centers to workers and and pay calculation results. define how earnings will be distributed. • Run audits at the summary, pay group, or worker • Calculate and/or report on any earning, deduction, level. or accumulation for any period of time. • Export any page or report directly to Excel or PDF • Get tax updates automatically applied through with a single click. Workday’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. • Perform comprehensive audits against your pay results using any criteria you define. Workday Payroll Network • Users with appropriate permissions can access pay The Workday Payroll Network provides packaged results in any format. integration to partners that provide services which align with Workday Payroll. With the Workday Payroll • Take action real-time on a pay-calculation result Network, you can track time and attendance, print payroll for a worker via a one-click actionable report. checks, and complete tax filings. Partners and integrations continue to be added regularly. Please check with your • Compare payroll results across periods. salesperson to find out the latest list of partners and services provided through the Workday Payroll Network. Workday, Inc. | 6230 Stoneridge Mall Road | Pleasanton, CA 94588 | United States 1.925.951.9000 | 1.877.WORKDAY (1.877.967.5329) | Fax: 1.925.951.9001 |© 2011. Workday, Inc. All rights reserved. Workday and the Workday logo are registered trademarks of Workday, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.