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Workday provides the next generation of enterprise business services— Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Payroll—and delivers the solutions on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Founded by Higher Education veteran Dave Duffield and technology visionary Aneel Bhusri, Workday helps transform the administrative systems and service delivery models across Higher Education with modern, agile, and cost-effective cloud solutions.

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Workday for Higher Education

  1. 1. Workday for Higher Education™Workday provides the next generation of enterprise business services— Why Workday?Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Payroll—and • SaaS solutions offer significant costdelivers the solutions on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Founded savings over traditional on-premise Higher Education veteran Dave Duffield and technology visionary Aneel • Our next-generation technology wasBhusri, Workday helps transform the administrative systems and service purpose built for the models across Higher Education with modern, agile, and cost- • We’re the only unified administrativeeffective cloud solutions. solution for Higher Education institutions. • We’re committed to forming a strategic partnership with customers.Workday Is Next-Generation Technology • Workday management has a provenFor the last three decades, computing has moved away from the use of track record in Higher Education.big, centralized systems and toward the use of smaller personal computers, • Workday Community allows participationlaptops, touch screens, and mobile devices. Similarly, enterprise business and collaboration with your delivery models have evolved from on-premise deployments tooff-site hosting to cloud computing leveraging SaaS. Key Benefits • Web 2.0 interface enables faster user adoption and increased productivity. “I started Workday to bring passion and customer focus • Mobile solutions optimize the natural back to the business of enterprise applications.” workspace for both faculty and staff. Dave Duffield Co-Founder & CEO, Workday • Built-in business intelligence enables state- of-the-art actionable reporting. • Flexibility and configurabilityWorkday is the only next-generation vendor offering unified, real SaaS accommodate how institutions organize,solutions tailored to Higher Education. Our technology delivers a modern Web plan, operate, and grow.2.0 user experience with built-in business intelligence, mobile applications • Global architecture enables an institutionfor the iPad® and iPhone®, diverse organizational structures with modeling to manage its workforce across the world.capabilities, and 200+ business processes optimized with industry best • Standards-based integrations leveragepractices. XML and web services. • IT resources realign with the institution’sTotal Cost of Ownership – SaaS Leads to Savings academic and research focus.Across Higher Education, institutions are facing historic economic pressures • Pay-as-you-go operational expensesto optimize every dollar spent. Operational budgets are vulnerable, and Workday Strategic Advisorsadministrative staffs are forced to deliver mission-critical business services • Georgetown Universitywith fewer resources. • Cornell University • Brown UniversitySaaS and cloud computing have been proven in all markets as a lower costand more efficient delivery model for administrative systems. With Workday,you’ll have no need to purchase and manage hardware, software, middleware,database, or business intelligence tools. Rather, these systems are allmanaged by Workday within the cloud, leading to significant cost savings inthe short- and long-term over traditional on-premise deployments or off-sitehosting. SaaS is game-changing—it gives institutions predictable operationalexpenditures that can be budgeted and paid for as they are utilized.
  2. 2. Free Up Your IT Team Workday at Your FingertipsInstitutions that leverage SaaS are able to realign IT Workday delivers a modern Web 2.0 interface thatresources from the administration, maintenance, and utilizes consumer Internet constructs such as hyperlinks,operation of systems to more strategic initiatives. icons, pictures, buttons, instant messaging, faceted search,Instead, Workday manages all the traditional IT-related embedded help, worktags, and search boxes.aspects of these administrative systems—upgrades,patch applications, integrations, data security, systemavailability, backup, disaster recovery, performancetuning, operating system, database, network, storage,and system maintenance. IT teams can then spend moretime focusing on academic computing initiatives that helpfurther the main mission of their college or university. “Workday will let us redirect IT resources to systems that more directly create value for the Georgetown community.” Kevin Murphy, Associate CIO, Georgetown University Web 2.0 interface allows everyone to accomplish their tasksUnified Administrative Solution and get information with minimal training.The administrative systems currently running at mostcolleges and universities were designed and implemented “Here at Cornell, Workday’s capacityyears ago. Due to the rigidity of these now antiquatedtechnologies, institutions are forced to cobble together to deploy right to the desktop of ourdisparate systems to address their evolving administrative managers with processes that respect ourneeds. These costly, inflexible, and siloed systems simply complex environment, all through a verycannot keep up with the rate of change facing today’s user-friendly application, is a big part ofinstitutions. our effort to create efficient administrativeWorkday offers an alternative. Workday’s single, unified practices on campus.”administrative solution includes key components that - Mary George Opperman, Vice President for Humanacademic institutions need: Human Resources, Talent Resources, Cornell UniversityManagement, Benefits, Payroll, Financials, Initiatives, andSpend Management.Furthermore, Workday is actively partnering withrespected institutions, including Georgetown University,Cornell University, and Brown University, to make certainthat Workday fully addresses the needs of FacultyManagement, Sponsored Research, Budgeting and Planning,Endowment Accounting, and more—all built on the provenfoundation of Workday’s cloud computing platform.
  3. 3. Information Leads to Smart Decisions One Size Does Not Fit AllWorkday solutions are available via mobile technologies, Workday gives institutions the ability to configure thewith applications for the iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry®, and system to meet diverse and unique needs. Unlike legacyall smartphones with a browser. In addition, Workday systems that require you to conform to a limited set ofis investing in tools to optimize the natural workspace rigid hierarchies and “vanilla” implementations that areof your employees with Microsoft Outlook™ and Google difficult to change, Workday supports multiple dynamicadd-ins. This enables all constituencies—faculty, staff, organizational structures that allow institutions toand executives—to use the system with minimal training accurately represent and update their organizations andfrom anywhere in the world with an Internet connection operations in real time. Workday also pre-delivers moreand a browser. than 200 business processes optimized with industry best practices to enable institutions to standardize. IfWorkday also includes state-of-the-art reporting tools your institution has unique needs, the processes andand built-in actionable analytics. As a unified solution, controls can be configured and specialized for anythere is no need for separate third-party reporting tools specific organization with an intuitive business processor a data warehouse to analyze the information in your framework. All of these options are fluid and adaptable—system. Rather than juggling multiple systems to reconcile you will never again be locked into a system that doesdata across disparate security schemas, Workday allows not work for you or your to build reports, gain insight, and take action in realtime all from one place. Simple, direct, and efficient. “Workday’s promise of a flexible, configurable software-as-a-service system—one that remains up-to- date without the need for disruptive upgrades—should be of real business benefit to Cornell.” - Ted Dobbs, Vice President for Human Resources, Cornell UniversityActionable analytics capabilities are built-in, allowing usersto gain insight and take action immediately. “We expect Workday to free up our HR staff to focus on research, analysis, and value- add projects.” - Mary Anne Mahin, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Georgetown University Dynamic organizational structures allow institutions to accurately represent and update their organizations and operations in real time.
  4. 4. Think Globally, Act Locally Workday SolutionsWorkday’s unique global architecture helps you increase visibility into • Workday Human Capital Management™your global workforce, align work to business objectives, and optimize your • Human Resources and Benefitstalent deployment around the world. Workday provides a basis of global • Talent Management • Workday Payroll™best practices and supports local HR requirements, including 20+ language • Workday Time Management™translations. With Workday, you can be confident your system will grow • Workday Financial Management™with you as your institution expands its global footprint. • Workday Spend Management™ • ProcurementWorkday Community – Participation and Collaboration • ExpensesEvery Workday customer is on the exact same release. This enables • Workday Initiatives™customers to participate in the development of new features and • Workday Cloud Connect™collaborate with each other in unprecedented ways.The Workday Community allows customers and partners to collaborateacross the Workday ecosystem, to share ideas, best practices, reports,data migration scripts, and integration templates. Accordingly, Workdaycustomers learn from each other to help drive down the total cost ofownership and optimize their Workday experience.With Workday, institutions collaborate together and thrive in today’s fast-paced global educational market with modern, agile, and cost-effectivecloud solutions.The Workday Community allows institutions to participate in thedevelopment of new Workday features, collaborate with each other, andshare ideas and best practices. Workday, Inc. | 6230 Stoneridge Mall Road | Pleasanton, CA 94588 | United States 1.925.951.9000 | 1.877.WORKDAY (1.877.967.5329) | Fax: 1.925.951.9001 |© 2011. Workday, Inc. All rights reserved. Workday and the Workday logo are registered trademarks of Workday, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarksor registered trademarks of their respective holders.