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Big data analytics

There are numerous analytical techniques that can be used to examine Big Data sources. I describe several of the more popular ones in this talk for a Washington University roundtable discussion in July 2015

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Big data analytics

  1. 1. Big Data Analytics David Strom Twitter: @dstrom July 2015 Wash Univ. Download this here:
  2. 2. Three necessary skills • Strategic data planning. Understand how data is the new raw material for any modern business. • Analytical skills. What is the data trying to tell you? • Technology skills. Embrace the technology and make it a key part of your skill set.
  3. 3. Editorial management positions: My background
  4. 4. Some examples • Tracking Twitter airline sentiment • Using car-generated GPS data • Analyzing maps • What you can glean from your log files • How P&G does it big-time • Betting on Big Data with IBM • The infamous Enron email data set • Trends from AP’s news archive
  5. 5. Local Big Data Meetups
  6. 6. Thanks for your ideas! • Copies of this presentation: • My blog: • Follow me on Twitter: @dstrom • Old school: 15