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Protecting your digital and online privacy


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I gave this talk in October 2019 about ways that your digital and online habits can be tracked and what kind of data you inadvertently leak, along with tools that you can use to protect your privacy.

Published in: Technology
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Protecting your digital and online privacy

  1. 1. Protecting your digital privacy David Strom David Strom October 10, 2019 Venture Cafe
  2. 2. You are being tracked!
  3. 3. Take this quick security quiz I share the same password across different websites. Should I leave my laptop in my hotel room or car when I am elsewhere? When should I click on a link in an email message? I don’t have to worry about the security of any of my smartphone apps I don’t need a phone PIN, I have nothing to hide
  4. 4. Agenda
  5. 5. New smart devices test labs
  6. 6. Email privacy
  7. 7. Tools to protect your privacy • app (shown here) • Use “fake” birthdays everywhere • Some other helpful apps
  8. 8. Password problems
  9. 9. Wifi networks
  10. 10. Use authentication apps whenever possible
  11. 11. Additional suggestions Don’t pick Don’t pick some tech that is too difficult to manage Change Change one or two habits at a time until you feel comfortable Eliminate Eliminate personal info on Facebook et al. (e.g. Jan 1 “birthday”) Delete Delete unnecessary apps and know which ones are leaking data Choose Choose a different browser and search engine
  12. 12. 41 Good luck and stay safe! David Strom (314) 277-7832 Twiiter: @dstrom Slides available: