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  1. 1. EXPLORATION. The Portuguese Empire was the first global empire in history and it was the longest lived of the modern European Colonial empires.. The empire spread throughout a vast number of territories that are now part of 53 sovereign states.. Portuguese sailors began exploring the coast of Africa in 1419.- They used recent developments in navigation , cartography and maritime technology such as the caravel . By using such technology, they hoped to find a sea route to the lucrative spice trade.- I believe that exploration is an important theme because it was during this time that the Portuguese empire wads able to discover untouched lands. Because of their technology and their courage to travel overseas, they were able to discover mesmerizing places such as Brazil. Due to their many discoveries, Portuguese found ways to make money. For instance, once in Brazil they learned that the Brazilian wood could be use to dye textiles in Europe
  2. 2. EXPLORATION. Portuguese sailors explored the coast and islands of East Asia. During this time, they established forts and factories.. Perhaps the most successful accomplishment that the Portuguese were able to accomplished during the age of exploration was the commercial network that brought great wealth to Portugal.- The question is, what was the great commercial network?The great commercial network that brought wealth to Portugal was a string ofoutpost that connected Lisbon to Nagasaki along the coasts of Africa, theMiddle East, India, and Asia.- It is important to know that it was through exploration that this passage wasable to bring prosperity to Portugal. Because sailors discovered newplaces, they manage to find ways to connect and eventually this passagebecame a memorable emblem for the Portuguese Empire.
  3. 3. ******EXPLORATION***Portuguese and the Indian Ocean- The squadron of Vasco de Gama left Portugal in 1497.- During this time the squadron rounded the Cape and continued to the Coast of Africa. Here, a local pilot was brought on board and he guided them across the Indian Ocean . Because of this, the squadron was able to discover a new land called Calicut.- Again, this new discovery lead to a successful exploration, for it was during this time that the squadron explored an untouched land that contained things that were never seen before in Europe.
  4. 4. ***EXPLORATION***South Asia and the Spice Trade.. While exploring new lands, Portuguese were able to find “the Spice Trade.”- This trade drove the world from the end of the Middle Ages well into Modern Times.- The Portuguese trade routes were mainly restricted and limited by the use of ancient routes , ports and nations that were difficult to dominate
  5. 5. ***EXPLORATION***New lands were explored in Madeira and it was in this place where Portuguese were able to find sweet salt. The sweet salt was very popular in Europe because it was very ware during those times.-Sadly, during the age of exploration slaves were used and at the end of the 16th century 10 percent of the population were slaves.- Because Portuguese continued to explore new lands, they were able to find mines of gold. As a result, a new trade was discovered and Portuguese learned to trade with the natives.
  6. 6. ***CONCLUSION***I am so glad that I decided to write about exploration because I honestly feel that this was a very important theme in the book “The Portuguese Empire.” While doing my research on this topic, I learned that once I talked about exploration, I tended to talk about discoveries. The reason why is because both themes go together. For instance, the Portuguese discovered Portugal and once they began exploring the new lands, they were able to find the Brazilian wood which eventually was used to dye textiles in Europe. In other words, it is impossible to talk about one single theme because they are all certainly connected. I want to say that exploration lead to new discoveries because it was when the Portuguese decided to explore a new place that they actually acquire something valuable.Overall, I had a great time doing this power point because I learned more about the spice trade. The reason why this trade was found was because courageous sailors actually too the time to explore new places.