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B2B Video SEO


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B2B Video SEO

  2. 2. PHIL NOTTINGHAM SEO Consultant @philnottingham
  3. 3. B2B?Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  4. 4. B2CC (business to commercial consumer)Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  5. 5. The single, defining, ultimate difference between success and failure in video marketing……Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  6. 6. *drumroll…*Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  7. 7. Implementing a goal driven strategyPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  8. 8. Common Method – Form Driven We need to do video What can we do a video about? Make video Optimise VideoPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  9. 9. Strategic Approach – Goal Driven We need to improve “X” What’s the best way to do that? Video? Define technical and creative strategyPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  10. 10. In SEO, there’s 4 possible goals where video might be the answerPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  11. 11. What is a video rich snippet? @philnottingham
  12. 12. Why would you want one? Kurtz and Blum created 53 Videos for commercial landing page ($4K)Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  13. 13. Why would you want one? They got 51/53 ranking with video rich snippetsPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  14. 14. Why would you want one? Organic traffic up by 14% month on monthPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  15. 15. How do I get video rich snippets?Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  16. 16. Host on your own server orwith one of these providersPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  17. 17. Create and submit anXML Video Sitemap @philnottingham
  18. 18. Or just use this one… @philnottingham
  19. 19. What kind of content should you have to get rich snippets?”Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  20. 20. Conversion Case Study @philnottingham
  21. 21. A user who watches anappliances online video is… • Twice as likely to convert • Spends 9.1% more moneyPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  22. 22. Fantastic B2B ExamplePhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  23. 23. Include transcriptionson the pagePhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  24. 24. Don’t put “conversion” video on YouTubePhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  25. 25. “Appliances OnlineIndesit washing machine”Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  26. 26. Don’t YouTube videos drive visits?Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  27. 27. Anonymous B2B example Total video views for December 2012 = 415,000Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  28. 28. Anonymous B2B example Total referrals from YouTube = 19Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  29. 29. Anonymous B2B example CTR = 0.005%Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  30. 30. YouTube is like Inbound TVPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  31. 31. YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine?Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  32. 32. Is YouTube really a space for effective B2B Marketing?Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  33. 33. Sometimes…Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  34. 34. Thought LeadershipPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  35. 35. Small Budget Example - Sophos @philnottingham
  36. 36. Purely Informational ContentPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  37. 37. Small Budget Example – Part Select @philnottingham
  38. 38. AdsPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  39. 39. Massive Budget Example - Cisco @philnottingham
  40. 40. A creative story – attached to your brandPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  41. 41. Medium-ish Budget Example -Air New Zealand @philnottingham
  42. 42. No budget? Hangout on air @philnottingham
  43. 43. Integrated with Google+,Twitter and YouTube @philnottingham
  44. 44. How can I work out what the YouTube audience are searching for?Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  45. 45. YouTube Keyword Tool @philnottingham
  46. 46. How and when dopeople link to video?Embed Content Link to Pages• Only when it’s directly valuable to • When it’s a good resource their audience • When it’s entertaining • When it’s informationalPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  47. 47. Video as part of a page type 145 Linking Root Domains @philnottingham
  48. 48. Video link bait Video on owner’s domain: 9494 links from 248 Domains @philnottingham
  49. 49. Video link bait But……video on 4879 links from 515 domains @philnottingham
  50. 50. Make sure links only go to your site, not hosting platformPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  51. 51. Restrict visibility onhosting domainPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  52. 52. Add custom embed code on page @philnottingham
  53. 53. Content already on YouTube? – Outreach to everyone who embedded your YouTube Version and ask them for a linkPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  54. 54. Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  55. 55. Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  56. 56. Exception to the rule –custom YouTube PlaylistsPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  57. 57. Custom YouTube playlist tool @philnottingham
  58. 58. Measuring Success
  59. 59. Views don’t necessarily equalsuccess For B2B, your audience should be necessarily limitedPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  60. 60. Metrics you should care about • Organic Traffic to landing page • % Increase from keywords delivering rich snippets.Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  61. 61. Metrics you should care about • Conversion rate of pages with video onPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  62. 62. Metrics you should care about • Branded search traffic • Enquiries • Engagement with YouTube analyticsPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  63. 63. Metrics you should care about • Links to pages with video on • Social shares of pages with video on • Video embedsPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  64. 64. Can I have it all?Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  65. 65. Inappropriate content Inappropriateand outranked by contentYouTube for somekeywords Traffic and Conversions “Can I have it all?” Links and Brand Social Awareness Shares Some links point to YouTube
  66. 66. Inappropriate content/ Outranked by YouTube for some keywords Some LinksInappropriate Point tocontent YouTube
  67. 67. Hit every goal – but with different pieces of contentPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  68. 68. Your strategy comes before you create your videos, not afterPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  69. 69. SEO is a B2B industry…Phil Nottingham @philnottingham
  70. 70. Informational, “bloggy” content on YouTubePhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  71. 71. Paid Ads seeded through YouTube andGDNPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  72. 72. Conversion focused content hosted on site With rich snippets in the search resultsPhil Nottingham @philnottingham
  73. 73.
  74. 74. Thanks.Any questions? PHIL NOTTINGHAM @philnottingham