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Design audit


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Published in: Business, Design
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Design audit

  1. 1. Willogic 40 Design Audit ©2010 Design Audit Willogic_40 © 2010
  2. 2. Goals and Outcome Designing for results The Goal of a Design Audit is to examine what design practices can do to increase the responsiveness to your company’s brand, products and services by analyzing current marketing plan, business plan, and business practices; suggesting new operations, technologies, and resources to increase your bottom line and support future growth. 3 Key Components Involved in the Design Process 1.) Product a.) Functionality b.) User Experience c.) Growth/Sustainability 2.) Brand - Differentiation a.) Logo b.) Website c.) Media d.) Marketing 3.) Operations a.) Internal 1.) employees experience, participation and involvement 2.) shareholders, board members, constituents 3.) production b.) External 1.) Market trends 2.) Competition Willogic 40 Design Audit ©2010
  4. 4. PRODUCT/SERVICE You know your product better than anyone. Questions to Answer? these may have obvious answers to you, but these questions are aimed at identifying any new ideas. 1. What is it that makes customers like the products you offer? 2. How do your customers benefit from your products? 3. Can you find these products anywhere else and what makes your products better or different? 4. Do you see these products benefiting your customers 10 years from now? 5. Is there any other products out there that are used jointly with your product? 6. Do your products allow for repeat business? 7. How are your products initially presented to the public? 8. Does your competition offer any other products that you do not offer? 9. Do you get testimonials from your customers on the products they purchase? What do they say? 10. If anything how would you improve your products? Willogic 40 Design Audit ©2010
  5. 5. BRAND The crux of your company. Questions to Answer? these may have obvious answers to you, but these questions are aimed at unifying your brand, and hashing out marketing practices. 1. Where do customers find your brand? 2. What does your logo tell about your company and its products? 3. Is the content on your website/marketing material succinct and efficient like a graphic logo? 4. Is your logo simple yet descriptive? 5. How do you educate your customers about your products? 6. Does your brand have a chance against the GIANTS? aka. TIDE, SunMaid, Apple, Sony, etc. 7. If not what’s missing? Graphics? Package? Commercial Relevance? Public Presence? Connectivity? Interaction? Daily Usefulness? 8. Does your brand energize your employees, investors, or customers? 9. What is the main function of your website? 10. How do you primarily interact with your customers? 11. Is your brand predisposed to media channels such as radio, internet, T.V., video, newspaper, magazines, flyers, brochures, postcards? 12. Is your brand producing buzz? If so where? 13. First thing that comes to your mind when you look at your logo? 14. Do you know what company’s/demographics respond to your brand the most? Willogic 40 Design Audit ©2010
  6. 6. OPERATIONS The way things work. Questions to Answer? these questions involve internal and external conditions with ultimately have effect on operations. 1. Who are your competitors? Their market share? 2. What does the competition do to promote their products? 3. What is the market of your local economy? 4. What do customers expect from a company like yours when shopping or looking? 5. Are you getting feedback from customers on a daily basis? monthly? weekly? 6. Do you have daily updates for your staff/ employees? 7.Do you participate in local events? industry events? industry publications? local news publications? 8.Where are the breakdowns in communication within your organization? 9.How do employees voice their opinions? ideas? concerns? questions? 10. How do employees foster a brand image within the company? 11. How often do you accumulate, organize, and report statistics within the company? 12. What does your company rely on the most to run effectively? 13. Are there team building practices done within the company? 14. Are there growth and career development opportunities within the company? 15. Is the company environmentally sustainable? 16. What slows growth of the company the most? Willogic 40 Design Audit ©2010