Getting more out of eBay & Amazon, FREE event, Caerphilly


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If you are eBay/Amazon seller why not come along and meet others and learn what they are doing to boost sales.

If you are not using eBay/Amazon this is wonderful opportunity to know how to grow your online business with these Reputed Channels.

You can get to meet others and we can all chat about the challenges we face. We will also talk about how you would like future meetings to be shaped.

The meeting will start with Round Table Discussion followed by networking.

Topics will include:

eBay SEO & Keywords Tactic
Increasing Sell through Rate with optimised Listing
eBay Listing Analytics & Sales Reports
Promoting your Own Webstore
Amazon Store - Not So difficult to START !

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  • Ebay includes 3.5% paypal fees Play include 10% fess plus 50p closing fee plus 5% transfer fees All include 15% luxumberg VAT can apply for exemption
  • Getting more out of eBay & Amazon, FREE event, Caerphilly

    1. 1. Getting More Out ofeBay & Amazon 6:30 – 8:00 pm, Thursday 31st January 2013, Welsh Ice
    2. 2. We are Chatting about• eBay SEO & Keywords Tactic• Increasing Sell through Rate with optimised Listing• eBay Listing Analytics & Sales Reports• Promoting your Own Webstore• Amazon Store - Not So difficult to START !   eBayChat
    3. 3. eBay SEO & KeywordsTactic • eBay Titles: Use Research tools like Terapeak (£13) / Google Keywords Tools • Listing Descriptions • eBay Shop URL: include a nice keyword right name • Custom Pages: Add value to the stores • About Me: Ideal place to add relevant keywords and OFF eBay Link
    4. 4. eBay SEO & Keywords Tactic• eBay Shop Description: Allowed 300 characters. first 40-50 are human readable and then the majority are a list of the brands or other unique attributes and then are ended with another human readable sentence of 10-15 words.• eBay Shop Categories: 300 categories. set separate keywords ( Do not Try to Spam Keywords)
    5. 5. How can you Increasing Sell through Rate• Price Comparison • Better Images• Title / Full Description • Delivery Time• Contact Information • Return Policy• Delivery Charges
    6. 6. Listing Analytics Listing Analytics Tools is FREE • Real time data while your listing is live on the site • 30 days of valuable data to draw on. • Advice and comparisons with the top 5 listings to ensure you maximise your visibility and sales.
    7. 7. Sales ReportsSales Summary• Sold items% • Avg. Sales Price per item • Repeat buyers %• Net eBay and Paypal Fees• Listing Feature Fees
    8. 8. Sales ReportsSales By Category• Sales Vs Ended items • Sold Item %• Repeat Buyers % Marketplace Data by Category (All Sellers)• Sold item % • Avg. price per item 
    9. 9. Promoting Your Webstore• Professional Leaflets• Give Reason to Shop• Email Marketing – Lead Nurturing Emails – No Direct Sales please !
    10. 10. • Professional Leaflets• Give Reason to Shop
    11. 11. Amazon Stores 1. Requires No eCommerce Experience 2. Quick n Easy 3. Continuous Traffic/Customers 4. Gain Experiences and Confidence Inventory Already on Inventory Not on Amazon Amazon
    12. 12. EAN / UPC forAmazon
    13. 13. EAN / UPC forAmazon
    14. 14. EAN / UPC forAmazon
    15. 15. Missed Sales Opportunities Data from 1,500 UK sellerseBay & Amazon – NOW top priority for businesses of all types and sizes
    16. 16. • A complete package— inventory management, auto price checking, order fulfilment, customer emails, shipping, currency conversion• Flat Fees per month. No Commissions!
    17. 17. Why Multi Channel Sales? ill On ly Grow ss w Bus i ne Your Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 eBay Amazon PlayTrade Total
    18. 18. What’s the Cost? Approximate FiguresMonthly Fees Monthly Fees£14.99 13.5% £28.75 17%
    19. 19. What we Offer? • Setup eBay & Amazon Stores • Provide Training & Consultancy • Help you to Re-Market your costumers • Help you Expand to Europe@day2dayebay E: M:0751 8839629