ASDAL Keynote 2012


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ASDAL Keynote 2012

  1. 1. Being RelevantIn a Timeof Constant ChangeA Special Session on School LibrariesThe 32nd ASDAL Conference, Cavite Zarah C. Gagatiga
  2. 2. Talking Points* On being relevant* School library success stories* School library research says...* From theory to practice* Looking back* Looking ahead* You are relevant!
  3. 3. On relevance I like you. Youre relevant. - Simon Cowell
  4. 4. School library successstories
  5. 5. School library successstories
  6. 6. School library successstories
  7. 7. School library successstories
  8. 8. School library successstories Libraries are our future. - Neil Gaiman
  9. 9. School library successstories ...librarians are almost as important as the libraries themselves. They are teachers just like any other….By giving librarians sufficient funds, schools are also giving them the means to buy the books and tools that complement the curriculum. In my experience, the librarian has been a friend. They listen to what students have to say about specific books or series, and they work to serve the students by stocking the library with the books they know the kids like to read. -- Madeleine Rex
  10. 10. School library successstories
  11. 11. School library researchsays...School Libraries Work!- 19 US States and 1 Canadian Province- Two decades of school library research- Lance, Todd, Kuhlthau, Smith, et. al.- National Commission for Library andInformation Science, US (2007)
  12. 12. School Libraries Work!a. School libraries contribute to studentachievement.b. School libraries have an important role inteaching.c. School libraries are leading the way fortechnology use in schools.d. School libraries inspire literacy.e. School libraries dont matter without certifiedlibrarians.
  13. 13. School Libraries Work!Resolution:School libraries be given and provided with up to dateresources from print and nonprint materials;School librarians or school library media specialist be givena "highly qualified" classification;Every school library be staffed by a highly qualified, statecertified school library media specialist.
  14. 14. Critical literature reviewUK Study - Williams, Cole and Wavell (2002)Teacher and librarian collaboration;Quality and variety of collection;Adequate funding;Flexible provisions of the library’s services and programs;Quality and frequency of library input and participation insupport of teaching and learning;Qualified library staff;Standards to enhance effective teaching and learningexperiences.
  15. 15. Critical literature reviewAustralian version of the study (Lonsdale,2003)...information literacy skills integration in thecurriculum and strong computer networkconnecting the library to the classroom.PRINT RICH ENVIRONMENT & FREE andVOLUNTARY VISITS
  16. 16. From theory to practice- The Philippine IASL Regional ConferenceLibrarianship Act in Bacolod, April 2012RA 9246 - Private school librarians in- DepEd School Library attendanceGuidelines, no. 56, s 2011 - Where are the public school librarians?- Robust ProfessionalLearning Network and - The great divide existCommunity
  17. 17. From theory to practiceBook Mobile Project - De La PASLI - K-12 ForumSalle School System May 18, 2012- Public school and private - Who is the school librarianschool librarians working in the K-12 program?together School Library Instruction ProgramMUNTIPARLAS - Librarian a. Information Literacy Skillsstorytellers to public school Instruction/Guided Inquirychildren - Ateneo HS MC b. Lexile & AEP -NGO projects on school Assumption College, GS &library development HS
  18. 18. From theory to practiceIFLA School Library IFLA & IASL report:Manifesto (2002) Portugal - library for toddlers Honduras - librarians"A Library in Every School" training Sweden - school libraryUNESCO - The Literacy developmentDecade Nigeria - school libraries as venues of literacyMedia Literacy Curriculum developmentInformation Literacy and Thailand - TK ReadingMedia Literacy Conference & Book Festival
  19. 19. Looking backSchool libraries are arecent invention. The school library, in this event of changes and shifting paradigms, hasLegislation for school moved emphasis fromlibrary development collection development to student centered services to(US, 1835) the development of lifelong learning skills (a beliefMelvil Dewey - system).brought order in chaos
  20. 20. Looking aheadSR Ranganathan 1. Libraries serve humanity. 2. Respect all forms by1. Books are for use. which knowledge is2. Every reader his [or communicated.her] book. 3. Use technology3. Every book its reader. intelligently to enhance service.4. Save the time of thereader. 4. Protect free access to knowledge.5. The library is a growingorganism. 5. Honor the past and create the future. -- Gorman and Crawford
  21. 21. The Role of the SchoolLibrarianThree Key Ideas: TeacherCollaboration Instructional PlannerLeadership Instructional TechnologistTechnology Library Systems Manager
  22. 22. You are RELEVANTa. Take care of yourselfb. Know your hearts desire or passionc. Follow your passion. Life will reward you. However, youhave to truly reflect to know your desire and passion. Inother words, discern.d. Heed the call of universal goodness.e. Be a lifelong learner.