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Online video marketing


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Online video marketing: strategy, trends, tips, measurement, statistics, insights, and more from YouTube "star" and career marketer, Kevin "Nalts" Nalty

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Online video marketing

  1. 1. Online Video Marketing Kevin “Nalts” Nalty Marketer and YouTube Comedian “Creating a Synergy Between Viral Campaigns and Traditional Media”
  2. 2. Tripolar GuyCareer Marketer YouTube “Star” Consultant/SpeakerMerck Product Director 185 million views Online-video marketerJohnson & Johnson 240K subscribers helping brands engage via 950 videos most visceral form of socialKPMG Consulting Seen >5 million times media.Qwest Interactive each month, one of Author of most-viewed YouTube “Beyond Viral” comedians
  3. 3. Book Plug Going past “viral roulette” to create sustainable online-video strategy
  4. 4. Video > “Awareness” • Going past “viral roulette” to create sustainable online-video strategy • Video can engage customers, compel them to action, and increase loyalty Daniel Sevitt, EyeView“Beyond Viral” Wiley, 2010
  5. 5. We Love Our Brands!(and hug them, and squeeze them, and name them George)
  6. 6. Can We Let Go? Crowd Source?Example: independent creators
  7. 7. Cost Model Changing• Fragmentation of web requires more than million- dollar mass spot (with diversity variations).• Marketers need more custom content for emerging channels.• But we still love Creative Directors and need agencies.
  8. 8. • What defines it?•• Working definition What we probably mean Viral [VIRAL]
  9. 9. And Video? Why Bother?• Video = most visceral social-media• Consumption rising (boxes)• Faste$t growing in digital mix• YouTube= #2 search engine.• Scale & impact (low cost entry)• It works (ROI)
  10. 10. Buyer’s Market• 10-40% increase in viewership of online video in past 12 months• Still, for every $100 spent on broadcast television, only $1.60 is spent on online video (eMarketer)
  11. 11. Budget Increases
  12. 12. Seven Brilliant Insights *Old Spice Evian Babies Kraft (Homeless Man w/ Golden Voice) Because 2 is Too Few (And We’d Never Remember 8 or More) * Insights may not be brilliant
  13. 13. I.Viral Is Dead• Viral video and contests pleese god make i viral are not an online-video strategy !• Lotto has better odds• Let’s rules not exception My video strategy is to “get lucky!”
  14. 14. 2. An Impression Isn’t an Impression (Unless It Makes One)• New medium requires new metrics• CPM = “clueless promotion measure”• Solution: Informed assumptions on value of engagement
  15. 15. So How Do We Measure?• Immediate Response/Action (weight heavily) ‣ Cost per “real” view ‣ Cost-per-visitor to destination• Assume Residuals: ‣ Slow builds ‣ Indirect impact• Intent: Test/control and pre/post BUT Can it Scale?
  16. 16. 3. Context > Interruption• Ads are only one way in.• Branded entertainment is harder to ignore (and working). !
  17. 17. Fox Case Study• Doubled campaign goal, with 10 plus million views to date• “Stars” posted 26 “Lie to Me” and 8 “Fringe” videos.• More than 100,000 comments• Both shows renewed. Fringe one of network’s best debuts ever.
  18. 18. 4. Is Content Really King?• Produce content based first on distribution plan.• Keep costs down.• Brands as content creators (• Partner with proven creators.
  19. 19. Fishing Where Fish Are step one: get them to our sites!Views! step two: get our video content on YouTube!! Websites!
  20. 20. (They Don’t Like to Leave)
  21. 21. ... and now a topical one• Many businesses also hope that a consumer’s fondness for a famous endorser with extent to their goods.• “Think beyond the A-list” The gratuitous “today’s USA Today” reference
  22. 22. Every New Medium Creates New Stars(some may last more than 15 minutes)
  23. 23. 5. Meet the New Stars• Most-viewed and most-subscribed are individuals• They’ll promote to their audience• “Butts in seats” & implied endorsement
  24. 24. 6. Secret Sauce• Music, dancing• Sexy, weird, funny, candid• Thumbnails are queen & Short titles• :30 to :90 seconds• Grab them in first 10 seconds• Twist
  25. 25. Lead With Entertainment
  26. 26. 7. Seed, seed, seed• Real work starts after posting• Get it everywhere (• Add media (per qualified view)• Target audience via social• “Your audience may like this...”
  27. 27. Sum It Up,YouTube Boy• TV vs shiny objects: balance• Think like P&G pre-soap operas• Fast-follower approach is best• Integrated approach best, but difficult to find in one agency• Stay with essence brand, but remain flexible based on channel requirements
  28. 28.