Video Sandwich - How Real Estate Agents Can Use Video Without Being In it!


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We are going to share

Video marketing basics
How to become the local celebrity
How to start the day of the class
How to use the equipment you already have
Why this works so well
Why not doing it is costing you millions
Why you have no competition (Really)
If you are looking to close 1, 2 or even 3 more deals a
month, this class is for you.

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Video Sandwich - How Real Estate Agents Can Use Video Without Being In it!

  1. 1. Today’s Agenda • The 2 types of video marketing • Basic – not being in the video period but providing a benefit that is going to create an huge emotional connection • Advanced – Video sandwich, equipment and Youtube • “Next Week” Advanced / Advance – getting your feet wet with Adobe Premier Elements to edit your using the Sandwich Video • Where to get daily video ideas, free content (but have somebody else doing 90% of it for you) • How and why to overcome the fear of video marketing • This isn’t an option my friends….. • Why you should absolutely be doing videos on a weekly basis • They want to work with you but can’t remember you?
  2. 2. Some Video Ideas Video Business Cards • Post url on Social Media Sites send in an email to new clients who you’ve just met • Add it in your listing flip book • Build your YouTube channel Happy Birthday • Wish your Facebook clients happy birthday • And post on their Facebook wall • Promotes good feelings that you thought enough to do this • And their 200+ average friends will see your post. Listing Video • Another way to promote your listings • Sellers love this idea • Ask them to post on their Facebook wall • Add to your Facebook and Listing fan page • Build your YouTube channel.
  3. 3. Why Video??? Wouldn’t it be silly to have to read a commercial? Wouldn’t you rather just watch a story? Free reports are like reading a commercial Video marketing is telling a story
  4. 4. When was the last time you actually read a newsletter that was emailed to you????
  5. 5. Overview of Strategy • Find a “Viral Video” • Insert in an intro • End with a call to action • Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action
  6. 6. How You Benefit • Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action • Eliminates “camera shyness” • Eliminates “Don’t Know What To say” • Odds are it will be more interesting than anything else you do • You Still Get “Bonding & Trust”
  7. 7. Super cool to do in combination with your loan officer Do Video Sandwhich with your loan officer & Then send to Insurance company database…..
  8. 8. Things You’ll Need Kodak Zi8 or Flip Cam Web Cam
  9. 9. Things You’ll Need Video Extraction Software $39
  10. 10. Things You’ll Need Editing Software $60-$99
  11. 11. Things You’ll Need Websites to get sounds and “viral” videos
  12. 12. Lets Start With The “Intro” Video Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action
  13. 13. Time To Grab The Camera Kodak Zi8 or Flip Cam Web Cam
  14. 14. Intro Video Needs To Be You People do business with people they know, like, and trust Video creates bonding and trust better than anything (other than 1 on 1 appointments) You want “you” in the video so they bond & trust you so that they want to work with you
  15. 15. The Intro Video • Try to get out of office • Let them get to know you • Include friends and family • Puppy dogs rule
  16. 16. The Intro Video • Wear what you normally wear around town (so you’ll be recognizable) • Don’t try to be CNN newscaster • Be yourself • Talk like you are talking to a friend (pick your best friend, and talk to that person)
  17. 17. Here’s Your Script For Intro Video “Hey, this is <insert name>. Check this out” (Keep it short!!)
  18. 18. That Was The “Intro” Video Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action
  19. 19. Picking A Viral Video
  20. 20. This Will Be The “Middle” Video Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action
  21. 21. What Kind Of Videos Are Best Humor Reigns King
  22. 22. That Ray Of Sunshine
  23. 23. What Kind Of Videos Are Best
  24. 24. What Not To Post People Getting Hurt….
  25. 25. What Not To Post
  26. 26. For sure NOT!!!
  27. 27. Where To Find “Viral” Videos “Funny Video” “Strange But True” “Funny People” “Funny Animals”
  28. 28. What If The Video Has Been Seen Already By A Lot Of People? • Many people still haven’t seen it • Viral Videos get more viewers every day • How many times have you watched a video more than once? • Use it and send it out,
  29. 29. How To Extract The Viral Video
  30. 30. How To Extract The Viral Video
  31. 31. Downloading
  32. 32. Click Convert All
  33. 33. Choose WMV
  34. 34. Converting
  35. 35. You Now Have 2 Formats
  36. 36. This Is Where RealPlayer Stores Your Extracted Videos
  37. 37. My Sample Of Videos in “RealPlayer Downloads”
  38. 38. The One Problem The “Viral Video” has been downloaded as an FLV file and needs to be converted to a WMV file.
  39. 39. This Will Be The “Call To Action” Video Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action
  40. 40. Time To Grab The Camera Web Cam
  41. 41. Here’s Your Formula For Call To Action Video 1. “That was pretty cool wasn’t it” 2. Here’s what I got 3. Here’s how it will benefit you (so that) 4. Here’s what I want you to do next
  42. 42. Here’s What I Got • This is the thing that you do well, your unique selling proposition • Examples: 40,000 eyeballs that will see that your home is 4sale • Your own personal website just for your home • Credit challenged OK because you know of a great credit repair company • list of homes for sale for “pennies on the dollar”, etc…
  43. 43. That Was The “Call To Action” Video Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action
  44. 44. It’s Time To Put The Pieces Together With A Twist Your Intro “Viral Video” Your Call To Action
  45. 45. It’s Time To Put The Pieces Together
  46. 46. Where To Have Your Video Hosted • •
  47. 47. How To Upload In Go to
  48. 48. Fill In The Blanks
  49. 49. Sign In To Your New Account
  50. 50. Get To Your Channel (this is my example)
  51. 51. Go To Your YouTube Channel
  52. 52. Upload Your Video
  53. 53. Pick Which Video To Upload (this will be your completed video sandwich)
  54. 54. Your Video Options on YouTube
  55. 55. Just Beneath Your Video Are The Goodies
  56. 56. Where To Post Facebook • Chamber of Commerce Fan Page • Your Fan Page • Your Personal Page • With Referral Partners • Popular fan pages of your prospects
  57. 57. Where To Post • LinkedIn (groups) • Your website • Email out • Put a link on your newsletter • Put a link on referral partners newsletters (insurance companies, local business) • •
  58. 58. I Hear This All The Time • Its not good enough • I hate the way I look
  59. 59. Uploading Your Video To Facebook Go To Page You Want To Upload Your Video To
  60. 60. Review 1. Record Intro Video 2. Pick out “viral video on YouTube, Google, or 3. Download “viral video” using 4. Record Call To Action Video 5. Put 3 videos together and fuse them together using Adobe Premier Elements 6. Place new fused video everywhere 7. Rinse and repeat with insurance and title company referral partners in conjunction with your loan officer.