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Keeping the customer in mind: a lesson for Telco's



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Keeping the customer in mind: a lesson for Telco's

  1. 1. Why Telcos need to think like their customers when it comes to providing SaaS infrastructure David Strom Telco Cloud 10/14
  2. 2. Agenda My background Journey to the customer 4 key infrastructure choices 4 key metrics How two enterprises moved into the cloud Takeaways and lessons learned
  3. 3. My background • Analyst at Gigaom Research • Former Editor-in-Chief at Network Computing, Tom’s • Toiled in end-user computing back in the mid 1980s • Written two computer technology books
  4. 4. Journey to the customer
  5. 5. The evolution of the cloud On-premises apps running on their company-owned physical servers Virtualize these servers to in-house hypervisors Move apps to the public cloud Build hybrid clouds Use co-lo or managed services facilities
  6. 6. 4 key infrastructure choices Can your current internal apps be converted into something with a Web front end? Can your business logic be hosted elsewhere and be made more scalable? Can you provide security as a service layer for your apps? Can you virtualize each of your servers without losing performance, security and reliability?
  7. 7. 4 key metrics What is your response time for issue resolution and other internal support needs? Can you calculate your app-level return on investment? What is your end-to-end app latency? What is the frequency of overall infrastructure outages?
  8. 8. Case study:
  9. 9. Case study:
  10. 10. Takeaways It is all about speed of app delivery The rate of evolution varies tremendously for each business, and for departments within each business There is no single monolithic app There is also no single cloud situation Mobile devices have become the defacto computing endpoint IT staffs will have to evolve and become more collaborative Everything becomes browser-based, even mainframe apps Availability and disaster recovery needs to be baked into everything Self-service portals are critical