Workday Integration Cloud Platform Datasheet


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The Workday Integration Cloud Platform is a proven, enterprise-class Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that enables customers and partners to build integrations to and from Workday and deploy and manage them in the Workday Cloud.

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Workday Integration Cloud Platform Datasheet

  1. 1. Workday Integration Cloud PlatformWorkday’s Integration Cloud Platform is a proven, enterprise-class Integration The Workday Integration Cloud Platform is a proven, enterprise-class IntegrationPlatform-as-a–Service (iPaaS) for building, deploying, and managing Platform-as–a-Service (iPaaS) thatintegrations to and from Workday. All integrations are deployed to and run enables customers and partners toon Workday without the need for any on-premise middleware. Workday also build integrations to and from Workday and deploy and manage them in theprovides management and monitoring services embedded in the Workday UI. Workday Cloud.Integration Tools for Both IT and Business • Enable business users to build,Workday offers a suite of self-service integration tools which enable both launch, monitor, and manage Workday-related integrationsbusiness users and IT developers to build, configure, test, and deploy with easy-to-use, graphical toolscustom integrations. delivered directly within the Workday UI • Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) • Take advantage of a powerful and productive IT development The Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) tool provides an environment optimized for easy-to-use graphical and guided interface to define inbound and building sophisticated and highly outbound integrations without requiring any programming. Used customizable integrations • Deploy all integrations to the by the majority of Workday customers, the EIB can be used by both Workday Cloud, powered by an business and IT users to address a variety of integration needs. enterprise-class Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) • Workday Studio • Monitor and manage integrations in the Workday UI Workday Studio is a powerful development tool enabling customers • Eliminate the need to own or and partners to build sophisticated and highly-customizable manage any on-premise integration integrations to and from Workday. Aimed at skilled developers, middleware or servers Workday Studio offers a rich, graphical development environment in which a user can drag and drop a variety of re-usable components that handle the plumbing aspects of integration building, freeing you to focus on critical business logic.ESB Enterprise GridPowering all of Workday’s integrationcapabilities is a best-of-breed EnterpriseService Bus (ESB) architecture thatempowers Workday’s integrations toscale, interconnect, and support thelatest industry standards, protocols,and formats. Workday’s ESB is a core
  2. 2. component of the Workday Cloud and provides universal Technical Specificationsand open standards-based connectivity for virtually all • Transports:types of business applications, information, and processes. { SFTP { FTP/SSLManagement & Monitoring { FTPWithin the Workday UI, you can manage and monitor { Emailintegrations built with EIB and Studio. Both business { HTTP/SSLusers and IT developers can: { WebDAV • Launch and schedule integrations { AS/2 • View and manage past, running, and scheduled { Workday Attachment integrations • Security: • Create and maintain email notifications based { PGP (encryption, decryption, & digital on integration events, such as when integrations signatures) launch, complete, or fail { x509 (AS/2 encryption & digital signatures) • Configure integration security to control which • Data Sources: users can launch, build, and view integrations and { Excel Spreadsheet their data { Workday Web Service API { Workday Custom APIWorkday’s integration tools are widely proven in a • Data Transformations:variety of demanding situations and offer a lower-cost, { XSLTlower-risk path to delivering needed integrations in • Data Formats:support of your specific business needs. { XML { ExcelEnterprise Interface Builder (EIB) { CSVFeatures { JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) • Solves many of the common integration use cases { Google Data (GData) traditional ERP customers face today { Really Simple Syndication (RSS) • No programming required—appropriate for business { HTML users and analysts • Other: • Easy-to-use, form-based graphical tool { File compression • Export data out of Workday on a one-time or { Document retention policy scheduled basis (e.g., send weekly list of new hires { Filename sequence generator to third-party training vendor) • Bulk perform a large number of tasks or load Workday Studio large amounts of data into Workday using Excel Features spreadsheets (e.g., hiring employees, bonus data) • Solves sophisticated and highly customizable • Delivered on-demand directly within Workday integration needs to and from Workday applications applications • Rich, graphical development environment, including a drag-and-drop palette of purpose-built packaged components
  3. 3. • Unified framework for building, launching, • Security: debugging, monitoring, and troubleshooting { PGP (encryption, decryption, & digital • Scalable and efficient processing of large data sets signatures) (up to tens of gigabytes) { x509 (AS/2 encryption & digital signatures) • Advanced message processing capabilities, including • Other: change detection, complex looping, and branching { File compression logic based on dynamic data or external variables { Document retention policy • Customizable with Java, Spring, or third-party { Filename sequence generator services { Database storage & retrieval • Tight incorporation with Workday, including direct access to Custom Reports, CRFs, and Workday Web Services • Integrations built in Studio can be published to and made available from within Workday applicationsTechnical Specification • Transports: { SOAP { REST { HTTP/SSL { FTP { SFTP { FTP/SSL { Email { AS/2 { Custom • Data Transformations: { XSLT { Text-to-Excel and Excel-to-Text { Text-to-XML and XML-to-Text { XML-to-Java and Java-to-XML { XML-to-x12 and x12-to-XML { XML-to-CSV and CSV-to-XML { Formatting Objects Processor for PDF & RTF { File character conversions { Base64-encoding & decoding • Productivity Tools { Web service message builder and tester { WSDL and XML schema explorer { XPath expression builder
  4. 4. Workday, Inc. | 6230 Stoneridge Mall Road | Pleasanton, CA 94588 | United States 1.925.951.9000 | 1.877.WORKDAY (1.877.967.5329) | Fax: 1.925.951.9001 |© 2011. Workday, Inc. All rights reserved. Workday and the Workday logo are registered trademarks of Workday, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarksor registered trademarks of their respective holders.