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Strategic Planning - Future School Libraries


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This powerpoint was presented at an initial meeting to the library strategic planning committee for Wellesley Public Schools.

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Strategic Planning - Future School Libraries

  1. 1. Wellesley Public School Libraries:The Evolving School Library Strategic Planning Meeting January 2012
  2. 2. The School Library Shift“Learning Communities” at John T’s Toolbox
  3. 3. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Our Learners •Digital natives •Willing to experiment and explore •Think “outside the box”From “Teaching Digital Natives” at SelalualwayssWeblog
  4. 4. Information: Need Basic Literacies – Read for understanding – Efficient search and evaluation of information – Assimilation – Creating Context: Background knowledge “Dawn of the Digital Natives” Theguardian.
  5. 5. Achieving Learner Resilience: Maylack integration and evaluation skills
  6. 6. Student Learning: Inquiry in the LibraryActive Roles and Making Connections
  7. 7. Discovering + Reading + Making Connections = Synthesis and Creation Inquiry in the Library “Student Thinking” from
  9. 9. WMS LIBRARYAs of the end of January 2012 Creating and supporting fictionhave taught 182 classes in the collection with books studentslibrary and individual request and desire.classrooms. Setting up NoodleToolsCollaborate with 6th grade team accounts for all students thatto create multi-disciplinary, they will use through highmulti-media presentation and schoolhosted 6th grade presentation toparents. Making students into perceptive, knowledgeable, logicalCollaboratively creating and information users.supporting research project withEnglish and Science teachers.
  10. 10. WHS Library- Core OpportunitiesAction Research Opportunities English• Freshmen Skills Pilot 9th - Victorian England• Importance of Annotated Native American Bibliographies Greek Mythology• Identifying existing projects 10th - Author Thesis History 9th - Ancient ChinaScience Islam9th - Extreme Weather 10th - Annotated Bibliography iMovie-Documentary10th-12th Individual ResearchProject (Honors) 11th - Junior Thesis
  11. 11. WHS Database Usage - Top 5 2010-11ABC-Clio 12,927JSTOR 15,395Gale 11,054Historical Newspapers 4,875 Classes in WHS Library 2009-2010 2010-2011 Thru 1/12 83 185 95
  12. 12. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Librarians: Perceived Roles
  13. 13. Adapted from Leigh Barnes, MSLA
  14. 14. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Librarian Roles: Assessment in the Library
  15. 15. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Library Program Shift Instructional center Student as author &producer Resource access explosion To Student Centered From Teacher- “Bio Class” at and “Guide on the Centered Side” at
  16. 16. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Research Driven: Improve teaching and student work • Looking at student work • Formative assessment • Immediate feedback • Collect Data on student performance “Developing Strategy and Focus” at Paradigms Associates “Double Bar Graph” at
  17. 17. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Resources: Access vs. Ownership
  18. 18. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Increased Access - New Format Google Books
  19. 19. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Books - Collection Development Print Electronic (eBook)“All Time Top 100 Best Novels” at english- “Download Free iPad App” at
  20. 20. THE EVOLVING LIBRARYFrom Pathfinder to Curating in LibGuides From “Great Library Pathfinders” at DistroDocs and “Junior Thesis LibGuide, Wellesley High School Library
  21. 21. Textbooks Heavy Tomes Apple’s iTunes UFrom “Some Resources for Moving Beyond Textbooks” Connected Principals and Apple iTunes U app expands the education initiative on iPad and iPhone”
  22. 22. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Smart Phones in the Library“QR Code” for Akademikerverlag “Access My Library-Gale Cengage” from
  23. 23. SHIFTING THE LIBRARY The Physical Space
  24. 24. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY From inactive: "Warehouse" for books “Books That Make a Difference” at
  25. 25. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY To active learning laboratory o Instructional center o Student as author & producer o Resource access explosion o Classroom instruction integration
  26. 26. Library or Learning Commons“Learning Commons” at WEBDuBois Library, Umass Amherst “Learning Commons” at Charlotte & Mecklenburg County Public Library.
  27. 27. Events WHS in the Library Author, G. Lemmon with senior, WHS Library Student Appreciation Courtney Green Breakfast The Child Lab visits the “big” Banned Books Week -WHS Students library Celebrate the Right to Read
  29. 29. WMS Library - READER OUTREACH
  30. 30. Fiscal History• 2002 • 2012• Bates $4455 • Bates $2600• Fiske 5005 • Fiske 2600• Hardy 5005 • Hardy 2545• Hunnewell 5005 • Hunnewell 2725• Schofield 5005 • Schofield 2450• Sprague 0 • Sprague 2600• Upham 5005 • Upham 2325• MS 17760 • MS 7800• HS 30920 • HS 14950• Print budget included • No print budget
  31. 31. Collection Size and Currency • See Collection Detail Report (print) • See WHS Library Annual Report
  32. 32. Collection Statistics
  33. 33. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Looking Forward: Who and How?Administration LibrarianTeachers Students From “Building Teamwork: 10 Quick and Easy Team Building Exercises for Improving Communication and Problem Solving Skills” at
  34. 34. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Effect of Common Core (K-12) • Increased expository reading • Emphasis on non-fiction reading • Independently use multiple resources • Library Organizational Issues • Cross-curriculum projects • Consistent Assessment
  36. 36. THE EVOLVING LIBRARY Research Model? From “Action Research: A Protocol for Improving Student Learning” Johns Hopkins School of Education.
  37. 37. What are the 3 mostimportant ideas you heard today?