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Creating Data Visualisation With Data Studio - Gerry White


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Gerry White talks about how to create beautiful data visualisation with Google Data Studio.

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Creating Data Visualisation With Data Studio - Gerry White

  1. 1. Prize!!!!
  2. 2. Gerry White - Digital Marketing Geek - Mainly SEO - Analytics at BBC - Consultant at Just Eat - 20 years in the business!
  3. 3. Stolen from AlasdairWightman
  4. 4. Prize!!!!
  5. 5. So lets do it ourselves! • 1. Add a datasource
  6. 6. So lets do it ourselves! • 1. Add a datasource
  7. 7. Tables – more powerful than they seem
  8. 8. Type Expected data Report examples Number A floating point number. 1,234.56 Percent A floating point number representing a ratio. 61.73% Duration An integer representing a time duration in seconds. This will be formatted into a standard time display in reports. 01:43:19 Currency A floating point number representing a monetary value. This will be formatted to include the appropriate currency symbol in reports. $1,234.56 Text Zero or more letters, numbers, characters, or symbols. A1B2C3 Date & Time An actual calendar date, or an abstract date index. This will be formatted according to the locale, and to the Show As display setting in reports. Learn more about working with dates. 2018-01-01 Week 1 Boolean A logical value. If the data set doesn't provide boolean values, you can create a Boolean field using a calculated field with the CASE statement: CASE WHEN ... THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE END true false Geo A value representing a geographic region, such as a country name, latitude and longitude, ISO code, or AdWords criteria ID. Learn more about visualizing geographic data. United Kingdom 51.5074,-0.1278 1006886 URL An address of a World Wide Web page. Hyperlink A clickable link to a URL. Hyperlink fields are created by the HYPERLINK function. See an example of Hyperlink fields Image An image. Image fields are created by the IMAGE function. Image Link A clickable image. Image Link fields are created by the HYPERLINK function. See an example of Image Link fields
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Getting Geeky • Editing a datasource
  11. 11. Advanced Stuff Editing a dimension in GSC
  12. 12. Sadly • Still beta and can be buggy • You can’t combine two data sources in one chart • Interactivity is limited to switches • No timeline annotations • Date ranges are ‘limited’ • Something about GDPR that everyone will ignore • It is more like a Ford Focus than a tank …
  13. 13. Cool Stuff • Embedding • Bookmark sharing • In ‘rapid’ development • Shareable in various ways • … -
  14. 14. More on DataStudio – • Omi Sido – the complete guide - complete-guide • Al Wightman – Podcast, an analysts view help-me/ Get in touch with me Gerry White @dergal on twitter, or just search for me on LinkedIn Or email me