Spanish empire


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Spanish empire

  1. 1. Spanish Empire Matthew McHolland History 140 Professor Arguello
  2. 2. ***Spanish Empire***• The Spanish Empire originated during the age of exploration and it was during the Habsburgs time when Spain actually managed to be a world power.• Who were the Habsburgs? The Habsburgs were a dynasty mainly from central Europe that was under Charles V and Philip II of Spain.• The Habsburgs dynasty spent the Castilian and American riches in war across Europe on behalf of Habsburgs interests, defaulted on their debts several times, and left Spain bankrupt several times.• HABURGS’ POLITICA GOALS:1. They wanted access to the resources in America such as gold, silver, sugar and products from Asia such as silk and porcelain.2. They wanted to protect Catholicism against the Protestant Reformation.3. They as well wanted to defend Europe against Islam, but mainly the Ottoman Empire.4. But one of their main goals was to simply spread religion to “the unconverted souls of the new world. “
  3. 3. ***The Spanish Habsburgs and the Golden Age***• What happened during this time?- The Spanish Golden Age is significantly important because it was during this time when Spain’s arts and literature flourished. It began in 1492 and the best artists surged from this time. El Greco, Cervanted and Don Quijote, Lope de Vega and Francisco Quevedo are some of the many artists that made the Spanish Literature incomparable.- During this time, Habsburg grandson, Charles, inherited the Castilian empire in America, the Aragones empire in the Mediterranean as well as the crown of the Holy Roman Empire.- Also, during this time Charles became extremely popular and people even began to name this period “the empire in which the sun never set.” The empire overseas of the Spanish Golden Age was controlled from Seville.
  4. 4. *Colonization of the Americas*. Colonial expansion under the Spanish Empire was initiated by the SpanishConquistadores and developed by the Monarch of Spain through itsadministrators and missionaries.-WHAT WERE THE MOTIVATIONS?. The motivation for colonial expansion were trade and the spread of theChristian faith through indigenous conversations. It lasted for over fourhundred years, from 1492 to 1898.. During the colonization of the Americas, we tend to talk about ChristopherColumbus. He went to the Spanish Court and he proved to be a verypersuasive man. As a result, the king and queen sponsored him and theygranted him with supplies in order to travel and discover new lands.
  5. 5. *Colonization of the Americas*• FIRST MAINLAND EXPLORATIONS:- 1513- Vasco Nunez crossed the Isthmus of Panama to find gold but instead, he led the first European expedition to the Pacific Ocean and the West Coast of the New World.. FIRST SETTEMENTS IN AMERICA WERE MEXICO AND PERU. Itwas a very hectic time because indigenous had never seenpeople like the Spanish. The Spanish were dirty; they had longbeards, nasty clothes and they smelled horrible. On the otherside, the Spanish saw the natives as animals. Nevertheless, theymanage to get along for awhile until the Spanish decided to takethe lands away from the natives.-
  6. 6. ***RECONQUISTA***• It literally means “the recapturing.” It was a period that lasted approximately 800 years in the Middle Ages during which several Christina kingdoms succeed in retaking the Muslim controlled areas of the Iberian Peninsula.
  7. 7. *Conclusion*• I am so glad that I had the opportunity to review more about the Spanish Empire because I honestly believe that the Spanish Golden Age is the best time that Spain had. During this time literature bloomed and that is why I enjoy writing. My favorite literature in the world is Spanish because the poets of that time had an incomparable talent. Also, I am glad that I learn more about the Spanish Empire because I did not really know who the Habsburgs were until I began reading about them. It is important to know that there is a difference between the Spanish conquest of Mexico between the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire and the Spanish Conquest of Yucatan.