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Engagement possibilities with New Facebook Timeline


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Engagement possibilities with New Facebook Timeline

  1. 1. 2012THE YEAR THE WORLD ENDS CHANGES enabling digital
  2. 2. MARCH 30, 2012THE DATE THE WORLD ON FACEBOOK CHANGES enabling digital
  3. 3. March 30, 2012 The way you engage your fans on Facebook is going to change forever SAY GOOD BYE TO LIKEGATE APPS TO PAY PER LIKES TO ZERO-INTERACTION POSTSSAY HELLO TO YOUR FANS WITH CONTENT –LED ENGAGEMENT enabling digital
  4. 4. Enhancing Engagement with Facebook Timeline enabling digital
  5. 5. So, are you ready? enabling digital
  6. 6. Here’s all you need to knowfor life on the face of Earth Facebook after March 30, 2012 enabling digital
  7. 7. Use a Cover PhotoBrand Messages through Message Communicate to Communicate your Brand Cover Photosthrough Amazing Pictures enabling digital
  8. 8. Enhance Engagement withVisually Appealing Wall posts Engaging Wall Posts enabling digital
  9. 9. Use the Highlight Showcase Important Events enabling digital
  10. 10. Highlight your Offers through Interesting Imagery enabling digital
  11. 11. Provide Timely Information to Customers -Win the trust of your customers -Avoid simple issues snowballing into a crisis enabling digital
  12. 12. Showcase your Organization’s History Visually enabling digital
  13. 13. Celebrate memorable moments with your Fans enabling digital
  14. 14. Communicate with your Fans Privately enabling digital
  15. 15. Make your App/Views more appealing with Customized Thumbnails Arrange apps/views as per your requirements enabling digital
  16. 16. Make your important posts Stand out Pin to Top Important posts can now be pinned to the top so that any user visiting the timeline can see it easily. enabling digital
  17. 17. Highlight Important Posts in Two Column enabling digital
  18. 18. Let your fans write on your wall enabling digital
  19. 19. And that’s not all. The Facebook Timeline opensa whole new world of engagement possibilities. enabling digital
  20. 20. To explore LIFE on FACEBOOK after March 30, 2012To improve Social engagement and brand visibility Mail us today at /digiqom enabling digital