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Seven myths of the spanish conquest


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Seven myths of the spanish conquest

  1. 1. SEVEN MYTHS OF THE SPANISH CONQUEST***The Myth Of Superiority*** By Matthew McHolland History 140 Professor Arguello
  2. 2. SEVEN MYTHS OF THE SPANISH CONQUEST ***The Myth of Superiority*** According to the Matthew Restall, the author of “the Seven Myths of theSpanish Conquest,” the success of the Spanish conquest was due to the either the technological superiority of the Spaniards or a kind of “inherent cultural superiority.” As a result, the Spanish victory was inevitable. In other words, the reason why the Spaniards were able to defeat all the natives was because Europe was clearly an advanced country.
  3. 3. SEVEN MYTHS OF THE SPANISH CONQUEST ***The Myth of Superiority***Restall claims that technology advances such handguns, cannons, steel armor, horses and dogs weren’t consequences in the actual fighting since they were arein short supply and the Aztecs were not daunted by this new technology for long .
  4. 4. SEVEN MYTHS OF THE SPANISH CONQUEST ***The Myth of Superiority***Also, Restall refutes the idea that the Indian’s lack of alphabetic writing constituted a major drawback. He also refutes the idea that Indianswere childlike. He honestly believes that the natives were not cowards at all. Even though the Spaniards had technological support, (guns, cannons etc.) this event did not impede the natives from fighting. He argues that several authors have depicted Indians as weak, however, that was not the case. The natives used everything to defend themselves.
  5. 5. SEVEN MYTHS OF THE SPANISH CONQUEST ***The Myth of Superiority*** The Factor behind the Conquistadores were mostly the devastating effect of European diseases for which the Indians had no resistance,the disunity between indigenous groups some of which allied with the Spaniards early, the technological advances of the steel sword, and native battle practices that were not upheld by the Spaniards.
  6. 6. SEVEN MYTHS OF THE SPANISH CONQUEST ***The Myth of Superiority*** Conclusion: I am so glad that I had the opportunity to learn more about the myth of superiority because I was always intrigued to learn more about what really happened during those times. I always wondered why the Indians were defeated. Thanks to this chapter, I now have a better understanding of what really occurred. I honestly agree with the author in many ways. For instance, I do believe that the major problem that prevented thenatives from succeeding were all the diseases from Europe. And I also believe thatthe Spaniards consider themselves to be of a much higher race because they were from an already civilized world.. In other words, they had powerful weapons to defeat natives. Overall, it was a great chapter and I am glad that I got read it!