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Security v. Privacy: the great debate

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Security v. Privacy: the great debate

  1. 1. The great debate: Security vs. Privacy David Strom @dstrom ISACA keynote October, 2016
  2. 2. Here is the choice:
  3. 3. Agenda • Notable privacy failures • Suggested solutions • Scary things from today’s current events • Some key takeaways
  4. 4. Notable failures
  5. 5. This isn’t news
  6. 6. 10 How to get arrested for your tweets and pay thousands in fines
  7. 7. 11 3/11, he Tweeted 10 jokes making fun of the Japanese after the tsunami – AFLAC fired him as their rep
  8. 8. Speaking of vans…
  9. 9. Suggested solutions • Privacy by design • Can you protect your most sensitive data? • Anonymous vs. private information • Understanding privacy policies of Google et al.
  10. 10. PbyD: 7 point plan • Be proactive • Do it by default • It is a win-win • Include from the start • End-to-end security very important • Let the sun shine in • Keep it user-centric
  11. 11. Privacy vs. anonymity
  12. 12. Just some of the conditions We retain the personal information you provide while your account is in existence or as needed to provide you services. We may retain your personal information even after you have closed your account if retention is reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations, meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes between Members, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce this Privacy Policy and our User Agreement. We may retain personal information, for a limited period of time, if requested by law enforcement. We may also disclose your personal information to a third party as part of a sale of the assets of LinkedIn Corporation, a subsidiary, or division, or as the result of a change in control of the company or one of its affiliates, or in preparation for any of these events. Any third party to which we transfers or sells our assets will have the right to continue to use the personal and other information that you provide to us in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.
  13. 13. Scary things about security and privacy from the present day
  14. 14. Mother Horrified to Learn Hackers Put Live Feed of Daughters' Bedroom Online
  15. 15. Progressive Insurance’s Snapshot Device What we use to calculate your Snapshot result: • Hard braking • Amount of time driven • Time and day • Fast or jackrabbit starts • Trip regularity
  16. 16. Vs.
  17. 17. 71 Good luck and stay safe! David Strom (314) 277-7832 Twiiter: @dstrom Slides available: