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Secure browsers


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This is a talk at St. Louis Secure World conference, Sept 2014

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Secure browsers

  1. 1. Secure Browsers SecureWorld St. Louis 9/14 David Strom, @dstrom
  2. 2. NSS Labs Secure Browser Report
  3. 3. Certainly you can turn up these security settings • Block pop-ups • Increase your privacy controls • Refuse tracking cookies • And so forth
  4. 4. Secure browsers type A: sandbox
  5. 5. Secure browsers type B: lockdown
  6. 6. My testbed • Qualys browsercheck • for browser agent info • for specifics on that • Download sample PDF and Eicar test .EXE file • for fun • Added a few phished emails to see what happens
  7. 7. icle/2175897/securityecure-browsers- offer-alternatives-to-chrom/ security/secure-browsers-offer- alternatives-to-chrome--ie-and- firefox.html