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Greg Fry Biz Expo talk April 2017


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Digital Video

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Greg Fry Biz Expo talk April 2017

  1. 1. The Power of Social Media & the Rise of Digital Video @gregfrysocial
  2. 2. 4 Steps for Social Media Success 1.  Let people know you exist 2.  Demonstrate your passion and expertise. Generate Likeability” . 3.  Ask for the sale. 4.  Turn Customers into Advocates.
  3. 3. 6 Future Trends Happening Now •  Video continues to evolve •  Unique “Rich” content becomes vital •  Social Advertising becomes more powerful •  “Private” Social Networks thrive •  The Age of Advocacy arrives •  Automation gets serious
  4. 4. Build Relationships faster with Video thehappypear
  5. 5. Think Like a Content Marketer “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action” - Content Marking Institute
  6. 6. Examples of Video Marketing? •  Live Streams •  Customer Service Videos •  Funny Videos •  Video Case studies •  Video teasers •  Hot News Topics •  Crowd Sourcing videos •  Event Previews •  Event Roundups •  Guides/ How to videos •  Video Product reviews •  Interviews
  7. 7. “The nobodies are the new somebodies” Who are the influencers in your industry and/or in the video world?
  8. 8. Be Real in your videos
  9. 9. Think Vertical Image credit: Form Meets Function As of February 2017: •  Facebook - Vertical videos publish with no black borders. •  Instagram - Vertical videos publish with no black borders. •  Snapchat - Vertical videos publish with no black borders. •  Twitter - Vertical videos publish with no black borders. •  YouTube - The Android version of the app hides black borders when device is held vertically and video is viewed in full screen.
  10. 10. Formatting Your Video Title – Ensure your keywords are included in your title. Intro - Does it hold the viewer’s attention? Does it explain what the video is about? Does it communicate the “what it’s in it for me” to the viewer? Tags and Descriptions – Think SEO. Take time adding a description to your video. Also add relevant tags so your video can be found online. Add Subtitles - Add subtitles or captions so the viewer can understand your video with or without sound. Branding – Make sure you add your logo to your video. That way when your video goes viral everyone will know where it came from. Call to Action – Add a call to action in your video.
  11. 11. In front of the camera Screen recording Webinars LIVE video Creating Content
  12. 12. Creating Content
  13. 13. Mobile Video Apps •  Quik – video editor from GoPro •  iMovie(iOS only) •  Power Director (Android only) •  Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker •  FilmoraGo •  Adobe Premier Clip •  Splice (iOS only) •  Boomerang •  Clips •  Hyperlapse •  Animoto •  YouTube
  14. 14. Do you use Instagram Stories? Should you invest time in creating daily stories on Instagram and/or Snapchat?
  15. 15. Promote your Videos and Create Video Ads
  16. 16. Why Live Video?
  17. 17. Go “Live” •  Facebook Live •  YouTube Live •  Twitter/Periscope •  Instagram Live
  18. 18. Live Video Ideas
  19. 19. Go “Live” - Tools
  20. 20. BeLive.TV
  21. 21. The 10 Tip Takeaway •  Create video for your audience not you. Be creative and dare to be different. •  Look at the camera and be yourself. It is not a Hollywood movie you are recording. •  Use simple video editing software such as Power Director, Adobe Premier Pro, iMovie or Final Cut Pro. •  Reinvent your Social Media updates by using video apps. (Quik, Magisto, FilmoraGo, Clips) •  Share, Share and Share - on your Facebook page, repurpose for Instagram, Newsletters etc. •  Tag all your video content. •  Add captions or subtitles to your video.. •  Use Video tools like Go To Meeting or even Skype to meet regularly with your clients. (particularly the ones that are far away. •  Use Live Streaming to showcase any offline Use Screen recording to give customer support. (Check out Camtasia) @gregfrysocial
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Contact Me +353 87 2039855