Show, Don't Tell! Using Video to Tell Your Story


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If a picture's worth a thousand words, how good is video? Video is more accessible than ever and no form of marketing has a more dramatic effect on the user. Learn about the types of typical videos and how to market them effectively to capture the interest of leads and drive sales.

You can watch a full recording of this webinar online here

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Show, Don't Tell! Using Video to Tell Your Story

  1. 1. Show, Dont Tell!Using Video to Tell Your Story Flickr photo credit:
  2. 2. Who we are Hall Internet Marketing Portland, Maine In business over 13 years @hall_web Amanda O’Brien VP of Marketing @amanda_pants
  3. 3. Got Questions?• Use GoToWebinar “Ask a Question”• Twitter with @hall_web• Email
  4. 4. Online Video• 84.5 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video• More than 100 million Americans watched online video content on an average day, representing a 43 percent increase versus year ago. • Online video is 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking. • 184 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in October 2011 for an average of 21.1 hours per viewer No, I didn’t make those up:
  5. 5. Why Video? • The people are there • The technology is there • Expectations are growing • Allows you to say a lot, quickly • Production costs are declining
  6. 6. Most important thing –Connect with people How your audience finds content? What is valuable content to them? More important than a Hollywood budget!
  7. 7. Benefits of Using Video• Visual Learners• Storytelling• Mix it up• New touch point• Content more important then budget• Brand• Move traffic to your site• Easy to share• Build trust with your audience “Everything has to work together to bring• Search rankings your chosen message to your chosen customer and generate the desired results. You can’t just shoot a video and throw it on the YouTube site; you need to develop a plan.” Michael Miller, YouTube for Business Author
  8. 8. Video Basics• Be professional (quality) • Sound is very important• Stay focused – short and sweet (you do have 10 minutes)• Make it useful• Inexpensive• Simple distribution• Focus on the first 10 seconds (capture)• Be yourself
  9. 9. Measure: YouTube Insights• Free tool• How often videos are viewed in different geographic regions• How popular they are relative to all videos in that market over a given period of time• How long it takes for a video to become popular• What happens to video views as popularity peaks
  10. 10. Measure: Analytics and…• Google Analytics – traffic to site• Landing pages• Discount codes and coupons
  11. 11. Business benefits• Improve customers service – how to’s and reviews• Reduce ad spend – Evian water• Brand recognition• Search Results• Build trust• Face to the brand – Bigelow Tea
  12. 12. Content, content, content…• Presentations• Training videos• Help• Marketing• Product reviews• Events• Interviews with experts (pssst... you are an expert too)• Contests• Video Blog• Testimonials• Message from the president• Shy? Screen recordings (Screenflow – Camtasia)
  13. 13. More content help YouTube Creator Playbook to ActionChannelsTips and TricksTent pole programming Flickr photo credit:
  14. 14. Tools you need• Ideas and Creativity• Video camera - Flip Cam, Web cam, iPhone• External microphone jack• Editing software• Tripod - Great if one person• Screen recording – Camtasia or ScreenFlow
  15. 15. Videos from photos
  16. 16. SEO for Video• Good video title • Informational – to be found • Viral – to be clicked on• Video description – add a link right away• Category, Keywords and Tagging More? SEO Your YouTube Videos in 10 Steps (ProBlogger)
  17. 17. Own search term with video• What are your customers are searching for?• Great for • How to’s • Answer questions • Product demos
  18. 18. Keyword researchWhat are people looking for to get to your site?Or a section of your site?
  19. 19. CTAs – Calls to Action• Make your videos inspire action• Annotations, in Video graphics or end cards• Nonprofits – Donate• Website address
  20. 20. Create a Channel• Sign up• Username and branding• Keywords and description• Website• Location• Personal information• Have a channel? Upgrade!
  21. 21. Embedding video into your siteAdd content around itAdd the word video around it
  22. 22. Going Viral• What does going viral mean to you?• Content, content, content• Fresh, daring, exciting, funny• Get it out to industry influencers• Make it share-able• Track progress – respond quickly• World Wide Rave – David Meerman Scott “You can create a World Wide Rave too – Just create something valuable, that people want to share and make it easy for them to do so.” - David Meerman Scott
  23. 23. Benefits of Non-viral• A picture is worth a thousand words• Give your company a voice• The views keep coming• Long tail• Social Media channels Flickr photo credit:
  24. 24. Promotion• Social Media sites – spread the word • Use a URL shortener to measure (• Encourage ratings• Ask friends and coworkers• Website• Blog• Respond to comments• Advertise
  25. 25. Be Original• Competitors, other industries great for ideas• Do what someone else did but better• What makes you and your company unique?• Find your voice Photo credit:
  26. 26. Dont• Sell, Sell, Sell• Forget your audience• Try to be somebody else• Get lost in the tools• Take too long (short and sweet)• Forget to have a plan• Take yourself too seriously
  27. 27. Want to know much more?Google+ hangouts•Introduction to Cinematography•Lighting and Sound on a Shoestring 61 Ways to Market and Profit with Video on Twitter:@SteveBrossman@TimDanyo@stevegarfield Flickr photo credit:
  28. 28. Learn MoreTwitter: @Hall_Web @amanda_pants• Blog –• Webinars – • 8/21 – Developing a Mobile Strategy for Your Business • 9/4 – How to Optimize the Most Important Pages on Your Site • Archived webinars - (HALL-WEB) Download our new eBook: