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5 Ways To Source Goods From China - Huw Johnstone


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Huw Johnstone is a Director at GHL Sourcing, a sourcing company who specialise in finding Chinese manufacturers and products.

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5 Ways To Source Goods From China - Huw Johnstone

  1. 1. 5 Ways to Find Suppliers in China By Huw Johnstone GHL Sourcing presents:
  2. 2. Introduction GHL Sourcing is an “all in one” sourcing, procurement and logistics company who specialize in Chinese products and manufacturing. Problems: Two Categories: Assumption & Timing
  3. 3. Firstly….. You need to know your product - This is vital to finding the right suppliers
  4. 4. 1. Online • Highly likely to be your first option • Many sites out there – Alibaba, Made in China, Aliexpress, gearbest, banggood. • Be careful • Use it as a starting point • Problems: • Limited factory verification, • Many trading companies • More like Ebay than first appears. • You don’t have the same rights when buying online from China • Chinese wholesale sites –
  5. 5. 2. Trade Fairs • Summer/Autumn Fair – Birmingham NEC • Canton Fair – Guangzhou China • Excellence place to meet multiple suppliers • Cost of exhibiting restricts exhibitors to a certain size • Face to face meeting • Remember to negotiate!! • Problems – no factory verification
  6. 6. 3. Markets • Many markets in China • YIWU market is world renowned for having almost every items you could want • Certain geographical areas specialize in certain products • Problems: – You need to speak Chinese – be careful with agencies – Cost of travel – Prices are highly negotiable – No factory verification
  7. 7. 4. Referrals/Trade mission • Occurs as your business network increases in size. • Verified purchasing – • Problems – difficult to get referrals due to confidential nature of supply chain • Welsh Government is a good place to start • Business Wales – 03000 603000 • Welsh ICE workshops • Wales Exporters Association
  8. 8. Sourcing Agents • Have the network and experience • Established relationships with suppliers • Teams in China • Experts in Procurement and Logistics • Problems – There is a fee for this service – No all trustworthy – If your project is small they might not be interested
  9. 9. Evaluate your supplier • How do I know this is good supplier? • What are the signs this is good supplier? • How do I know the quality is good? • How do I ensure the goods are the same as the sample? • How do I communicate with them? • What certification is needed to import the product? • When should I be paying for a product? History is great predictor of the future
  10. 10. A Points Based Evaluation System